Orgasm Control – A Few Tips

I get asked on my Sexual Health Phone line about orgasm control. I will update more articles pertaining to this subject.

One mistake that a lot of guys make is that they think that they have no control over their orgasms. In fact the opposite is true, with a little practice all men can gain complete control over their orgasms, all it takes is a little bit of… practice!



Orgasm Control for Men

So what should a guy practice in order to have complete orgasm control? The simple thing is that you should practice whatever you need to get better at doing. Generally speaking most guys need help with one of two different problems:

Problem 1: Orgasming too Quickly

If you want to last longer or have more satisfying sex, then you will want to practice rhythm control. Rhythm control consists of noticing when and how your excitement increases. There will be distinct stages leading up to your orgasm. Once you recognize these stages you will notice that there is a period of excitement right before you orgasm, followed by a short stage where it is impossible not to orgasm. This moment when you ejaculate regardless of whether you want to or not is called the P.N.R. (P.N.R. stands for the Point of No Return and is an important concept in male orgasm control). Either by yourself or with a partner you should experiment getting as close to your P.N.R. as possible then relaxing many times in a sex session to practice orgasm control. I usually try and get as close to the point where I orgasm and then relax 9 or 10 times a session.

Problem 2: Taking too Long

If on the other hand you take too long to orgasm, then you will have to do things differently. Here the goal is to find what ‘triggers’ you have. A ‘trigger’ is any image that makes you want to orgasm. Usually these will be images of your most erotic fantasies. Don’t be afraid to explore what turns you on as it can assist you in having a better sex life and help you realize that your fetish is (Probably) not unusual. If you use pornography however it is best not to get too obsessed with adult videos as they have a tendency to be addictive. All you should be looking for are the 5 or so key images that make it easier to orgasm.
In addition, be careful not to masturbate too much as well, as that can cause insensitivity and lead to delaying of your orgasm. Instead take a long time during sex to really build up the sexual tension and foreplay. Also time spent learning foreplay and fore-foreplay will pay off.
Once you master your orgasm control, a world of options awaits you including better sex and male multiple orgasms.

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This is just the first step in the best sex you can imagine.

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