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sneaky mom shares cock with daughter

sneaky mom shares cock with daughter

REAL MOTHER & DAUGHTER Dynamic Duo Veronica and Vikki Vaughn take advantage of a guy inside their studio. Veronica is occupied in another room, Vikki decides to be sneaky and take matters into her own hands. Watching him undress she gets really turned on! Vikki starts getting him warmed up for her daughter by using her beautiful size “32E” breasts and soft hands. Vikki loves to oil up a cock and slide it all over her breasts. When Vikki steps out of the room, Veronica slides in and gazes on the unaware guy, his cock looks so tasty she can’t contain her drooling mouth. She starts going at it, sucking, licking, teasing his erect member. After teasing and sucking, Vikki strolls into the action, she cant keep her lips off! So turned on by his cock they decide to both please this lucky man and make him cum on Veronica’s huge tits!



You’ll Love This Clip If You Like:Taboo, MILF, GILF, Mother / Daughter, Handjob, BlowJob, Blondes, Oil HJ, Tit Fuck

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Veronica, YOU Need To GROW UP! 1080P HD

Veronica gets turned on when she grows bigger!

Veronica gets turned on when she grows bigger!


Your going OUT to the CLUBS! After our talk we had?? You promised NO MORE!! What is wrong with you? Why are you being such an immature bitch?! You know what? Why don’t you give me a call when You GROW UP!!

Watch me as I do exactly what my boyfriend tells me and Grow up right before your eyes. It starts off slow and I am completely unaware of what is happening to me at first. Then when I realize my limbs are growing I become so turned on and excited i rub my pussy in a frenzy of passion. I LOVE the feeling of my body growing! I succumb to the pleasure of seeing my foot grow right before my eyes and masturbate furiously.

My butt cheeks expand ripping and popping through my underwear until I am utterly exposed. My nylon pantyhose burst into shreds, my toes gouge out of the front of my high heels, the heel itself buckles under the enormous weight of my growing body. My hair grows in length as I pleasure myself to the sight of my hand growing larger and larger! My buttons pop as my heaving breasts grow larger and eventually pop through my bra, my shirt rips from my growing size.

The phone rings and I walk out to get it enjoying the view from my new found height! I love the feeling of power. “Come on over and see just how much I have grown!” I pleasure myself even more as I grow out of my house and burst onto the street seeing my awaiting boyfriend. Do you like what you see? Because it will be the last thing you will see as I block out the sky with my foot! You can do nothing for me now little man I am just too grown up for you.

You’ll Love This Clip If You Like: Growth Fetish, Growing Process, Butt Expansion, Uneven Growth of limbs, Giantess, Giantess Fatale, Multiple Growth Spurts, Clothes Destruction, Cinematic, Special Effects, Sound Effects, HeartBeat, High Heel Destruction, Nylon Destruction, Mini-GTS, GTS.

Veronica, YOU Need To GROW UP! 1080P HD     Buy it Here!


Veronica yellow background standing

Do you ever meet with fans socially, off-camera?

YES! You will find me 100% reliable, trustworthy and reputable. I am found all over the Internet in thousands of pages in the Google searches. I welcome you to do your homework. I meet fans when I travel to other cities such as Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas and More.

To buy time to meet me in person is $300 for a half hour or $500 for an hour. Normally porn stars run 1000/per hour but I choose to make it affordable for all fans to meet me no matter the class and I understand that many of you are hard working men.

All you need to do is give me a call at 480-343-3356 between the hours of 11am & 4pm. Let me know what date and time you would like to set up an appointment. I would love to talk to you and get to know you. My screening/booking process is very simple. Your full name, email address, city and state. Provider references if you have them. I must be able to verify the information you provide or no appointment.

The only time fans can meet me in a public, social-only basis just to chit-chat is during the occasions when I attend one of the various adult industry expos or conferences, all of which are public events…meaning that many other fans will be there as well, sharing my time, and it would only be for a few minutes of chit-chat. Any such events I plan to attend are always posted in detail on the front page of my site.


Compensation is for “in person” appearance, private modeling, and companionship. I cannot and will not discuss or agree to any type of sexual solicitation. No compensation or exchange of any kind will be quoted, negotiated, assessed, or collected in exchange for any sexual conduct. Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two consenting adults of legal age. Booking time with me constitutes that you are in acceptance of these terms and hereby not a part of any law enforcement agency, using this or any of my other advertisements for entrapment or arrest.

November 14th, 2013 Photo Shoot

A few photos from my recent photo shoot November 14, 2013

Veronica on couch with her legs spread wide

“That Veronica Vaughn Is One Hot Piece of Aisse.” About Me

Veronica on couch with her legs spread wide

Me Described In a Few Words

Secure, classy, intelligent, funny, demanding, princess. complicated, passionate, humble, and highly motivated.

How the Journey to Porn Stardom BeganVeronica Vaughn showing off her nice tits

It all started with a trip to Vegas to attend the Adult Entertainment Expo. I was all excited, finally I didn’t miss it! I met a lot of Porn Stars there, both guys and girls. They all seemed to be having tons of fun, I met Kurt Lockwood, he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and said “You should be up here with me” WOW! I was hooked at that moment. I started thinking about it, I could get lots of cock, good looking cock at that! I went back home and pondered the idea. Meanwhile, I made a myspace page, and posted pictures from the AEE, Roxy Reynolds commented on the pic of her and I. I wrote back to her, and it went on from there. Four months later I did my first ever shoot with Naughty America. I was nervous, but hey you only live once, and I would either love it or hate it. As you can tell, I loved it! Here I am a few years later!

About Me Sexually

I ooze sex, I love  everything about it, and I simply can’t get enough of it. I have many  different sides to me. You could say that I have many slices in my pie, not just 3 or 4.  I am always on the hunt for men and women. I use my natural primal talents to seduce my prey, then I take them back to my bedroom, car, elevator, secluded corner, where ever I tend to be and have wild kinky sex with them. Then I toss them out for my next sexual feast. Sorry guys don’t get your feelings hurt when I don’t call, unless your so good at sex that I want seconds. I can’t help it I crave variety and you have to be able to last!

I get off going to sex shop glory hole’s, fun select sexy swinger clubs, and getting crazy with friends at strip clubs. Can you say Bachelor party! Make it rain baby! When I jack off some cocks and get their cum all over my huge tits, I know my day is going to be Fantastic! I love to suck cock, eat cum, and ultimately suck them dry. Pussy is another delicacy that I have an affection for. There is nothing tastier then a nice clean sweet pussy, looking up at me, ready for my talented lips and tongue to give irresistible pleasure,  I’ll finger it, fuck it, lick and suck it till their juice drips down my chin.

My Fav’s

  • Anything where I have to be on my knee’s
  • My legs spread for a fan to use my pussy for their pleasure
  • Letting my boy toy finger my G-spot till my bed and the floor is soaking wet
  • Being watched!
  • Fucking Strangers
  • Being an insatiable sex doll that I am. I live for pleasure and fun.

My Dont’s

  • Sorry Boys I don’t do Anal (except for the very rare drunken moment)
  • Forced violent sex (rough sex is ok though)
  • Being humiliated.
  • Being spanked really hard

5 Facts You Might Be Surprised to Know

  1. I was a professional clown for 5 years
  2. I can squirt, quite a bit! I’m sure I could fill a 32oz cup
  3. I speak, read and write fluent Spanish
  4. I’m a professional Licensed Massage Therapist in two states.
  5. I street race Import Cars



This is Veronica Vaughn.

Porn Star Veronica Vaughn



Mom Turns Son Into A Tasty Roast Chicken!


****Special Effects Transformation Custom Request****

How dare you peep on me son! Secretly taking pictures of me and my ass while I am looking at myself in the mirror. You thought you were safe, by keeping them hidden on your computer, I would never find them. Well, I did you sick twisted pervert! Oh your ashamed are you? Well You should be!!You will do anything just for me to forgive you? O.k. then be careful what you wish for son!! I have a special secret that I have hid from you your whole life. You didn’t know that I was a witch did you? You are grounded for a month….I am going to transform you into a chicken so that I can be sure you will not leave the house and break my rules like you have before. This time it will be different MUAHH HAA HAAA!!

Wow all this feeding is making you so plump and fat. Every day that goes by you get more plump son. I can not help but think of roasted chicken so delicious, so juicy, so tender melting in my mouth. You are my son but the thought of plucking you and gutting you is turning me on in a weird wicked way. I am not sure that I can fight these urges. You are so fat and delicious and would look wonderful in my roasting pan. After all you are a
disgusting little pervert and justice will be mine.

You sneaky little pervert! Sit still while I pluck all of these feathers out of you. I will pluck you,gut you, then put my roast boy into a roasting pan for my dinner. Taking pictures of my ass, well you liked my ass so much now you get to pass right through these beautiful sweet cheeks!

I am going to give you one last look at my beautiful ass you admire so much. Here is a sexy strip tease just for you, you probably dream of every night. I put on the black suspender outfit you liked so much. Think of it as a last hoorah before going into the oven.You like that ass in your face don’t you chicken boy?

You look so tasty, so delicious, my mouth is watering while I get you into the roast pan, in only a few hours you will be ready to eat! I will need to get the fancy dinner plates ready for this special feast.Into the oven you go roast boy! Is it wrong for me to want to eat my son for dinner? I think not, ha ha ha, after all he is a chicken now and I am very hungry! Stay tuned for a sexy conclusion in part two.. Time to eat!

Mom Turns Son Into A Tasty Roast Chicken! (MP4 1080p HD)

You’ll Love This Clip If You Like:Transformation Fantasies, Mother/Son, Cruel Devious Mother, Magic Special Powers, Big Tits, SFX, Legs and Butt, POV scenes as a chicken, Lip Licking, FemDom, Sexy Lingerie, High Heels, Garter & Stockings, MILF.

I found a Rare Exotic Tiny Treasure with Tits & a Cock!


I am so excited to have found you, a rare treasure, a rare jewel. I didn’t know you existed, until yesterday, when I found you hiding in the back of that store on a shelf, trying to blend in with those other dolls. Honey, there is no way you can blend in, with that massive erection you have! (smiles) Barbie & Ken can only dream of being as special as you are.

You are going to be my favorite tiny girl, bigger then all the rest, you are so beautiful and exotic. Isabella, I will never hurt you hopefully, my tongue might get a little wild when I lick your enormous cock, or suck you a little rough, but baby it’s not intentional. Could I ever eat you? Maybe if you had a pussy! lol, Never fear my little beautiful one, you are just too special. You have both of my favorite body parts in one tiny (big) package. Your cock tastes so good on my tongue. I could nibble, lick and suck you for hours.

Your bigger than all the tiny guys I love to destroy. That’s why I love to lick you over and over. You are the total package! Who could ask for more? You have the sweetest taste of a girl with the aromatic musk of a man. You and I will play today, my special friend, but you will not be allowed to cum. Maybe I will let you cum in my mouth tomorrow, I would love to swallow your cum, I wonder what it tastes like? For now, it is all about licking and teasing your sexy tiny body. My real life barbie doll with an extra special package all for me! I will keep you forever and ever! One day I might even shrink down so I could ride that nice cock while sucking on your big beautiful perky tits! I can’t get enough Isabella. I love saying your name, running my fingers through your hair. MMmmmmm so sweet smelling….. so soft and beautiful!

I found a Rare Exotic Tiny Treasure with Tits & a Cock! (MP4 1080p HD)

You’ll Love This Clip If You Like:Giantess, Futanari, Dolls, Small TS Girls, Girl licking TS, MILF, Blonde Tall Giantess, Mouth Fetish, Tongue Fetish, Licking Fetish.

Bath Time In My Mouth Tiny Guy’s! Play between My Red Toes!


Giantess MILF Veronica Vaughn has an insatiable sweet tooth and her tiny guys are in need of a bath. So she decides to kill two birds with one stone. Giantess Veronica gets sugar and her Tiny micro pets get cleaned up. One of them has the silly idea of bringing a knife to fight a huge giant? This only angers the Giantess when he tries to cut her! His fate will be decided shortly. As for the rest of the tiny guys? They get to air dry between her sexy red painted toes.

Bath Time In My Mouth Tiny Guys



Contact me now with ideas and requests and you might see them come to life…You can also contact me about sexy personalized live fetish Skype Shows as well.

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Slowly Stalked Then Devoured By A Hungry Sexy Female Cat!



You begin to Quiver as you notice an enormous hungry looking Cat making it’s way towards you. You little plump and round RAT, so powerless, so helpless, and Looking so TASTY! I promise I just want a little taste of you and nothing more. Silly Rat, trying to make a deal with Me. Ok, I’ll play your game, One Lick, One Taste, If I do not like you then I will set you free and you can go on your way. LICK! Mmmmmm so tasty, delicious! I must have you, all of you in my mouth. Watch closely as pieces of you oooze out of my mouth while I devour you whole. DELICIOUS!

Slowly Stalked Then Devoured By A Hungry Sexy Female Cat! ( 1080p HD )


Contact me now with ideas and requests and you might see them come to life…You can also contact me about sexy personalized live fetish Skype Shows as well.

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Relax and Let M0mmy Suck on Your Cute Little Dick!

small penis bj by mom

Your dick is too small you say? Mommy doesn’t think so! Here I will prove it to you. Just unzip your pants and let me see. Look at how cute that little one is. Here let me try and suck on it! Yummy! Small is a good thing I could suck on this small cock for hours without my jaw getting sore unlike those big ones. Your cute tiny balls rest so gently on my tongue they are so perfect! I bet your cum load is tiny too! lol So much easier to swallow. Lets try it and find out Now go ahead and cum in mommies mouth!!


Relax and Let M0mmy Suck on Your Cute Little Dick! ( 1080p HD )


Contact me now with ideas and requests and you might see them come to life…You can also contact me about sexy personalized live fetish Skype Shows as well.

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