Porn Star Veronica Vaughn

The mature, intelligent and classy woman from your wildest fantasies….

Aunt Vikki & Veronica Help Nephew with Cute Small Penis

Veronica brings her nephew to see their Aunt Vikki, a certified Cockologist. Not to worry, Aunt Vikki is here to help! She assures her nephew, a small penis is common, and can be very USEFUL. Aunt Vikky demonstrates how she likes to use a small penis and wants him to follow along. Things get out […]

Prostate Exam Patient Get’s A Surprise

Nervous for your first prostate exam? Not to worry, this will be Nurse Vikki’s first prostate exam as well. If you don’t mind her staying in here for training. I will demonstrate the procedure first then let her try, Just try to relax. I will use one finger at first, you can go ahead and […]

Donate Your Semen to Nurse’s Vikki & Veronica

Welcome to the Sperm Donation Clinic! We want to welcome you and make you feel comfortable while donating your seed. First we will take your penis measurements & weight, testicle exam, then begin the manual stimulation. When your testicles are fully activated in stage 3, we will capture the semen with a large syringe as […]

Mother / Daughter Domination 13 NEW Videos!

You read it right! Mother – Vikki Vaughn & Daughter – Veronica Vaughn have a video store together for you to enjoy all of our shenanigans! This mother / daughter duo are intelligent and classy supreme dominating women from your wildest fantasies… Bringing you into various scenarios of mischief. Vikki Vaughn and daughter Veronica Vaughn […]

Sensually Caress & Kiss My Neck Make My Body Tingle

My neck is tender and supple. You can not resist the temptation to love and caress it. Each stroke you give brings out my inner sexual desires. Making my pussy quiver with each and every kiss from your lips. Turn me on with your lips pressing softly where my neck and shoulder meet. Do it right and […]

My Foot Worship Ritual Will Turn You Into My Zombie

  Watch and admire my beautiful shiny patent black shoes with brown wooden 4″ heels. My perfect size 8 1/2 feet look gorgeously amazing, you will be in a trance mesmerized by the movement. Then when you least expect it. I will walk up to you and squish you. The bottom of my shoe is […]


YOU have fallen into my trap little dummies! Now that I have you I shall devour you all ALIVE! I am going to place you in between two pieces of bread and slowly eat each bite. Mmmmmm how plump and juicy you all are inside of my mouth. I love the way you all smoosh […]


Two Blonde Voluptuous Vixens Vikki and Veronica are at it again. Hungry to have any cock between their hands, They can’t resist taking advantage of a very shy participant. He was told to come in for a job interview. Vikki and Veronica had already decided to take advantage of this guy, his cock isn’t safe […]

Son Worship My Feet Now Your Trapped in My Slippers!

What the hell are you doing? How many times have I told you Son to stay out of my slippers? Now you must be punished! Rub my stinky feet! Yes I have worked out so hard and they stink. I don’t care how bad they smell rub them! Yes thats nice. Now since you love […]

So Plump So JUICY! I WILL Have YOU For Dinner!

INSIDE THE PHYSICAL THERAPISTS OFFICE! Welcome how can I help you today? O.K. Your legs are bothering you. Don’t you worry I will make you feel great. Lets take these pants off of you though so I can work on you better. Mmmm your legs are so plump and Juicy!! Whats that? What am I […]

Sexy Mrs. Claus BLOWS Pink Balloon POP Slow Motion FULL HD 1080p

Mrs. Claus hates to blow balloons till they pop and you can tell. She is very anxious and squirming throughout the entire clip. When it finally does pop she breaks down in laughter and panic at the same time. This clip shows the pop four times: First normal speed, second slower, third super slow motion, […]

Adult Entertainment Expo Jan 15-18, 2014

You will be able to talk with me, take photos and get some swag! AVN Booth times and dates TBD Clips4Sale Booth Daily 11am – 1pm Don’t miss your chance to talk with me!! xx Veronica Vaughn


REAL MOTHER & DAUGHTER Dynamic Duo Veronica and Vikki Vaughn take advantage of a guy inside their studio. Veronica is occupied in another room, Vikki decides to be sneaky and take matters into her own hands. Watching him undress she gets really turned on! Vikki starts getting him warmed up for her daughter by using […]

Veronica, YOU Need To GROW UP! 1080P HD

  Your going OUT to the CLUBS! After our talk we had?? You promised NO MORE!! What is wrong with you? Why are you being such an immature bitch?! You know what? Why don’t you give me a call when You GROW UP!! Watch me as I do exactly what my boyfriend tells me and […]


Do you ever meet with fans socially, off-camera? YES! You will find me 100% reliable, trustworthy and reputable. I am found all over the Internet in thousands of pages in the Google searches. I welcome you to do your homework. I meet fans when I travel to other cities such as Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas […]



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