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Diego Carbon fucks Veronica’s face!

Diego Carbon fucks Veronica Vaughn’s face!



Out in Vegas for Thanksgiving I ran into a friend of mine Diego Carbon, that I hadn’t seen since last year. He’s got a cock I crave! Diego knows exactly how to hit my G-spot every which way.


We started out in my hotel room at the Planet Hollywood, the bathroom was huge with a huge round deep tub, which I took an extended mineral bath in. I felt so nice and relaxed but extremely horny. The plan was to fuck all over the place, but we never made it out of the bathroom, at least the first round. I had just stepped out of the bathtub, Diego came in with nothing on, cock swinging. WOW I wanted that cock! It had been a few days and I was so HORNY!

I dropped to my knees and started sucking, licking and flicking his beautiful cock. It’s about 8 inches, YUMMY! Thick too and boy does he know how to use it. All of it! He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth deep onto his cock. I can almost take all of it. My mascara was starting to run by now down my face lol, that’s OK, no one could see, except when he pulled out my camera phone and snapped this picture! I got him almost to the edge and decided to stop and have a drink, take a break and make him wait, he can cum on demand, so it was no biggie for him to be punished. 😀


I was laying on the bed face up with my head hanging over the edge so his cock could fit perfectly deep in my throat, while he was fucking my pussy with two of my big toys, tickling my asshole with his finger and sucking on my clit with his mouth, WOW this guy is multi talented. I was on the verge of cumming and he would stop and say “nope” and make me wait, that drives me crazy!!

Diego was ramming his big cock deep down my throat almost making me suffocate, but I could pull him back by grabbing his balls and pulling up on them a little so he would back out some. MMMM when my pussy is getting drilled I just latch on a cock and suck away, my tongue working every inch of it, sucking gently around the head, flicking the tip, then taking it deep. I could tell he was getting ready to blow as well. I told him to fuck me hard and lets blow together, I could feel the squirt juice building up, with a fast pace he fucked my face hard, and my pussy, we both came so hard and I drenched his face and the covers with my juice everywhere, he shot his load all over my face and mouth, I swallowed that sweet sauce up!

Until next we meet again Diego,


xo Veronica

monica mayhem milf trainer sexy little milf tits.

Hustler – Monica Mayhem’s Milf Trainer

Hustler – Monica Mayhem Milf Trainer


monica mayhem milf trainer sexy little milf tits.

Movie Description: Monica and her team of sex crazed MILFS (ME!) are ready to show you how to do it right! MILFy goodness…. HUSTLER style!

Before we shot this scene Jay and I had been messing around in the other room, he was fingering my pussy, kissing me on the neck and teasing me with his huge hard cock. It looked so good, by the time we got around to filming it I was so horny, I would do anything to get at that cock. I had an awesome time with him, he takes over and controls me, I have never been dominated like that so gently but yet firmly.

WOW! His cock is huge! I swallowed it whole, both in my mouth and in my pussy, I was dripping wet, I could feel my pussy getting swollen with anticipation of cumming all over his huge pole. I crave his beautiful exotic DICK! I loved every minute of it, he is so passionate yet dominating, how submissive I can be! My pussy was so wet and dripping all over his huge cock! I was almost ready to let him give it to me in my ass.  You know that I’m not an anal girl but I was almost convinced! Even after the scene was over we fooled around, he came over and licked my pussy again till I came all over his face!

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box cover big titty milfs 8

Big Titty Milfs #8 My favorite scene ever!

DevilsFilms – Big Titty Milf’s #8


box cover big titty milfs 8

Movie Description: Oh Yeah! You gotta believe that older chicks with huge boobs love having sex! Seems like when a woman turns 30 a switch turns on and every guy from 20-35 is hot eye candy and they want to fuck them! Every one of them! Every guy they’ve ever met has wanted to caress, fondle and suck on those massive, soft, beautiful swaying mounds of ecstasy.

This is my All Time Favorite performances! I had wanted to fuck Lee for over two years, and finally got the chance. I told him what I liked, how I liked to be fucked and he went balls to the wall and gave it to me so good! Lee Stone fucks me so wild and crazy we knock pictures off the wall, I get almost devoured by the sofa. It’s hot and heavy fucking from the first moment he sticks that hard dick inside my swollen dripping wet pussy. I squirt on the camera and camera guys! I wanted him so bad from the moment I saw him two years ago! It’s HOT Wild and Crazy all out FUCKING, and man can I suck his big thick dick too, he tasted so good, I would gladly swallow all of his load anytime! Maybe you’ll be next! Contact me!

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