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Cock Hungry Milf Veronica

Mature Mother Daughter Porn Team Shoot

Go Here In Order To Watch The Full Video On Score!    Support My Mom and I By Voting For Our Scene! Click Here To Vote … [Read More...]

Big Tit Granny

Granny Lanae Teases You With TIGHT RESTRICTING Support Hose

You peep on Granny Lanae and find her adjusting her SMOOTH and SILKY THI HI SUPPORT STOCKINGS. She notices you looking and gets turned on! How she loves to tease you with her tight CONSTRICTING COMPRESSION TED HOSE. She shows you close up REINFORCED heel and toes, she can FEEL your hot breath on them! Granny Teases You With TIGHT RESTRICTING SUPPORT STOCKINGS BUY HERE Granny puts them in and … [Read More...]

The Porn View Logo

Veronica Vaughn’s * The Porn View Web Series

Veronica Vaughn has done it again! You might have watched The View quickly changing the channel to avoid going into a sleep coma.  I am pleased to bring you a new Free Web Series of Videos that you can really enjoy. They are entertaining, comedic, sexy, provocative, naughty and also educational! Yes, sex education. You will laugh your ass off and learn something! Special guests are always welcome … [Read More...]

Mini Giantess Mom Veronica Vaughn Grows Huge!

Growing Into A GIANT MOMMY! HD

BUY THIS CLIP IF YOU ENJOY: Taboo, Mini Giantess, VFX and POV, Process Growing out of Bikini, Small Man Arm Insertion, Sound Effects: Wet Insertion, Heartbeat, Deep Growth Rumble, Boom Sounds (at end) Synopsis: Veronica is married to a competitive bodybuilder that keeps nagging her to get into better shape. It seems no matter what she does it's never enough for him. So she finds an experimental … [Read More...]

Sexy Cat

Sexy Lady Cat Masturbation Transformation HD

BUY THIS CLIP IF YOU ENJOY: Cat Transformation, Transformation Process, Tail Growth, Eye Change, Fang and Nail Growth, Mouth Morph into Cat Muzzle, Change Brought On By Masturbation, Mental Transformation, Sexual Meowing Synopsis: Sexual Cat Transformation MP4 1080 HD Veronica Vaughn is searching through her outfits for a costume party. Rambling through her collection not finding what she … [Read More...]

TIny Wife Veronica

Cum All Over Your Tiny Wife! HD

BUY THIS CLIP IF YOU ENJOY: Shrunken Woman, Visual Effects, Masturbation Encouragement, a POV Jerk Off Instruction, Tiny Getting Facial Cum All Over Your Tiny Wife! HD WMV Synopsis: Your busy at work at your desk. Ignoring your cute tiny shrunken wife. She tries to get your attention to no avail. So she reaches into her tiny trunk and begins giving you a strip tease. That gets your … [Read More...]

Growth Through Masturbation

You Fap I Grow! HD

BUY THIS CLIP IF YOU ENJOY: Growth Process, Jerk Off Instruction, Mini Giantess, Foot Expansion, Breast Expansion, Shrinking Back to Normal, Clothes Destruction, Visual Effects, Numerous Sound Effects: Elevated Heart Beat, Rumbling, Growth Sounds. Synopsis: You Fap I Grow! MP4 1080HD I have a special gift for you. Put this necklace on. It has special powers. It allows you to make anyone … [Read More...]

Black Widow Blackmail Fantasy


This deadly game is like no other you have encountered or thought about. The Black Widow is the Queen of Blackmail, slowly seducing you with mind game of manipulation and seduction. Looking so innocent, beautiful and sweet I will use my special talents to distract you. Don't worry, you have nothing and everything to lose. But, I only need a small question answered, for now. DEADLY BLACK WIDOW … [Read More...]

At Work JOI


My girlfriend asked me to come watch the store while she delivered some finished products. Sure! I'll swing by for a little bit, I can bring my hd webcam and call my "mom" on Skype. Yeah right! I will turn it on and give you a little teasing show with my beautiful tan tits and smooth pussy! lol Go ahead and pull it out! Stroke it for me! I'm feeling so NAUGHTY! Anyone could walk in at any moment! … [Read More...]

Barn Toilet Boy


It's been a few weeks since I saw you last, I just remembered you were out here in my barn. Your such a loser anyway it doesn't matter! haha, Do you deserve to be rewarded to be peed on? Probably not, so you might want to eat this toilet paper I wiped my creamy wet pussy on. No pee in this one, I try several times but I"m sure it will give you a boner! TOILET BOY IN MY BARN mp4   BUY … [Read More...]

after school toilet boy


I tell you about my day at school! I had to pee so bad I ran behind the lockers and got caught by the principal. Detention woopie. Anyway, I stopped over at my girlfriends on the way home and told her that I have a guy living in my toilet, but she doesn't believe me. I'll bring her by soon so she can see you! Maybe she will pee on you! This clip has loser captions, ass, pussy shots. Teasing you … [Read More...]

Sissy Graduation Step 3

Glamour Sissy Slut Graduation Finale – Step 3 with Surprise!

Step 3 Sissy Boy!Glamour Sissy Slut Graduation Finale with Surprise! MP4 HD You have made it this far! What a sexy transformation! It wasnt easy, but we did it. You will be rewarded now! We are going to use all of the steps you learned and take the final walk to Sissyhood! Insert the Butt Plug in your sissy ass. You will have a 10 cum countdown. Now get on your knees and follow along. You … [Read More...]

Sissy Training Step 2

Step 2 – Dress Sexy Sissy Cum Slut Etiquette

Step 2 Dress Sexy Sissy Cum Slut Etiquette MP4 HD You have the makeup lesson completed, now it's time to learn how to dress and act like a Sissy Cum Slut. I will show you step by step. Practice..Practice...Practice... Do not rush through this. Repeat it over and over until you can do it effortlessly. Then you should take a short video with your phone is ok, send it to me so I can see what you … [Read More...]

Sissy Makeup Step 1

Glamour Sissy Slut Proper Training Step 1 – Makeup Application

So you think your ready to take the first step to be part of my Sexy Beautiful Sissy Boy Harem? Follow along with me step by step to achieve a classic Sexy look. After you complete the tutorial, take a snapshot, send it to me, I will not post it anywhere unless you want me to. I want to grade your application, give you some helpful pointers & suggestions if you need them. The Goal is to be … [Read More...]


My New Sex Toy! Pleasure Me Dildo Sized Girlfriend!

BUY THIS CLIP IF YOU ENJOY: SHRUNKEN FEMALE, TINY PERSON INSERTION, USING A TINY AS A SEX TOY, GIANTESS. Veronica is super horny and she wants to play with herself. She becomes frustrated with her favorite dildo. It is just so plain boring and non interactive. She will never cum today at this rate. Then She remembers what she has hidden away in her drawer. Her mini girlfriend she shrunk down to … [Read More...]

New Jeans for you to CUM ON!

I DEMAND Your Cum On My Tight Jeans NOW!

These are my most favorite jeans. I always attract a lot of attention when I wear them. Now I want YOUR undivided attention. Look at how tight they are and cup my perfect ass. I want you to sit back and get naked. Just imagine you were behind me rubbing your bare cock all over my tight denim jeans. Makes me wet thinking about all the things you would do to me in my sexy jeans. Now I want you to … [Read More...]

Cum On Command Masturbation GAME

Play the Cum On Command Game With Veronica

If You Enjoy: Tease and Denial, Cum Countdowns, Challenging Jerk Off Instructions, Being Denied Pleasure Watching Me, Getting Hard with No Touching. You Should Buy This Clip Can you cum quickly on command? Well its high time you learned! The game is simple. All you need to do is sit there like a good pet and watch and listen. Oh ya and you must be sitting on your hands the whole time. You are … [Read More...]

Mom Teases son before going out!

Cuckold Son, Teased Before Mother’s Date

If You Enjoy: Mommy Showing Off Her Sexy Outfit, Dirty Talk, Boot Licking, Mother / S0n Tease and Denial. Then You Should Buy This Clip Cuckold Son, Teased Before Mother's Date HD MP4 Mummy is going to the cougar club dressed all sexy to pick up young studs to fuck but first she wants to have some fun cock teasing her son before she goes out. Look at Mommy! Do I look Sexy? es I'm going to … [Read More...]

Headphone Blow Job WOW!

I LOVE to Suck Cock While Listening to MY Music

I like sucking cock with my headphones on. It makes it very immerseive and more enjoyable for me. It allows me to lose myself in what I am doing while listening to my favorite songs. The oversized headphones make it much more comfortable. Plus I look sexy as hell with these black headphones on don't I? THE ULTIMATE BLOW JOB! While Listening to MY Music HD MP4 MORE SEXY CATEGORIES TO GET YOU … [Read More...]

Sexy lips teasing you

You Love Watching Me Apply Pretty Lipstick On My Sexy Lips

If You Enjoy: Lipstick Application, Sexual Talking, Bright Colored Lips, Slow Teasing Kisses, You Should Buy This Clip You Love Watching Me Apply My Pretty Lipstick On my Sexy Lips HD MP4 Look at you. Staring at my sexy lips while I apply my lipstick. Be mesmerized by each stroke of my lip liner pencil. I see your cock hard as I slowly sensually slide my lipstick across my lips. You can't … [Read More...]

Legs Jerk Off Instruction GAME

Long Legs Crossing Red Light Green Light JOI GAME

If You Enjoy: Masturbation Games, Sexy Instructions on How To Jerk It, Leg and Stocking Tease, Masturbation Encouragement. You Should Buy This Clip Legs Crossing Red Light Green Light JOI Game HD MP4 SO you love legs in stockings and you love being teased? Well then lets combine the two into a fun sexy game. Every time my legs are crossed you have permission to start jerking it. Then … [Read More...]

IMG_8249-150x150 foot

Teasing you with my Toes & Soles

You can barely stand to look! They make your mouth water don't they! You dick gets swollen hard wanting to rub all over my perfect feet and toes. To suck on them, to worship them, to lick and smell them. What joy! Need more? How about watching a video of them spreading for you! Sweaty Workout Foot Tease HD MP4 Be Mesmerized by My Swaying Feet While I Ignore you! WMV HD Crushed Under … [Read More...]

Son I caught You Masturbating!

I Caught You Masturbating Now Go Ahead and Finish Mommy Will Watch!

If You Enjoy:Being Caught by Mom Masturbating, Being Forced to Masturbate By Mother, Watching Porn With Mom, Cum Eating Punishment, Mother Encouraging you to Masturbate, Stern Mother: Then You Should Buy This Clip! I can't leave the house for five minutes and when I come back you are masturbating in the front room! Really? No don't be embarrassed. Go ahead and finish! As a punishment … [Read More...]

Headphones make you spew your load!

Women Wearing Headphones Are Sexy!

If You Enjoy:Sexy Girls Wearing Headphones, POV Style Sex, Sexy Moaning, Multiple Headphones Taken On and Off, Girl Unable to be Quiet From Headphones. You Should Buy This Clip Now! Women Wearing Headphones Are so Sexy! Buy This CLip! I overheard you talking to your friend the other day about how sexy you thought girls wearing headphones were. So guess what? I went out and bought a couple … [Read More...]

Sweaty Gym sneakers and feet!

Sweaty Workout Foot Tease

If You Enjoy:Sneakers, Sweaty Smelly Feet, Sweaty Socks, Foot Smelling, Wrinkled Soles, Toe Wiggling, Bare Soles Cum Countdowns. You Should Buy This Clip Sweaty Workout Foot Tease SMELLS SOOOO GOOD Buy It Now HD MP4 I just finished my morning workout! Insanity always makes my feet super hot and sweaty. I have had these gym sneakers for a long time. Guess what they make my feet extra … [Read More...]

Phoenix Comicon 2014 Veronica Vaughn

Phoenix COMICON 2014 & Ms Thor

Ready for some Comicon Fun!! Join me on my short adventure at Arizona Comicon 2014 as Ms. Thor. I was short on time, but I did manage to make my power headband which has sparked a new creative juice in my loins lol. San Diego Comicon I will see you next year 2015! … [Read More...]

Veronica Hulks Out

Veronica Hulks Out & Grows HUGE!

I was so excited! Tonight was our engagement party. Except the jerk calls me up to tell me that he found someone else! NOBODY BREAKS UP WITH VERONICA THAT EASY! NOBODY!So I do what any girl would do in my situation. I get EVEN! First I try to hold in the anger by using my anger management breathing. That is what I am to do when I start to get ANGRY! TOO LATE! I can feel the MONSTER rise … [Read More...]

Blonde Veronica Shrinking Woman

The Shrinking Necklace (Orgasmic Shrink to Nothing)

I come in for what I think is an audition only to find an empty creepy warehouse. Sitting on a chair is a necklace for me to put on. Immediately after putting the necklace on I am over come with sexual sensations coursing throughout my body. I begin to have sudden quick orgasms as the necklace works its charm on me. With each passing intense moment I begin to shrink smaller and smaller. The whole … [Read More...]

Watch me Sweet Cuck while I tell you about my date with a real man!


You love looking at me, an image of perfection, sitting here in front of the lit fireplace. Sipping champagne with my long black satin gloves on. So utterly sexy, That's right my sweet cuck, you get to watch me sit in front of the fireplace while I wait for my big cock boyfriend to come over and pleasure me right here in front of you. I'm going to tell you what he is going to do to me. You will … [Read More...]

On your Knees For Supreme Vikki, NOW!


Supreme Vikki has caught you undeserving little maggot yet again, watching and spying on her from around the corners, under tables, in the window, On your knees, Always trying to get a look at her splendid PERFECTION. Blonde demanding supreme female. humiliates and Rules you with her big round ass in her zebra striped skirt, tight legs encased in black sheer pantyhose, that could crush your … [Read More...]

Bathtime Mesmerizes You with My Sexy Curves

Bathtime Entrancement Tease, Slow & Sensual – Covered in Bubbles

            Listen to my slow breath... Watch the curves of my body as my shiny soapy skin shimmers in the candlelight. It is just you me and my bubble bath time. My hips rock and sway to the music. The movement of my body entrances you. You become mesmerized under my power. The power of my seduction skills lures you deep into my control. My soapy … [Read More...]

Worship my Leather boots and pantyhose devotion.


You love watching me in my LONG THI HIGH LEATHER BOOTS, on your knees, lick them and clean my boots thoroughly, show your devotion to me. Clean the bottoms really good, they need to look brand new, I might just step on you. You lying on the floor face up looking at me while I step on your chest, poking the spike heel into your cock and balls? Perhaps? PANTYHOSE you say? Yes, you love to see my … [Read More...]

Long Black Satin Glamour Gloves


Hello Darling, I put this sexy outfit on just for you. My Glamorous long black satin silky gloves you love to watch me wear. Oh and by the way, yes I have on pantyhose. These off black stockings you love to look at, with 5 inch heels, black patent sandles. I love the way these gloves feel, my fingers slide up and down so gracefully. Watch me slowly tease you with them, running my hands and … [Read More...]

Supreme Goddess Veronica Dominates Toilet Slave!


  ON YOUR KNEES!! You are nothing but a pathetic shit eating scumbag. Trash. How dare you think you can talk to me, sniveling worm guts. You belong in my toilet, floating around with the other pieces of shit. I am the Supreme Goddess Veronica, you will never be on my level, you will stay on the floor where you belong. BEG LOSER.   BE MY TOILET SLAVE! SUPREME VERONICA … [Read More...]

Vikki & Veronica love your small penis


                  You have a small penis? We LOVE them! They are the perfect size to fit in so many places! Always fun to play with, suck on, lick and well, have sex with! Let us show you just how to use your small penis, follow along while we instruct you what to do with it! Jerk off instructions with Small Penis … [Read More...]



  Here are some pictures while I was at the AVN Expo. I was at the clips4sale booth and the AVN table Wed-Sat. It was great to see all of my fans, I had a Blast! Also enjoyed showing the girls! :D … [Read More...]

Mature Vikki Sweaty Gym Socks!


    After a long workout at the gym and walking around outside for hours, Vikki's feet are soaking wet, her socks feel like they are stuck to the shoes! She peels them off one by one, putting them up to her nose, describing how they smell for you, taking in deep the sweaty smell of her socks. How refreshing to get her feet out of those stinky socks! Peewww! I love it! Socks … [Read More...]

Mature Vikki Black Pantyhose Temptation


    You love full pantyhose, the silky feel, smooth, tight, and see through. You can see my panties underneath my off black pantyhose. It makes your cock so hard when you watch me tempt you with my nice round ass and long legs. You long to feel my feet rub on your face.   You crave to be between my legs licking through my pantyhose and I might just let you. … [Read More...]

Giantess Vikki Will CRUSH YOU!


                  Vikki is sick of finding tiny little men all over her house,  always hiding in her shoes, in the carpet, crawling on her desk. They are disgusting little garbage. She decides to destroy all of the little men she finds. Vikki sits on one and he gets stuck between her cheeks and meets his demise. Crushed by … [Read More...]

Aunt Veronica Steels your Seed!

Aunt Veronica Barges In and Steals Your Virgin Seed! 1080p HD

            I barge into your room while your pesky uncle is out of the house on an errand. We don't have much time now. I have talked with your mother and no nephew of mine is going to be a virgin at your age. So, I am going to take matters into my own hands! Now let me take off those pants will you! There, stop resisting! Now when you cum I want … [Read More...]

Teacher shrinks for student pet

I Was Your Teacher Now I’m Your Pet! 1080p HD

This Was a Custom Ordered Video! Contact Me and Make Your Fantasy Come To Life!   I take a funny pill that I thought was a vitamin after my last period class. I quickly find out that it's side effects are to shrink me. I love the change. It feels so private so I decide to get naked and sexy on top of my desk. Suddenly one of my students enters. WOW! Look at how large he is! I beg … [Read More...]

Unaware mother's boot will crush you!

Crushed Under Your Unaware Mothers High Heel Boot! HD WMV

If you like heavy loud boot stomping and ground shaking then get this clip now!               I come home to take you to soccer practice and think you are stalling in your room. HURRY UP OR WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!   Where are you?!? Little do I know you are tiny and stuck in the kitchen afraid of my giant stature. My every … [Read More...]

A Growing Orgasm!

A Growing Orgasm! 1080p HD

              Long slow growth process brought on from side effects of an orgasm formula. Poor Veronica Vaughn has never in her life had an orgasm. She is at her wits end and has relegated herself to trying an experimental drug that guarantees an orgasm. The doctor gives her the strange substance through her I.V. Then she gets to work … [Read More...]

Vikki Loves Small Penis's

Your Small Penis Is So Cute! Let Aunt Vikki See!

Small Penis' are SOOOO Cute! Do you have a small penis? Let me see! I LOVE a SMALL PENIS! Vikki shows you just how much she likes to suck, lick and stroke little penis's. Vikki wants you to follow along and stroke your cock like she does. She will explaining everything she likes about a small penis and you are so lucky to have one! It is So Cute! Vikki LOVES Your Small Penis! Its Just So … [Read More...]

Aunt Vikki & Veronica help Nephew with Small Penis

Aunt Vikki & Veronica Help Nephew with Cute Small Penis

Veronica brings her nephew to see their Aunt Vikki, a certified Cockologist. Not to worry, Aunt Vikki is here to help! She assures her nephew, a small penis is common, and can be very USEFUL. Aunt Vikky demonstrates how she likes to use a small penis and wants him to follow along. Things get out of control and Aunt Veronica can't resist the sexy little penis, and gives her nephew a virtual blow … [Read More...]

Nurses Vikki and Veronica Prostate Exam

Prostate Exam Patient Get’s A Surprise

Nervous for your first prostate exam? Not to worry, this will be Nurse Vikki's first prostate exam as well. If you don't mind her staying in here for training. I will demonstrate the procedure first then let her try, Just try to relax. I will use one finger at first, you can go ahead and stay in the siting position, we will raise your legs up and go in that way. Using lots of lube for easy … [Read More...]

Nurse Vikki & Nurse Veronica Extract Your Seed!

Donate Your Semen to Nurse’s Vikki & Veronica

Welcome to the Sperm Donation Clinic! We want to welcome you and make you feel comfortable while donating your seed. First we will take your penis measurements & weight, testicle exam, then begin the manual stimulation. When your testicles are fully activated in stage 3, we will capture the semen with a large syringe as to not lose a drop. Don't worry it will be a very pleasurable experience! … [Read More...]

Mother Daughter Domination

Mother / Daughter Domination 13 NEW Videos!

You read it right! Mother - Vikki Vaughn & Daughter - Veronica Vaughn have a video store together for you to enjoy all of our shenanigans! This mother / daughter duo are intelligent and classy supreme dominating women from your wildest fantasies… Bringing you into various scenarios of mischief. Vikki Vaughn and daughter Veronica Vaughn present Supreme Beautiful Female Blonde Domination. … [Read More...]

Sensually caress and kiss my neck

Sensually Caress & Kiss My Neck Make My Body Tingle

My neck is tender and supple. You can not resist the temptation to love and caress it. Each stroke you give brings out my inner sexual desires. Making my pussy quiver with each and every kiss from your lips. Turn me on with your lips pressing softly where my neck and shoulder meet. Do it right and I will be putty in your hands. Too weak to resist your sexual requests. My body will be yours … [Read More...]


My Foot Worship Ritual Will Turn You Into My Zombie

  Watch and admire my beautiful shiny patent black shoes with brown wooden 4" heels. My perfect size 8 1/2 feet look gorgeously amazing, you will be in a trance mesmerized by the movement. Then when you least expect it. I will walk up to you and squish you. The bottom of my shoe is the last thing you will ever see. It will block out the sun and your world will turn to darkness You will BE … [Read More...]

Trapped inside a sandwich then devoured slowly


YOU have fallen into my trap little dummies! Now that I have you I shall devour you all ALIVE! I am going to place you in between two pieces of bread and slowly eat each bite. Mmmmmm how plump and juicy you all are inside of my mouth. I love the way you all smoosh & pop with each bite I take. Ahhh - YOU my dear are LAST, I have something SPECIAL just for YOU! LOOK at you sitting so cute at … [Read More...]

Vikki Teaches Veronica how to Handle a cock properly.


Two Blonde Voluptuous Vixens Vikki and Veronica are at it again. Hungry to have any cock between their hands, They can't resist taking advantage of a very shy participant. He was told to come in for a job interview. Vikki and Veronica had already decided to take advantage of this guy, his cock isn't safe now! He's getting a double handjob whether he likes it or now. After all 4 hands are better … [Read More...]

son worship feet slippers

Son Worship My Feet Now Your Trapped in My Slippers!

What the hell are you doing? How many times have I told you Son to stay out of my slippers? Now you must be punished! Rub my stinky feet! Yes I have worked out so hard and they stink. I don't care how bad they smell rub them! Yes thats nice. Now since you love my slippers so much you shall stay in them all day with my stinky workout feet! Son Worship My Feet Now Your Trapped in My Slippers! … [Read More...]

I love to eat you!

So Plump So JUICY! I WILL Have YOU For Dinner!

INSIDE THE PHYSICAL THERAPISTS OFFICE! Welcome how can I help you today? O.K. Your legs are bothering you. Don't you worry I will make you feel great. Lets take these pants off of you though so I can work on you better. Mmmm your legs are so plump and Juicy!! Whats that? What am I doing? I am e@ting you ALIVE!! So delicious. Yummmmm!!!! I must take another bite!! Yes so Juicy!! So … [Read More...]

Blow 2 Pop Mrs Claus blows the balloon till it pops!

Sexy Mrs. Claus BLOWS Pink Balloon POP Slow Motion FULL HD 1080p

Mrs. Claus hates to blow balloons till they pop and you can tell. She is very anxious and squirming throughout the entire clip. When it finally does pop she breaks down in laughter and panic at the same time. This clip shows the pop four times: First normal speed, second slower, third super slow motion, forth fast speed again. Very sexy shoot with great after footage of clean up and breathless … [Read More...]

Meet Me! Clips4Sale Booth 11-1pm daily

Adult Entertainment Expo Jan 15-18, 2014

You will be able to talk with me, take photos and get some swag! AVN Booth times and dates TBD Clips4Sale Booth Daily 11am - 1pm Don't miss your chance to talk with me!! xx Veronica Vaughn … [Read More...]

sneaky mom shares cock with daughter


REAL MOTHER & DAUGHTER Dynamic Duo Veronica and Vikki Vaughn take advantage of a guy inside their studio. Veronica is occupied in another room, Vikki decides to be sneaky and take matters into her own hands. Watching him undress she gets really turned on! Vikki starts getting him warmed up for her daughter by using her beautiful size "32E" breasts and soft hands. Vikki loves to oil up a cock … [Read More...]

Veronica gets turned on when she grows bigger!

Veronica, YOU Need To GROW UP! 1080P HD

  Your going OUT to the CLUBS! After our talk we had?? You promised NO MORE!! What is wrong with you? Why are you being such an immature bitch?! You know what? Why don't you give me a call when You GROW UP!! Watch me as I do exactly what my boyfriend tells me and Grow up right before your eyes. It starts off slow and I am completely unaware of what is happening to me at first. Then when … [Read More...]

veronica vaughn pink dress


Do you ever meet with fans socially, off-camera? YES! You will find me 100% reliable, trustworthy and reputable. I am found all over the Internet in thousands of pages in the Google searches. I welcome you to do your homework. I meet fans when I travel to other cities such as Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas and More. To buy time to meet me in person is $300 for a half hour or $500 for an hour. … [Read More...]

veronica sitting nov 14

November 14th, 2013 Photo Shoot

A few photos from my recent photo shoot November 14, 2013 … [Read More...]

sara jay

Fan Etiquette Video A MUST SEE for All Fans!

Sara Jay puts it together so well while being comical!  "Fan Etiquette" gives helpful tips to fans who encounter someone they love to admire! Everyone should watch this video!  I totally agree with her 100%   Love ya Sara Jay! Sara Jay Presents: VIDEO   Fan Etiquette … [Read More...]

Veronica on couch with her legs spread wide

“That Veronica Vaughn Is One Hot Piece of Aisse.” About Me

Me Described In a Few Words Secure, classy, intelligent, funny, demanding, princess. complicated, passionate, humble, and highly motivated. How the Journey to Porn Stardom Began It all started with a trip to Vegas to attend the Adult Entertainment Expo. I was all excited, finally I didn't miss it! I met a lot of Porn Stars there, both guys and girls. They all seemed to be having tons of fun, … [Read More...]


Mom Turns Son Into A Tasty Roast Chicken!

****Special Effects Transformation Custom Request**** How dare you peep on me son! Secretly taking pictures of me and my ass while I am looking at myself in the mirror. You thought you were safe, by keeping them hidden on your computer, I would never find them. Well, I did you sick twisted pervert! Oh your ashamed are you? Well You should be!!You will do anything just for me to forgive you? … [Read More...]


I found a Rare Exotic Tiny Treasure with Tits & a Cock!

I am so excited to have found you, a rare treasure, a rare jewel. I didn't know you existed, until yesterday, when I found you hiding in the back of that store on a shelf, trying to blend in with those other dolls. Honey, there is no way you can blend in, with that massive erection you have! (smiles) Barbie & Ken can only dream of being as special as you are. You are going to be my favorite … [Read More...]


Bath Time In My Mouth Tiny Guy’s! Play between My Red Toes!

Giantess MILF Veronica Vaughn has an insatiable sweet tooth and her tiny guys are in need of a bath. So she decides to kill two birds with one stone. Giantess Veronica gets sugar and her Tiny micro pets get cleaned up. One of them has the silly idea of bringing a knife to fight a huge giant? This only angers the Giantess when he tries to cut her! His fate will be decided shortly. As for the rest … [Read More...]


Slowly Stalked Then Devoured By A Hungry Sexy Female Cat!

  You begin to Quiver as you notice an enormous hungry looking Cat making it's way towards you. You little plump and round RAT, so powerless, so helpless, and Looking so TASTY! I promise I just want a little taste of you and nothing more. Silly Rat, trying to make a deal with Me. Ok, I'll play your game, One Lick, One Taste, If I do not like you then I will set you free and you can go on … [Read More...]

small penis bj by mom

Relax and Let M0mmy Suck on Your Cute Little Dick!

Your dick is too small you say? Mommy doesn't think so! Here I will prove it to you. Just unzip your pants and let me see. Look at how cute that little one is. Here let me try and suck on it! Yummy! Small is a good thing I could suck on this small cock for hours without my jaw getting sore unlike those big ones. Your cute tiny balls rest so gently on my tongue they are so perfect! I bet your cum … [Read More...]

Hot Mom Talks son into masturbation agreement

Gorgeous MILF Mother Convinces Son Into A Masturbation Agreement

    ***Be sure to buy the original son encouragement clip here: Dealing With My Sons Erections *** Hello honey how was school today? Come sit down next to Mommy I want to talk with you about the other day when we were together alone. (smile) I have to confess and tell you how much of a turn on it was to watch you with your shiny stiff erect penis covered in oil get so hard … [Read More...]



THEY'RE BACK!! I thought my little problem was taken care of when I called the exterminators before. I was so WRONG! I was awaken to the little piss ant laying on my pillow next to my face OMG! I despise these little men and when you see one, I know there will be hundreds scattered all over, they never travel alone! I am terrified at the thought of these little bastards creeping around looking … [Read More...]


Son, I think your Gay! Now Put on Mommy’s Panties and Suck This! Part 1

  ****Part 2 Found Here:****Time to Let Mommy fuck your man pussy to see if your Gay. Part 2 (1080p HD MP4) Honey, I have been watching you for some time, how you dress, how you talk, certain things you do and don't do. For instance, when we go bowling, you don't seem to pay attention to the cute girls next to us, but you notice and stare at the hunks over in the other lanes. How do I … [Read More...]

Honey I think your gay pt2

Son I think Your Gay, I will Fuck Your Man Pussy Part 2

  ****Part 1 Found Here:      Son, I think your Gay! Now Put on Mommys Panties and Suck This!**** Honey, now that we have gone over the first lessons of applying mascara and lipstick. How to suck cock correctly and how to use your fingers to slide around it. I think your ready for the last test, Mommy's going to fuck your man pussy with her strap on cock. I will be gentle at first, … [Read More...]

My Son the Flea


I have waited all these years finally the universe has shrunk you down and delivered you to my feet! You have pushed me away for the last time. So much time you spent working out, getting stronger, who knew it was just for me. You can agree with it or be thrown out in the trash like your brother. It's my rules, my time, you will do as I say. Your whole purpose in life was to end … [Read More...]


From Timid Divorced Mom To Gorgeous Giantess Goddess MILF Transformation SFX HD

** Best watched using good speakers or headphones as this clip contains deep rumbling sound effects and intense growth sounds enhanced with proper listening equipment.**         I am so unhappy with my life, no man will look at me. Is it because I am timid, shy, meek and homely? Men look at me with pitty in their eyes. I am at the end of my rope, something … [Read More...]

Dominating blonde boss edges you to orgasm

Dominating Blonde Boss Strips * Edging You To Orgasm

My new male secretary is a nerdy guy, a Clark Kent type. Catching you staring at me all week but never saying a word. I think now is a good time for you see what I have hidden here under my conservative business suit. Come in my office and close the door quickly. Unzip your pants and release your cock. I want to see how hard you will get for me. Watch me while I strip down for you. You want to … [Read More...]


Worse Blue Balls Loser! Cock & Balls Will Suffer!

How much pain are you willing to take from your Goddess Veronica to jerk off Loser? I will allow you to jerk off to me, but your cock and balls will suffer for my pleasure and you must obey me LOSER. I will give you countdowns, punishments, JOI and more. When I get to 1 you must cum or be punished for 5 days or longer where you can't cum. Ball slapping, ball punching, clamps, pinching and … [Read More...]

Suck It then Fuck it Bitch!

Suck It Then Fuck It, Your Fired Bitch!

  Submissive Milf Veronica and her dominating boss had a one night stand at the company party a week ago. Now, her aggressive boss thinks this whore is ready anytime. It was a big mistake. Forced To Suck Her Boss's Cock, Humiliated, Stripped Naked, Fucked and FIRED! As his advances becomes more frustrated and horny, he becomes very aggressive, roughly fondling her tits, ripping her … [Read More...]

cbt with hot sauce

Can Your Cock and Balls Handle Hot Sauce? SUBMIT

  Veronica, The Goddess of Divine Beauty, MY pleasure increases each minute you endure MY painful torture, LOSER. Kneel down to worship Goddess Veronica. CBT torture with Tease and Denial. Items you will need: Duct tape Lighter Ice Cubes Hot Sauce - vinegar based Q-Tips Starting to shake, LOSER? Your eyes will water, your nose will run, you will scream while the Hot Sauce … [Read More...]

Unaware Mother Eats Flea Son

Unaware Giantess EATS Her SON For Breakfast!

MILF Veronica prepares herself breakfast while pondering of how powerful she felt over such control over such a tiny speck of a son. Completely unaware that her dominated shrunken son sits on her plate of eggs she is eating for breakfast (represented by a tiny black speck on her egg). Each bite she gets closer and closer to obliterating her flea son in her waiting mouth. Here comes the last … [Read More...]

Jerk it for Mom it's OK

Stroke It For Step Mom While I Watch!

I overheard your father telling you not to masturbate. He can be so mean  & prudish sometimes. Masturbating is a natural and perfectly healthy thing to do. Yes, I am your step mom but I feel like your my own. I believe everyone should masturbate. Do not listen to your father. Just don't let him catch you though then we will both get in trouble. There is no need to blush son, or to be … [Read More...]

Peeping Son Jerks it for MOM

Peeping Son Jerks & Leaves Sticky Gift For Mom!

My son carefully opens the door and peeps on me while watching me get up this morning. I can see his dick is ever so slightly peeking around the door. He is getting too close, but can't help it. Little does he know that I do notice him, but pretend not to see.  Instead I will put on a little show for him. I change in to my sexy lacy red shirt while he furiously masturbates to my sexy firm motherly … [Read More...]

CBTJOI Powerful Cruel Dominating Woman

Powerful Cruel Dominating Woman JOI To A Perfect Body

  Cruel powerful dominating women have complete total control over you.  I will tease and deny you release or will I? You know I have the power. Teased again again and again by my long gorgeous legs and round sexy ass to the edge and denied? I will have you so close and begging to release your hot cum. be a cruel dominate woman! You love to worship my ass, my blonde hair, my female … [Read More...]

A handy will end those nitemares son!

Having Nightmares Son? A Handy Will Help You!

Having those nitemares again son? The monster’s chasing you? Look, there’s nothing in the closet or hiding under the bed silly. I will try and calm you, ssshh, close your mouth, stop screaming. Watch me, look at me, FOCUS! Mommy will do a little striptease for you. Mommy’s boobies always make you happy! Calm down! That's not working.... Ok, son, look at my ass, look at me! Focus son.... That's … [Read More...]

I will take your virginity!

I Have Captured A Virgin, His VIRGINITY Is MINE To Take!

  I have finally captured a virgin! Well, maybe without your consent, you will not resist me when you awaken.  Watching you for years, growing stronger, viral, so handsome, so cute and awkward. Your smile makes my pussy start dripping for that rock hard cock to slide inside me. Nothing feels better than a Virgin cock, throbbing and pulsating with each rock of my hips. Take these pills, … [Read More...]

Lets find out how to use your small penis!

Small Penis Pics Posted On Campus, Mommy Can Help

  Students posted pictures of your small penis around campus today at school? This is a horrible thing to do! How mean they are. Please, don't cry son, I'm sure it's not small. One way to find out, show mommy so I can see. Oh, it's so cute! Yes, it is smaller than most, but I'm sure you can please a girl when the time comes. Let me show you how to use it, then it won't matter how … [Read More...]

Prudish Mom turns into Slut for Cock, Son impregnates.

Prudish Bitch Mom Transforms into TABOO WHORE Impregnated by Son

  SON! Get your hand off your penis! That is so disgusting! I can't breathe, I think your giving me a panic attack! Your penis is for procreation and that is it. We talked about this many many times! Tonight we are going to church to confess and prey about this sick perversion immediately. Now, go fix me some iced tea so I can calm down. Is it hot in here to you? I'm sweating, I'm not … [Read More...]

WaitingLegsPre_mp4 4 Website thumbnail

My Sexy Long Legs Are Waiting For You

[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="360"][/KGVID] I’m here, all alone, dressed in my tight mini, and I’m waiting for you…See me with my dreamy eyes, wanting to hear from you, watch me on the couch, teasing you … [Read More...]

Three Blonde Mature MILFS Licking Eachothers Breasts

We Three MILFs Be Fucking Each Others Holes

  [KGVID poster="" width="640" height="480"][/KGVID] My two favorite MILF pussies to suck and lick and fuck come over. Without any dick around and the three of us feeling very randy, I Pornstar Veronica Vaughn get the … [Read More...]

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I’m Karen Fishers Maid!

[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="480"][/KGVID] My gorgeous big ass MILF friend Karen Fisher thought it would be fun if I came over to clean her apartment in a sexy french maid outfit. I'm always game for some afternoon fun … [Read More...]

Two naked women on bed.

MILF Meets GILF and We Have Crazy Lesbian Sex

[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="480"][/KGVID] I get lots of joy out of being a porn star. One of them is enjoying the bodies of select fans. Jackie hails from the Midwest and contacted me about how she would love to play together … [Read More...]

Two Mature Women next to man on all fours.

Two Mature MILFs Torture and Tease their Hooded Slave

[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="360"][/KGVID] My BFF Tabitha and I entertain our submissive younger male slave. Watch as we tease and torture him with his d*g collar and leash on. Such a deprived little man two beautiful … [Read More...]

BLonde Mature Woman holding Feet in High heels

POV Foot Rub By my MILF BFF Tabitha

[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="360"][/KGVID] My poor aching feet are so tired after a long day of shooting porn. So I invite my sexy blonde mature cougar BFF Totally Tabitha over to help me. She is so sweet she spoils me with a foot rub. … [Read More...]

Blonde MILF Smoking BLowJob


  [KGVID poster="" width="640" height="360"][/KGVID] Pornstar MILF Totally Tabitha Loves to put things between her lips and down her throat. This mature MILF enjoys a good cigar, but instead of Scotch to accompany it, she opts for a thick … [Read More...]

Yummy About to Have Sex on Hidden Sex Cam

Cheating Husband Hidden Hotel Sex Cam BlackMail Footage!

[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="360"][/KGVID] This fan of mine was in Vegas and emailed me non-stop about how bad he wanted to fuck me but that he could only get away from his wife for one hour during his stay. My devious little mind … [Read More...]

VeronicaFucksMexicanFanpre thumbnail

I Suck and Fuck My Biggest Fan From Mexico

[KGVID poster="" width="640" height="480"][/KGVID] Devoted sexy fans are always fun to fuck. They are  so giving when your with them. Roberto was no different. Visiting from Mexico he contacted me and asked if I was … [Read More...]

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My BFF Tabitha Gets Pussy Filled with the Black Mans Cum

[KGVID width="640" height="360"][/KGVID]   My MILF BFF Totally Tabitha loves the black dick. She can't stop herself or ever get enough. This is just another installment of her insatiable love for the dark cock. Watch as I video tape her slobbering, gagging and riding this big black anaconda. Not … [Read More...]

Dangling High Arch's gif

Dangling High Arch’s Pretty Feet & Toes

Dangling High Arch's Pretty Feet & Toes Do you love high arch's, pretty toes, manicured feet? High Heels, watching an open toe show dangle on the tip of my beautiful toes? WOW you will get a boner instantly! Beautiful blonde Veronica Vaughn teases you with her beautiful feel. Enjoy, worship her!   CLICK HERE FOR MOVIE: Dangling High Arch's … [Read More...]

tom gets denied orgasm - foot job

Tabitha & Veronica Tease Blindfolded Tom Leaving a Huge Boner CFNM

Tabitha & Veronica Tease Blindfolded Tom Leaving a Huge Boner Watch beautiful tan big tit blonde MILFS Tabitha & Veronica twist and tie up Tom, put a pink blindfold on him so he has no clue what we are going to do next, tease and play with his big dick with their pretty feet, soles and spread toes, lotion up his cock, rub all over it, watch it grow bigger and bigger, then just when he … [Read More...]

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Ready Willing and Able..Are you My cuckie?

I love everything about SEX, with the exception of anal, I have tried it several times and it's just not my thing. I like being with multiple people at the same time, men, women.       One of the things I find sexually WILD HOT and NEED to try - I want a CUCKOLD under me LICKING  my CLIT while my bull is banging me hard, making me SQUIRT all over you, cuckold under … [Read More...]

veronica vaughn milf pornstar bent ove ron knees

St. Paddy’s Day Fun Shoot w/ Totally Tabitha

Here was a Gallery Tabitha and I did as a warm up for some Hot Video Girl/Girl/Guy Action Later in the Day   You can find her awesome sexy site by clicking the banner below. If you Love me you will love Tabitha Totally Tabitha is One Nasty MILF Don't take my word for it Check her Out!   SEE TABITHA GET REALLY DIRTY AT HER HOMEPAGE GET IN AND SEE HOW NASTY SHE IS xoxo … [Read More...]

Vikki sucks a huge dick!

Blonde Cougar Vikki Vaughn MY MOM

  OMG MOM!! What are you doing?  Wow does she like to suck a good cock??!!  Well yes She does, she looks so hungry in this picture! No wonder I love doing that too, I guess you could say that I get my talents naturally from my mom! It makes me so proud when I give a guy a blow job and all he can say is "Oh My God!" "Oh My God" lol Especially from the porn guys, come on now, they get their … [Read More...]

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My 1st Girl/Girl Older Women Younger Women #10

Click HERE TO WATCH Older Women Younger Women #10 Movie Description: Over-sexed MILF's pass on their years of knowledge and experience to these sweet young things. Watch them finger, lick, and stuff these young cuties before they return the favor by lapping up some mature cougar juice! This is my VERY FIRST Girl ON Girl action film! I was so nervous about doing it! It was fantastic, she was a … [Read More...]

pornstar veronica vaughn front cover of knock up my mommy 2

Knock Up My Mommy #2 Cream Pie Special!

Lethal Hardcore - Knock Up My Mommy #2 Movie Description: Please Knock Up My Mommy, I want a baby brother so bad! I love this scene with me and my hot boy toy, he has a big cock that looks like it can fill my pussy up!! I am craving that hot cum in me, whats it going to taste like? I'll soon find out. I have never been in the Pile Driver position before! I didn't even know what that was! Till … [Read More...]

Cum on the ass!

3 Generations of Porn Mom Daughter Stepdaughter

Three generations of porn! To introduce all 3 of us, Vikki Vaughn is the mother, Veronica Vaughn is the daughter, Cherry Vaughn is the step-daughter of Veronica. 3 generations of porn stars. I think we might have set a record! Should I call the Guinness Book of World Records? Mother - Vikki  / Daughter - Veronica / Granddaughter - Cherry We have made only one film together "Wanna Fuck my … [Read More...]

aee 2013

AVN & Adult Ent. Expo Vegas 2013

Hi Everyone! I'll be at the Adult Entertainment Expo on Saturday Jan. 19th from 11am to 3pm, not sure exactly of the time, but I'll be walking around the show floor, so if you see me, (it will be hard not to!) then please feel free to stop me and talk! Take a picture, get a business card, etc. Later in the evening, I'll be at the Red Carpet @Hard Rock for the AVN Awards. It's going to be a … [Read More...]

hot milfs showing how they can cum out their hot pussy

Milf’s guide to squirting – AVN Nominated Best Squirt Video

JM Productions - Milf's Guide To Squirting   ** AVN Nominted for Best Squirt Video **   Movie Description: These MILFs find out that their pussies aren't getting older, they're getting better! Watch me spread my legs open wide and spray my juices all over! I also get a lesson in "Tea Baggin", Rated 4 **** stars on GAMELINK. Also Stars the insatiable Nina Hartley, Brenda James and … [Read More...]

Show us your Ass-ets

Channel 5 News Access Vegas 25yr “Show Us Your Ass-ets” Crazy Girls

@crazygirlslv @rivieralasvegas today - great event - thank you Preferred PR - great work!! 50 girls and 100 cheeks!… — Strip Las Vegas Mag (@STRIPLVMAG) October 3, 2012   50 girls formed the @crazygirlslv butt line up today on Las Vegas Blvd. @rivieralasvegas - great event!!!… — Strip Las Vegas Mag (@STRIPLVMAG) October 3, … [Read More...]

Porn Star Karaoke Veronica Vikki Vaughn & Summer Sanders

Vikki & Veronica Vaughn Hosting XXX Karaoke

Vikki & Veronica Vaughn Hosting XXX Porn Star Karaoke Monday @10pm Join us for a Wild Night of Fun and Naughty Mischief! I expect full support from all my fans! Come meet us and have some fun! Singing, Dancing and getting wild! Bring your group!  Underware optional. Veronica Vaughn   AVN Nominated Best Squirt Video Vikki Vaughn         Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck me … [Read More...]


Older Men 30 & up. How NOT to TURN OFF A WOMAN

Older Men - you 35 and UP. How NOT to TURN OFF A WOMAN. I have some friendly honest DIRECT advice for you guys over 30. I'm not talking about every guy, so don't get butt hurt immediately. Here's the deal. In my years of dating, double dates, blind dates, j.f.f. (just for fun) dates I have run across so many guys who say the same thing. It doesn't get you laid, it ends up making me aggravated, … [Read More...]

Licking Veronica's Pussy

Dressing Room Rendezvous An Amazing Tongue

Dressing Room Rendezvous with An Amazing Tongue! I was out shopping for some new lingerie today at a very popular store. Nothing unusual, I'm armed with my Starbucks Passion Tea, with extra PUMPS, of course! On my way to get some new silky underwear and bras. After selecting the items that I wanted to try on, I proceeded to the dressing room. This beautiful girl was staring at me and had this … [Read More...]

Showtime's Gigolos


Voluptuous Adult film Star Veteran Veronica Vaughn appears on SHOWTIME's hit series ‘Gigolos’ on November 10, 2011. Veronica and Sindi had their fantasies come true when Veronica hires Nick and Jimmy for a steamy double treat. “I wanted to surprise Sindi.”  The hunks dressed up as fantasy characters for by my request. “I have always wanted to have some wild sex with  Jack Sparrow, what hot … [Read More...]

Navy guy Andys cum on my tits!

Random Encounter with US Army soldier

Yes, It happened again, my cougar tendensies got the best of me a couple of nights ago. I was on the prowl! This time I caught a US Army soldier! I think he said he was 24, which is Perfect! :D His name, Andy. Thats all I need to know, hell I dont even need to know the name, I can identify the cock in a lineup! What a fantastic time we had, he was shocked to find out the the personal ad that he … [Read More...]


Custom Clips Big Boob, Legs & Heels

Hi everyone! I have some cool ass private clips & pics that I made for you. If your a Leg man, Butt man, Boob man or like the whole enchilada, I have created original videos just for your specific interest. If there is something you want to see, email me or post a comment! **Please purchase these here** These videos & pics are not available anywhere else. Only thru my NiteFlirt … [Read More...]

Veronica Sucks Black Dick


Oh boy, I couldn't control myself, I was in the shower with my sis Valerie Vaughn, (you can hear her talking)  washing off a dirty boy. We had soapy suds going everywhere, there were bubbles all over our huge tits, sliding all over each other, my pussy was sliding down his leg, my boobs rubbing all over his chest while Valerie was standing behind him rubbing her huge Double EE's tits all over his … [Read More...]

Veronica Vaughn sexy

Veronica & Vikki Vaughn Hosts XXX Karaoke @Rio

Veronica Vaughn & Vikki Vaughn Hosts KaraokeXXX Mondays Monday, June 25 at 10pm The King's Room At The Rio Hotel & Casino In Las Vegas, NV From Rebecca Love:f Veronica Vaughn & her Mom Vikki Vaughn ( - That Veronica Vaughn Is One Hot Piece of Aisse - will host Karaoke XXX this week in Las Vegas. It's happening on Monday, June 25 at 10pm, at the Kings … [Read More...]

Your Instructor Veronica Vaughn

Orgasm Control – A Few Tips

I get asked on my Sexual Health Phone line about orgasm control. I will update more articles pertaining to this subject. One mistake that a lot of guys make is that they think that they have no control over their orgasms. In fact the opposite is true, with a little practice all men can gain complete control over their orgasms, all it takes is a little bit of... practice!     Orgasm Control for … [Read More...]

veronica vaughn in cougar sex club

Cougar Sex Club * Totally Tabitha & Karen Fisher Join in

I did my first b/b/g/g/g orgy shoot two weeks ago and it was so much fun! WOW I had a great time, I'm still rubbing my clit, fingering my pussy and Looking forward to more! Totally Tabitha, Karen Fisher, Tim, & Ram, were the participants, lol. Lots of hardcore fucking! Tim came in my mouth, Ram came in Tabithas mouth and we both dropped it in Karens mouth and she swallowed it! Hardcore … [Read More...]

Three shades of Miss Veronica Vaughn

SUBMIT! BDSM Party CUM PLAY with me!

Let's Play! SUBMIT BdSm party at Sanctuary LAX Yours truly will be there ready to play with you! SUBMIT! @ Sanctuary LAX Wednesday March 14, 2012 7 PM - 10 PM Mistress Cyan, the co-founder of Slave Pit (L.A.'s longest running ProDomme Play Party), proudly presents SUBMIT! on Wednesday March 14th from 7-10pm. Whether you are a Dominant, a Switch or a submissive, you will be playing at … [Read More...]

"Sandy Breasts"  $ 225 Original signed Chalk

For Purchase

I have several items for sale just for you! My custom store, selling anything I want. I love to sketch with chalk, colored pencils, paints etc. I have several original drawings that I did a few years ago. I would love for you to own something very personal of mine. Original Artwork Custom 8 x 10's Original Videos Autographed Magazines If your interested in purchasing one of my … [Read More...]

Diego fucks Veronica's Face

Diego Carbon fucks Veronica’s face!

Diego Carbon fucks Veronica Vaughn's face!     Out in Vegas for Thanksgiving I ran into a friend of mine Diego Carbon, that I hadn't seen since last year. He's got a cock I crave! Diego knows exactly how to hit my G-spot every which way. ROUND ONE: We started out in my hotel room at the Planet Hollywood, the bathroom was huge with a huge round deep tub, which I took an … [Read More...]

monica mayhem milf trainer sexy little milf tits.

Hustler – Monica Mayhem’s Milf Trainer

Hustler - Monica Mayhem Milf Trainer   Movie Description: Monica and her team of sex crazed MILFS (ME!) are ready to show you how to do it right! MILFy goodness.... HUSTLER style! Before we shot this scene Jay and I had been messing around in the other room, he was fingering my pussy, kissing me on the neck and teasing me with his huge hard cock. It looked so good, by the time we got … [Read More...]

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Big Titty Milfs #8 My favorite scene ever!

DevilsFilms - Big Titty Milf's #8   Movie Description: Oh Yeah! You gotta believe that older chicks with huge boobs love having sex! Seems like when a woman turns 30 a switch turns on and every guy from 20-35 is hot eye candy and they want to fuck them! Every one of them! Every guy they've ever met has wanted to caress, fondle and suck on those massive, soft, beautiful swaying mounds of … [Read More...]

blow job

Blow Job Class in Session!

Thats right, Blow Job Class, I went to see Midori give her secrets to the audience. I figured I probably knew more than most being in the porn industry, but...... I was surprised and excited because I learned some stuff, oh yes, I have learned some secrets that are so simple that I wouldn't have even thought of them myself. But I can guarantee that on my future performances, both on and off the … [Read More...]

faith69 audrey veronicavaughn dawnmarie

Meet & Greet Monkey Pants July 17 2010

Hi Everyone! To everyone who showed up at this Meet and Greet, hosted by my friends at, and, I had to attend, since there aren't too many of us here in Arizona. Next time, maybe Vanilla DeVille, Catalina Cruz, Taryn Tomas, Totally Tabitha, Alexis Golden and more of us can get together at once. Its just kind of hard to … [Read More...]

Veronica Vaughn Full Body

Veronica Vaughn vs Veronica Vaughn BBW

Hi Guys, There seems to be some confusion about myself and the BBW Veronica Vaughn. Let's have a comparison: I'm on the left side column and Bbw Veronica Vaughn on the right column. Here are some pictures of us so you  can see the difference.  As you can see there is no comparison. We don't look alike, other than the fact that we both have blue eyes. What would be great is us doing a scene … [Read More...]


Veronica Double Stuffs Pussy Video

  Want to watch me stuff my pussy with two big toys? I cum quick with these.   CLICK HERE FREE VIDEO Veronica Double Stuff's Pussy Did you like what you see? Want to see me live on SKYPE? Click on the phone button. Call me on Niteflirt   $3.99 minute.  WED CAM Watch ME!!   My schedule for the week October 10th - 13th : Monday Oct. 10th 11am - 7pm … [Read More...]

AEE head_logo

Meet me @Adult Ent. Expo Hard Rock Vegas!

  Here's your chance if you missed last year! New venue, new set up, new rules. It's going to be a blast! I have some very sexy outfits picked out for the parties, convention and Awards Show! Are you going? I'm very excited to be signing at the new venue at the Hard Rock Casino, it seems like the past years had started getting stale, boring, and not fun at all. This one should … [Read More...]

ver toy in pussy

Weekend Fuck Fest 2 Guys @ ASU Tempe Arizona

Holy Shit! Yes this just happened! I have been VERY busy this Labor Day Weekend! Lots of new ASU students just arriving for the Fall semester! Party time for Veronica Vaughn! I had 6 guys scheduled, but after the 2nd one, I was doubting if I could do another! My bf has been out of town for two weeks and on lock down. He was could to touch his cock, but wasn't allowed to cum. I loved it, because … [Read More...]

Playboy bunny for you!

Appearing at Crazy Horse III Aug. 3 – 6 Las Vegas

Hi Guys and Dolls! I'm appearing nightly At CRAZY HORSE III Las Vegas, NV Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday August 3, 4, 5 & 6 from 4am to 7am. Come by and hang out with me! There are all kinds of specials going on at Crazy Horse III. It's easy to find. Take Russell rd west, just south of Mandalay Bay, over the freeway, and its on the left! You can't miss it. The VIP Rooms are AMAZING! … [Read More...]

Shower Girl

Thanks Doug for a HOT STEAMY Wet Room Party!

That's right, it doesn't have to be all about sex! I also give an awesome full body Massage- Slippery wet with my HUGE Bouncing Boobs all over your body! Doug found out like you will too if you like to get all wet, slippery wild on the wet table, WOW it was fun. We started out with him on the table first. I used the shower hose on him first, getting him all wet and soapy clean, while I used … [Read More...]

Love Ranch South Logo

Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch Vegas

Hey Guys! Ever wanted to party privately with me? Your Porn Star Experience is just around the corner! Heading out to Vegas for a convention, meeting, or just for some wild fun you will never forget? You have to make the trip to Pahrump! It's only about an hour north of Las Vegas. It will be worth the drive!  Close to Nellis, 29 Palms - bored and dont know what to do?  Bring some friends … [Read More...]

Dirty Wet Nurse Veronica with Jonathan

XXX Karaoke Veronica Vaughn Hosts

Dirty Wet Nurse Veronica Vaughn Hosts: Porn Star Karaoke XxX RED LABEL Bar 332 W. Sahara, Las Vegas, NV MAY 16th 10pm-2am If you were there you know! If not, you missed out on a night of wild and crazy fun! Your sexy hostess Dirty Wet Nurse Veronica Vaughn took control of all the patients and administered wet medicine to everyone in the club! I had some magazines to give away, we did a … [Read More...]

a bent over veronica vaughn

Pornstar Veronica Vaughn – Spreading My Pussy 4 You

I love to spread my Beautiful Pink Pussy for the World to See!   Hey everyone, it's me Pornstar Veronica Vaughn and I just thought I would treat you all to my sexy lingerie show and pretty silky pink pussy. I would love to hear comments on what you want to do to me. I promise I'll write back to. You can comment on this gallery at the end of the post. Talk to you soon! xoxo … [Read More...]

Sexy Black Dress with Veronica Vaughn inside it.

Dr. Veronica Vaughn with new patient Doug

Dr. Veronica Vaughn sits in her chair, listening to her patient Doug. He was explaining, or trying to at least, his problems with his new girlfriend Miranda. The relationship was very new only 6 months. Veronica slowly becomes lost, her mind starts to wander in a sea of sexual visions, while she looks at him, with a slight smile on her face, as he spoke softly to her. Doug is a very good … [Read More...]

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My Amazing Workout Night at the Gym

My Girl On Girl Gym Massage If you didn't know all ready I really am a massage therapist for the past ten years. In the quiet of the room sometimes my mind can drift off into a lot of hot sexy places. Here is one sexy fantasy I have thought about many times over. I hope you enjoy. I’ve been a massage therapist for over nine years and although I have been attracted to some of the most beautiful … [Read More...]

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Hot Valentines Day Fuck and Suck

My Sexy Spread I Shot For Cougars in Heat This shoot was one of my all time favorites. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was a little nervous when I showed up at the location and my partner was one that I had been admiring for awhile. I wanted that cock of his. The days before the shoot when I found out who I was going to shoot with I fantasized about it, drooled about it, sucked on my … [Read More...]

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The Pink Experience

I dyed my hair hot hot pink, glow under black light psycho pink September 26, 2011 just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). I enjoyed a very different kind of attention with bright pink hair. Your wondering if I had an encounter? I did! But one of my regular guys, he didn't recognize me at first, but come on how many hot girls with big tits and bright pink hair come up from behind … [Read More...]

Nicki Hunter and Veronica Vaughn at AEE

Playboy Radio Night Calls is disrupted yet again Jan 7th, 2010 with Veronica Vaughn

Playboy Radio Night Calls is disrupted yet again Jan 7th, 2010 with Veronica Vaughn LIVE at the Adult Entertainment Expo in the Mustang Ranch booth! Live 3:45pm! The wild and crazy event of the new year! Veronica talks with Christy Canyon and Nicki Hunter about the upcoming year, finishing film school, and more Wicked pictures. Stay tuned Live! Following Tera Patrick's interview. … [Read More...]

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XFanz Hard Rock June 2010

Wow this was an event not to be missed! It was a the happening Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas at the pool. Beautiful ladies everywhere in skinny bikinis, (including me) men galore! It was candy store for everyone in attendence! I had a blast for 2 days, Taylor Wane was signing at the XFANZ booth with me and she was a sweetheart, funny, omg she's just the cutest with her british accent.  Seems like … [Read More...]


Meet me at AdultCon Los Angeles Sept 10-12 Party!

AdultCon Los Angeles Set the date on your calendar for this Fri, Sat and Sun Sept 10-12 Adultcon in Los Angeles! Come meet me at the Porn Star Tweet booth! Then come get a private Lap Dance from me at The Score Club! I have lots of pictures, magazines, movies for you! I will be there Fri and Sat, not sure about Sunday right now, I'm waiting on tickets to the MTV Video Music Awards, I might … [Read More...]


AVN Adult Entertainment Expo! Come meet Veronica at her booth Jan 9-11, 2010

  Porn Star Veronica Vaughn announces her Premier debut at the Adult Entertainment Expo Jan 7-10, 2010. Veronica will be at her booth signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Veronica Vaughn has appeared in over 25 XXX films, a guest of Playboy Radio Night Calls, Criss Angel's MindFreak, several men's magazines - Cover Model and Centerfold. Veronica Vaughn is the Urban Cougar … [Read More...]

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Veronica Vaughn Joins Nicki Hunter & Christy Canyon as Special Guest on Playboy Radio Night Calls

PLAYBOY RADIO 7/28/09  NIGHT CALLS:   Adult stars Christy Canyon and Nicki Hunter are joined by Porn Star Veronica Vaughn. Veronica talks about her fun in college, causing mayhem with all the local college guys! Working out, working with Wicked Pictures, Hustler and more. What it's like to start a new career in porn at an older age. It's Fantastic! I get to fuck all the younger guys I … [Read More...]