Growing Into A GIANT MOMMY! HD

Looking Up at Mini Giantess Veronica Vaughn

Look up at me Step Son aren’t I HUGE!

BUY THIS CLIP IF YOU ENJOY: Taboo, Mini Giantess, VFX and POV, Process Growing out of Bikini, Small Man Arm Insertion, Sound Effects: Wet Insertion, Heartbeat, Deep Growth Rumble, Boom Sounds (at end)


Veronica is married to a competitive bodybuilder that keeps nagging her to get into better shape. It seems no matter what she does it’s never enough for him. So she finds an experimental drug on the internet that is supposed to enhance muscle growth to take during your workouts. It’s discontinued the day after she received it, but having spent $500 on 5 gallons of it! Veronica decides she better start taking it anyway, hoping she can get her money’s worth. It helps with your muscle building, but the side effect, is that it is making her grow taller. A LOT taller. Veronica has grown over a foot taller in the first week! She didn’t like it at first, but is starting to find new, increasing height intoxicating. It is such a feeling of power, and so much attention…everyone looking up to her, so she keeps taking the drug, and keep growing bigger and taller by the day.

Much Bigger Mommy MP4 HD 1080

Veronica’s adult Step-Son comes for a visit one day. He’s very sweet and loving, Veronica has always had a good relationship with him. He has a giantess fetish that she’s always known about. He’s depressed because his girlfriend just broke up with him, and is in absolute shock when he sees Veronica towering several FEET taller than him! Instant erection!

Mini Giantess Mom Veronica Vaughn Grows Huge!

Giantess Veronica has Her way with StepSon