Aster Housing Tenancy Agreement

Across the UK, thousands of residential homes and councils are occupied by someone who fraudulently obtained the lease. If a tenant does not have the intellectual capacity to terminate a tenancy agreement and there is not yet a permanent mandate or substitute appointed by the court, the authority of the Court must normally be acquired. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 provides for decision-making by health and social service professionals in the best interest, but legal contracts such as leases are not. My friend Hon is right and he brings considerable experience as a lawyer to this debate. By the way, I am grateful to a colleague from Dorset – my neighbour – for intervening. It is interesting to note that some colleagues, when they saw “Aster Group Housing” on the order document, rubbed me and said, “Yes, we have problems with that. This is the worst performing housing in my riding. I spoke to Aster`s representatives yesterday afternoon when they wanted to see me again in Westminster. We met him with an incredulous shrug and in fact: “We don`t care. We have never heard that. They almost said, “We think you`re screwing up, Mr. Hoare,” so it`s interesting to hear what my Hon. Ami says. He is right about the duty of care, and if he forgives me, I will answer it right away.

This is called the awarding of leases. A rental agreement can be transferred to another family member if we grant it to you. Rents can also be awarded by court order. If you would like more information on the transfer of your rent, please contact your local neighbourhood team. If you are the next of kin or have the deceased`s power of attorney, we may accept the announcement of the termination of the lease by telephone, but we also need a copy of the death certificate for our records and a completed notice to terminate the form. The notice begins the following Monday and ends four weeks later on Sunday. Click here to download a “Notice of End” form. “an ethical housing organization and an owner who benefits society.” There is not enough social housing for people who really need it. We must therefore make the most of what is available by ensuring that real estate is occupied by those who have the legal right to live there. I thank my Hon. Friend for this debate and I hope that Aster Housing observes it.

If so, he will have heard his passionate request on behalf of his constituents.