Weekend Fuck Fest 2 Guys @ ASU Tempe Arizona

Veronica Vaughn black dress

Labor Day ASU fuck fest!

Holy Shit! Yes this just happened! I have been VERY busy this Labor Day Weekend! Lots of new ASU students just arriving for the Fall semester! Party time for Veronica Vaughn! I had 6 guys scheduled, but after the 2nd one, I was doubting if I could do another!

My bf has been out of town for two weeks and on lock down. He was could to touch his cock, but wasn’t allowed to cum. I loved it, because he was talking so dirty to me, in VIVID description how he was going to fuck the shit out of me when he got back home, which made my pussy throb just thinking about what was going to happen!

He arrived Friday evening, after hitting Jack in the Box for some tacos and the chaos began! OMG, I was ready for this. Mistress Veronica Vaughn, ready to punish my pussy slut. I needed some extreme pussy and ass worship. (He’s not submissive by any means, but we like to roll play, so tonight he was my submissive bitch.) Let the pussy licking, sucking, fingering, and cleaning begin. I LOVE to have my pussy eat, yummy yummy yummy. I was really enjoying this, but I didn’t want to cum just yet. I gave him my new toy so he could watch how my pussy spread open for this big cock. He was getting so turned on, he was licking around and inside my pussy when he pulled it out. I told him to put the toy inside, and put two of his fingers too. Pull out the toy, now use your fingers, all of them! He had all four inside, my pussy was sucking his hand in. I was getting so wet, my ass was drenched. I decided I better stop or I was going to get out of control. I made him lay on the floor as I stood over his face, while I stuffed that big toy inside me, and pulled it out, when I pulled out, my squirt juices fell all over his face. After a few minutes he was soaked. OMG what a fucking turn on that was! I bent down and shoved my pussy in his face for him to lick me clean. Mmm I rode his face with my pussy till he couldn’t breathe. He grabbed my hips pulling me down all over his face, shoving his tongue deep in my pussy.

“It’s time for you to put your fucking cock inside me bitch boy” I told him. “Fuck my pussy so hard, Pull my hair, make me squirt all over you”! He slipped his huge cock inside my aching pussy, I was throbbing for it to give me a HUGE orgasm. He always does with so little effort. MAGIC COCK? Yes!

Oh god he felt so good! I came with a huge explosive orgasm, it lasted for about 75 seconds, my clit was pulsating, so was my pussy, squeezing his dick so hard. He pulled out just before he came and blew his hot milky load all over my face, mmmm yummy! I licked it up it was so sweet and tasty.         

That’s not over yet, I had already planned for someone to come over in an hour after my bf got home, I still wanted to have that new cock in me! I love COCK! I was a little tired, but after drinking Monster I was ready to go hard! I took a nice cool shower, to get ready again. Peter was new to this and didn’t know who I was. I don’t like to intimidate new guys, they might not show up lol. I’m so sneaky! Anyway, Peter is an ASU student, 1st year, hasn’t had too much experience in the lady department. That’s okay, I love virgins and newbies 😀
Better for me sometimes, then other times I like an experienced tongue and cock to ravage me. Peter knew that my bf would be there and was OK with that. I liked him when he came in. Shy, but naughty, he looked at me and smiled real big. I could see that he was excited because he had a huge boner in his pants. ME LIKE! I wanted to get this started ASAP! I asked him to come on in. I gave him a big hug and slid my hands over the front of his pants, yep there was something big in there! I told him the rules, what I like, don’t like, my bf was sitting over on the couch watching. Peter wasn’t nervous at all about him being there. He liked it, he wanted my bf to see what he can do to his girlfriend! I took his shirt off, Nice abs!

He pulled my shirt down exposing my huge tits. WOW he said, those are huge!  He started sucking on them, what a nice feeling, playing with my nipples with his tongue. I said, mmm if you can do this so well, what are you going to do with my pussy? He said, Let me show you Veronica. I was wearing a short skirt, no panties of course. He fell down on his knees, raised up the front of my skirt and buried his head in my pussy. What a fabulous tongue! This guys has skills. Softly exploring every inch of my pussy with his tongue, so gentle, his hands latched on to my ass, so he could pull me into him, then he moved them in front, so he could slide open my pussy lips and get to the sweetness. I was in heaven, I had to sit down so I could see better, I sat on the edge of a chair so he could get all inside me. I loved watching him go side to side, up and down, sticking out his tongue to tease my clit. Then using his soft lips to grab my clit and suck gently on it.


I’m getting excited already telling you about it. My pussy was starting to get very wet, my bf was sitting on the couch in front of us so he could see everything Peter was doing and watch my face. When Peter inserted his two fingers inside me, that was it, his tongue and lips all over my clit, his fingers inside my pussy, I instantly gushed all over him! The seat cushion and floor was soaking wet. I love it! I didn’t want to go any further though. I asked him if it would be OK if we stopped here, and continued at another time. I didn’t want all the candy at once. I wanted to wait. But I did want to see what he was hiding in his pants. I unhooked his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled out a big snake, HELLO! Yes I wanted to fuck him right then and there, but I wanted to wait. There would be another time, and soon. I did suck on that beautiful cock a little, yum yum!

As for the other guys that were scheduled? I rescheduled over the next few weeks. So stay tuned for more juicy details, pictures and info how you could be next! Send me an email veronica@veronicavaughnxxx.com


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