You Fap I Grow! HD


Growth Process, Jerk Off Instruction, Mini Giantess, Foot Expansion, Breast Expansion, Shrinking Back to Normal, Clothes Destruction, Visual Effects, Numerous Sound Effects: Elevated Heart Beat, Rumbling, Growth Sounds.

Growth Through Masturbation


You Fap I Grow! MP4 1080HD

I have a special gift for you. Put this necklace on. It has special powers. It allows you to make anyone you
want to grow huge. All you have to do is well you know fap…. Masturbate silly. Go ahead stroke that cock for me.

I can feel it making my body tingle. Yes it feels wonderful. Keep going stroke that cock. My body is on fire!
It’s working. My clothes are getting so tight. I am going to burst out of my shirt!

Veronica grows while encouraging you to keep stroking. Then She realizes she is almost 20 feet tall. It makes
her nervous. “You should stop now or hurry and cum I’m getting to big.” Just as she nears the ceiling you cum. The
growing slows and she begins to shrink down back to her normal size. Next time we should do this outside and see
just how big I can really get 🙂