“That Veronica Vaughn Is One Hot Piece of Aisse.” About Me

Veronica on couch with her legs spread wide

Me Described In a Few Words

Secure, classy, intelligent, funny, demanding, princess. complicated, passionate, humble, and highly motivated.

How the Journey to Porn Stardom BeganVeronica Vaughn showing off her nice tits

It all started with a trip to Vegas to attend the Adult Entertainment Expo. I was all excited, finally I didn’t miss it! I met a lot of Porn Stars there, both guys and girls. They all seemed to be having tons of fun, I met Kurt Lockwood, he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and said “You should be up here with me” WOW! I was hooked at that moment. I started thinking about it, I could get lots of cock, good looking cock at that! I went back home and pondered the idea. Meanwhile, I made a myspace page, and posted pictures from the AEE, Roxy Reynolds commented on the pic of her and I. I wrote back to her, and it went on from there. Four months later I did my first ever shoot with Naughty America. I was nervous, but hey you only live once, and I would either love it or hate it. As you can tell, I loved it! Here I am a few years later!

About Me Sexually

I ooze sex, I love  everything about it, and I simply can’t get enough of it. I have many  different sides to me. You could say that I have many slices in my pie, not just 3 or 4.  I am always on the hunt for men and women. I use my natural primal talents to seduce my prey, then I take them back to my bedroom, car, elevator, secluded corner, where ever I tend to be and have wild kinky sex with them. Then I toss them out for my next sexual feast. Sorry guys don’t get your feelings hurt when I don’t call, unless your so good at sex that I want seconds. I can’t help it I crave variety and you have to be able to last!

I get off going to sex shop glory hole’s, fun select sexy swinger clubs, and getting crazy with friends at strip clubs. Can you say Bachelor party! Make it rain baby! When I jack off some cocks and get their cum all over my huge tits, I know my day is going to be Fantastic! I love to suck cock, eat cum, and ultimately suck them dry. Pussy is another delicacy that I have an affection for. There is nothing tastier then a nice clean sweet pussy, looking up at me, ready for my talented lips and tongue to give irresistible pleasure,  I’ll finger it, fuck it, lick and suck it till their juice drips down my chin.

My Fav’s

  • Anything where I have to be on my knee’s
  • My legs spread for a fan to use my pussy for their pleasure
  • Letting my boy toy finger my G-spot till my bed and the floor is soaking wet
  • Being watched!
  • Fucking Strangers
  • Being an insatiable sex doll that I am. I live for pleasure and fun.

My Dont’s

  • Sorry Boys I don’t do Anal (except for the very rare drunken moment)
  • Forced violent sex (rough sex is ok though)
  • Being humiliated.
  • Being spanked really hard

5 Facts You Might Be Surprised to Know

  1. I was a professional clown for 5 years
  2. I can squirt, quite a bit! I’m sure I could fill a 32oz cup
  3. I speak, read and write fluent Spanish
  4. I’m a professional Licensed Massage Therapist in two states.
  5. I street race Import Cars



This is Veronica Vaughn.

Porn Star Veronica Vaughn


BOOKING:    Veronica@VeronicaVaughnXxx.com