Boundary Agreement

You must read the full agreement before placing a cache. Click here to view the agreement and policies, including all maps of the area. 10. Agreements that settle border disputes often do not lead to a definitive solution, either because the agreement is unclear or because it does not cover all issues satisfactorily. If in doubt about this, the parties should seek professional assistance. This is a former scheduled monument and the Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) has refused permission for geocaches at this location. The map area is taken from data provided by the DNPA. This specific section is therefore not subject to the current DNPA geocaching agreement (see this topic on this page). You can view the full agreement on the Bournemouth Borough Council website – click here, where it contains a contact email address for the park department to request permission. Caches inside Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and nature reserves are handled on a case-by-case basis by the landowner. Caches on ancient monuments (SAM) are not allowed anywhere within the park boundary, regardless of the owner of the land.

The map of the Lle Geo-Portal shows you these areas. Caches are permitted in the forests of Natural Resources Wales (formerly Forestry Commission) without express permission. For more details, please see the NRW agreement. Royal Parks have requested that physical caches or cache steps not be placed in their parks. This also applies to cross-border fences, gates or hedges. This is done for both safety and environmental reasons. Virtual crossing points for multi-caches would be allowed. Geocaching events are also permitted subject to guidelines for activities that Royal Parks may apply.

After consultation with the Trees and Woodlands Officer, geocaching is permitted at the following sites: Hearsall Wood, Plants Hill Wood, Pig Wood, Park Wood, Stivichall Woods, Ten Shilling Wood, Wainbody Wood North. These sites can be accessed between June 1 and January 31. This is done by taking into account birds that do not have Nice. Geocaching is not permitted at any time at the following sites: Binley Little Wood, Coundon Community Wood, Kenilworth Road Spinney, Tile Hill Wood, Wainbody Wood South, Limbrick Wood, Willenhall Wood….