Veronica, YOU Need To GROW UP! 1080P HD

Veronica gets turned on when she grows bigger!

Veronica gets turned on when she grows bigger!


Your going OUT to the CLUBS! After our talk we had?? You promised NO MORE!! What is wrong with you? Why are you being such an immature bitch?! You know what? Why don’t you give me a call when You GROW UP!!

Watch me as I do exactly what my boyfriend tells me and Grow up right before your eyes. It starts off slow and I am completely unaware of what is happening to me at first. Then when I realize my limbs are growing I become so turned on and excited i rub my pussy in a frenzy of passion. I LOVE the feeling of my body growing! I succumb to the pleasure of seeing my foot grow right before my eyes and masturbate furiously.

My butt cheeks expand ripping and popping through my underwear until I am utterly exposed. My nylon pantyhose burst into shreds, my toes gouge out of the front of my high heels, the heel itself buckles under the enormous weight of my growing body. My hair grows in length as I pleasure myself to the sight of my hand growing larger and larger! My buttons pop as my heaving breasts grow larger and eventually pop through my bra, my shirt rips from my growing size.

The phone rings and I walk out to get it enjoying the view from my new found height! I love the feeling of power. “Come on over and see just how much I have grown!” I pleasure myself even more as I grow out of my house and burst onto the street seeing my awaiting boyfriend. Do you like what you see? Because it will be the last thing you will see as I block out the sky with my foot! You can do nothing for me now little man I am just too grown up for you.

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