Prostate Exam Patient Get’s A Surprise

Nurses Vikki and Veronica Prostate Exam

Nervous for your first prostate exam? Not to worry, this will be Nurse Vikki’s first prostate exam as well. If you don’t mind her staying in here for training. I will demonstrate the procedure first then let her try, Just try to relax.

I will use one finger at first, you can go ahead and stay in the siting position, we will raise your legs up and go in that way. Using lots of lube for easy penetration. Oh My! You seem so relaxed, I can get two, no three fingers in so easily! WOW Nurse Vikki, hand me my uh “special” tool. You like that don’t you! WOW! Your penis is so hard and full! Looks like you can donate a semen sample too!

How did you like your exam? Wonderful! We will need you to return in 4 days to give another semen sample, please stop by the desk to schedule.

Prostate Exam Surprise By Nurse Vikki & Veronica

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