Uw Madison Admissions Agreement

The faculty and staff at UW Oshkosh work closely with partner institutions to offer alternative pathways to many of our bachelor`s programs. Below you will find all the current articulation agreements, classified by partner institution. We strongly advise you to meet with your advisor at your current university or university about your interest or intention to participate in one of our transfer contracts. Eligible students can use the agreements we have with a number of partner institutions. These programs make transfer to UW-Madison a convenient option for many applicants. They also provide a clear guide on the courses to be taken and the duration of their studies at their first institution. Visit transfer-Wisconsin for more information on campus accreditation information and general information about each UW institution. This page contains links to the various agreements. For more information on these agreements, please contact your academic advisors or contact our accreditation office. • Admission to UW-Madison does not guarantee admission to any particular subject or academic program. Transfer Contract students will have access to majors and individual programs through the same channel as all other UW Madison students. Admission to some programmes is by declaration and admission to other programmes by a competitive application procedure. For some programs, students may be advised to seek an early transfer.

Students admitted with minimum qualifications under this agreement may find that there are certain programs and majors for which they are not competitive for admission. These transfer contracts are of an advisory nature. Students should always consult their current advisor and a transfer admission advisor in order to get the most accurate information. • For more information about the transfer contract, see admissions.wisc.edu/apply/transfer/agreements.php. UW-Madison and Milwaukee Area Technical College reserve the right to change the terms of the transfer agreement if necessary. All students are subject to the terms of the transfer contract which are indicated at the time of submission of the Memorandum of Understanding for Participation….