What Is A Solus Agreement

an agreement in which a retailer buys all its stock from a single supplier pacta illegala – illegal contracts in contract law. If an agreement is illegal in its purpose or in its execution, the courts will not enforce the agreement. The recognized categories are: (1) contracts for the commission of offences, offences or offences; (2) Promotion contracts … Law Dictionary Illegal Agreement – An illegal arrangement, in the common law of the treaty, is an agreement that the courts do not seek to enforce, because the purpose of the agreement is to obtain an illegal purpose. However, the unlawful purpose must result from the performance of the contract itself. A… Wikipedia “The defendants convinced the buyers to enter into a Solus agreement with ESSO.” This is the first revision launched by L-G in three years after a solus agreement. In this case, the defendant argued that the applicants were in breach of a Solus agreement. In March, they signed a three-year Solus contract with Fantele Poland.

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