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Bathtime Mesmerizes You with My Sexy Curves

Bathtime Entrancement Tease, Slow & Sensual – Covered in Bubbles

            Listen to my slow breath… Watch the curves of my body as my shiny soapy skin shimmers in the candlelight. It is just you me and my bubble bath time. My hips rock and sway to the music. The movement of my body entrances you. You become mesmerized under my [...]

Worship my Leather boots and pantyhose devotion.


You love watching me in my LONG THI HIGH LEATHER BOOTS, on your knees, lick them and clean my boots thoroughly, show your devotion to me. Clean the bottoms really good, they need to look brand new, I might just step on you. You lying on the floor face up looking at me while I [...]

Long Black Satin Glamour Gloves


Hello Darling, I put this sexy outfit on just for you. My Glamorous long black satin silky gloves you love to watch me wear. Oh and by the way, yes I have on pantyhose. These off black stockings you love to look at, with 5 inch heels, black patent sandles. I love the way these [...]

Supreme Goddess Veronica Dominates Toilet Slave!


  ON YOUR KNEES!! You are nothing but a pathetic shit eating scumbag. Trash. How dare you think you can talk to me, sniveling worm guts. You belong in my toilet, floating around with the other pieces of shit. I am the Supreme Goddess Veronica, you will never be on my level, you will stay [...]

Vikki & Veronica love your small penis


                  You have a small penis? We LOVE them! They are the perfect size to fit in so many places! Always fun to play with, suck on, lick and well, have sex with! Let us show you just how to use your small penis, follow along while [...]



  Here are some pictures while I was at the AVN Expo. I was at the clips4sale booth and the AVN table Wed-Sat. It was great to see all of my fans, I had a Blast! Also enjoyed showing the girls!

Mature Vikki Sweaty Gym Socks!


    After a long workout at the gym and walking around outside for hours, Vikki’s feet are soaking wet, her socks feel like they are stuck to the shoes! She peels them off one by one, putting them up to her nose, describing how they smell for you, taking in deep the sweaty smell [...]

Mature Vikki Black Pantyhose Temptation


    You love full pantyhose, the silky feel, smooth, tight, and see through. You can see my panties underneath my off black pantyhose. It makes your cock so hard when you watch me tempt you with my nice round ass and long legs. You long to feel my feet rub on your face.   [...]

Giantess Vikki Will CRUSH YOU!


                  Vikki is sick of finding tiny little men all over her house,  always hiding in her shoes, in the carpet, crawling on her desk. They are disgusting little garbage. She decides to destroy all of the little men she finds. Vikki sits on one and he [...]

Aunt Veronica Steels your Seed!

Aunt Veronica Barges In and Steals Your Virgin Seed! 1080p HD

            I barge into your room while your pesky uncle is out of the house on an errand. We don’t have much time now. I have talked with your mother and no nephew of mine is going to be a virgin at your age. So, I am going to take [...]

Teacher shrinks for student pet

I Was Your Teacher Now I’m Your Pet! 1080p HD

This Was a Custom Ordered Video! Contact Me and Make Your Fantasy Come To Life!   I take a funny pill that I thought was a vitamin after my last period class. I quickly find out that it’s side effects are to shrink me. I love the change. It feels so private so I decide [...]

Unaware mother's boot will crush you!

Crushed Under Your Unaware Mothers High Heel Boot! HD WMV

If you like heavy loud boot stomping and ground shaking then get this clip now!               I come home to take you to soccer practice and think you are stalling in your room. HURRY UP OR WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!   Where are you?!? Little do I know [...]

A Growing Orgasm!

A Growing Orgasm! 1080p HD

              Long slow growth process brought on from side effects of an orgasm formula. Poor Veronica Vaughn has never in her life had an orgasm. She is at her wits end and has relegated herself to trying an experimental drug that guarantees an orgasm. The doctor gives her the [...]

Vikki Loves Small Penis's

Your Small Penis Is So Cute! Let Aunt Vikki See!

Small Penis’ are SOOOO Cute! Do you have a small penis? Let me see! I LOVE a SMALL PENIS! Vikki shows you just how much she likes to suck, lick and stroke little penis’s. Vikki wants you to follow along and stroke your cock like she does. She will explaining everything she likes about a [...]

Aunt Vikki & Veronica help Nephew with Small Penis

Aunt Vikki & Veronica Help Nephew with Cute Small Penis

Veronica brings her nephew to see their Aunt Vikki, a certified Cockologist. Not to worry, Aunt Vikki is here to help! She assures her nephew, a small penis is common, and can be very USEFUL. Aunt Vikky demonstrates how she likes to use a small penis and wants him to follow along. Things get out [...]

Nurses Vikki and Veronica Prostate Exam

Prostate Exam Patient Get’s A Surprise

Nervous for your first prostate exam? Not to worry, this will be Nurse Vikki’s first prostate exam as well. If you don’t mind her staying in here for training. I will demonstrate the procedure first then let her try, Just try to relax. I will use one finger at first, you can go ahead and [...]

Nurse Vikki & Nurse Veronica Extract Your Seed!

Donate Your Semen to Nurse’s Vikki & Veronica

Welcome to the Sperm Donation Clinic! We want to welcome you and make you feel comfortable while donating your seed. First we will take your penis measurements & weight, testicle exam, then begin the manual stimulation. When your testicles are fully activated in stage 3, we will capture the semen with a large syringe as [...]

Mother Daughter Domination

Mother / Daughter Domination 13 NEW Videos!

You read it right! Mother – Vikki Vaughn & Daughter – Veronica Vaughn have a video store together for you to enjoy all of our shenanigans! This mother / daughter duo are intelligent and classy supreme dominating women from your wildest fantasies… Bringing you into various scenarios of mischief. Vikki Vaughn and daughter Veronica Vaughn [...]

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