Donate Your Semen to Nurse’s Vikki & Veronica

Donate your semen to Nurse Vikki & Veronica

Donate your semen to Nurse Vikki & Veronica

Welcome to the Sperm Donation Clinic! We want to welcome you and make you feel comfortable while donating your seed. First we will take your penis measurements & weight, testicle exam, then begin the manual stimulation. When your testicles are fully activated in stage 3, we will capture the semen with a large syringe as to not lose a drop. Don’t worry it will be a very pleasurable experience! You will LOVE it!

Nurse Veronica really enjoys helping with the semen extraction, Busty Nurse Vikki is very sweet and helpful, we will help you stimulate the penis manually, Vikki smiles while collecting the sample for analyzation. You will need to return in 3 days for your prostate exam.

Nurse’s Vikki & Veronica Extract Your Seed

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