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hot milfs showing how they can cum out their hot pussy

Milf’s guide to squirting – AVN Nominated Best Squirt Video

JM Productions – Milf’s Guide To Squirting


** AVN Nominted for Best Squirt Video **


hot milfs showing how they can cum out their hot pussy

Movie Description: These MILFs find out that their pussies aren’t getting older, they’re getting better! Watch me spread my legs open wide and spray my juices all over! I also get a lesson in “Tea Baggin”, Rated 4 **** stars on GAMELINK.

Also Stars the insatiable Nina Hartley, Brenda James and Phylisha Anne.

My sons best friend shows me some new tricks, I think he is cute and innocent until I learn how my neighbor is giving all the guys including my son a nudie show. My husbands out, so why not have a little fun and get back in the groove. I’ve seen him watching me when I bend over in my shorts, or when I bend down, he leans up to see down my shirt at my boobs. He makes a move and I give, who could resist that cute face eating chips in my kitchen? I dont know if he’s prepared for a dousing when I squirt all over his face but he can sure eat pussy like a pro!  I think I need to sanitize the kitchen again, this could be a regular thing.

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Channel 5 News Access Vegas 25yr “Show Us Your Ass-ets” Crazy Girls



“Show Us Your Ass-ets” Crazy Girls:

Watch us on Las Vegas Channel 5 News October 2, 2012

Appearing at the Riviera, Longest Butt Lineup, Today,

my mom Vikki Vaughn and I with Starlett Summer Sanders

showed up at the Riviera to make Crazy Girls History!


Watch the video, appearing on Channel 5  Access News!

Read the press on Las Vegas Review-Journal below





Posted: Oct. 2, 2012 | 5:29 p.m.
Updated: Oct. 2, 2012 | 6:03 p.m.

A dozen showgirls, an exotic dancer and a threesome of porn stars walk into a place of business wearing no pants.

What happens next?

This is Vegas, baby. There is no next.

“I like to show off what I have, so this is a nice opportunity to show off a little booty,” says Amber Starke, 22, who’s wearing 4-inch heels, a sparkly black thong and a tank top. She says she goes by the stage name Misty when she’s dancing.

Today she’s not dancing. She is, as she may have mentioned, showing off her butt. She’s one of several dozen women showing off their butts. It’s for a good cause.

“I want to support women in the fight against breast cancer,” she says.

About 60 other women joined Starke, though some of them did, in fact, wear pants. They were gathered Tuesday at the behest of the Riviera casino’s marketing department and KOMP-FM 92.3 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Crazy Girls, the topless show that’s become iconic because of a certain butt shot that’s been plastered across billboards since the 1980s.

“I saw them as a teenager in Pennsylvania,” says local stay-at-home mom Pamela Beauchamp, 41. Those billboards are everywhere.

Beauchamp says she’s a thyroid cancer survivor. She knows she isn’t svelte like the stripper or the Crazy Girls themselves, but she doesn’t care.

She’s a former schoolteacher who moved here 12 years ago. Today she’s wearing booty shorts and the Crazy Girls tank top all the participants got for free. She says she’s doing this for fun. Why not go for it?

“You’re just never too old to have fun,” she says.

The nominal goal of Tuesday’s event was to create the “world’s longest butt lineup,” though everyone admitted there’s really no such thing. Guinness doesn’t have a record like that, and marketing Vice President Tony Bender says there are way too many hoops to jump through anyway.

So, no hoops today. Just butts.

Speaking of which, right over there are three porn stars. They say they came to town just for this event, though they got lucky and snagged a paying gig the night before, hosting Porn Star Karaoke.

Today, they have somehow removed their shirts and replaced them with the incredibly tight Crazy Girls tank tops, right here in the middle of the casino, without showing anything naughty. They’ll remove their pants in a moment to reveal thongs and skin.

“We’ve had about two hours of sleep,” says the one in the middle, Summer Sanders. She’s with mom-and-daughter team (ew) Vikki and Veronica Vaughn.

They couldn’t resist the event, they said. Crazy Girls is huge. Plus, what porn star could possibly turn down the opportunity to walk around in public without pants?

“We like showing our bums,” says the younger Vaughn. “Obviously.”


The Crazy Girls themselves show up in a few minutes. They’re all dressed identically, the tight black tank tops, shocking pink boots and skirts, glittery necklaces and deeply tanned skin.

They pose for the cameras. The skirts are so short they reveal themselves as little more than frilly belts, as butts jockey for position.

This is when DJ Lady Go Go shows up.

“Pink, baby,” she says, though she doesn’t need to. She’s wearing a tiny thong and an afro that must be two feet tall. It’s such a bright pink you could spot it from the space station with a pair of binoculars.

She says she entertains down on Fremont Street. She’s 21 years old. Her real name is Alexandria Halbaur. She’s all about the party. So, why this? Is it just another opportunity to show off her butt, like everyone else? Because she’s doing plenty of that.

Not entirely, she says. Crazy Girls is a big part of Las Vegas history. It’s one of the few naughty shows left. It deserves the attention. It’s one of the things that made Las Vegas what it is today.

If it takes showing off her butt in public to honor that history, she says, so be it.

Contact reporter Richard Lake at or 702-383-0307.

Vikki & Veronica Vaughn Hosting XXX Karaoke

Vikki & Veronica Vaughn Hosting XXX Porn Star Karaoke Monday @10pm

Join us for a Wild Night of Fun and Naughty Mischief!

I expect full support from all my fans! Come meet us and have some fun! Singing, Dancing and getting wild! Bring your group!  Underware optional.

Veronica Vaughn   AVN Nominated Best Squirt Video

Vikki Vaughn         Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck me First

Starlett Summer Sanders  – Contract Girl for Liquid Blonde


Starting at 10pm  @Red Label Bar

332 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102

October 1, 10pm



Older Men 30 & up. How NOT to TURN OFF A WOMAN

Older Men – you 35 and UP. How NOT to TURN OFF A WOMAN.

I have some friendly honest DIRECT advice for you guys over 30. I’m not talking about every guy, so don’t get butt hurt immediately. Here’s the deal. In my years of dating, double dates, blind dates, j.f.f. (just for fun) dates I have run across so many guys who say the same thing. It doesn’t get you laid, it ends up making me aggravated, disgusted, less and less likely to date anyone over the age of 28. Yes my preference is a guy who is 19 – 28. I’ll share my reasons for that in a few. First lets address this issue.

I placed an ad on a very popular site. I wont say where, but there are lots of them out there. I had 35 responses in 15 minutes.  Jackpot!  Not exactly. I was looking for a casual hookup. I’m horny, my pussy needs attention. I read each and every one of them. No picture?  It immediately gets deleted. I don’t even want to read it. Some of the pictures looked good, others looked fake and several looked GREAT. I actually met two of them. Nothing happened. Why? Because they Blew It!


Guy # 1

Included two pictures: 1 looked awesome, very fit, abs, black and white pic with his shirt off, the face scribbled out. OK I can value privacy. The second picture was him no abs, a little skinnier the face scribbled out. The pics looked similar and I though hhmm what the hell, I’ll give it a shot. Well Douche #1 shows up, no he doesn’t know who I am. We talked a little and the clothes came off. Uh hello, he was about 20 years older than the picture, skinny kinda,  flabby yes. Looked 45, These pictures were definitely not him. I let it slip that I was a porn star, oh he freaked out, he didn’t want to do anything with me, cause I do porn, I might have something (std). He said he was married, OK so, what do I care?  I was laying down on the massage table, I had told him that I wanted a sensual erotic massage to start. He started rubbing oil on my tits, stomach, and moved down to my pussy. But the look on his face while he was doing that was like a deer in the headlights. He was moving his hand but there was no one there. So I asked him what was wrong. He said “Well I’m new to this but I don’t think I want to do it”. I said “OK, well then you don’t have to”, and I stood up. He then proceeded to lay down on the massage table with his junk in hand and said “Come over here and let me suck on your nipples while I jerk my dick. Hello Ass wipe! What the fuck are you talking about, OK I’m standing here, watching you look like a total moron and you want to finish, what do I get? The pleasure of watching you look like a total ass? “HOW SELFISH!” I couldn’t believe what was happening, is he for real? I said “FUCK NO, get your clothes on and GET OUT”! He was shocked, “What? get my clothes on?” I said “You’re not going to pleasure yourself & I get nothing. Are you fucking serious? Get the Fuck Out, Hurry Up”. While he was dressing I asked him “So you would rather meet random strange women, have sex with them and just because they “SAY” they are clean makes it OK. But when you find out that I’m a porn star then I’m not clean and you lose wood. Your pretty Stupid”. He put his clothes on and moped out. His final words “Guess I messed this one up”. I replied “Ya Think”? Anyway. Don’t use someone elses pictures. Use your own, be honest. They will either like you or not. If they don’t like them, there will be someone who will. Here’s the douche’s pictures. Hope he sees it, cause its not really him anyway.


People in PORN have STD Testing MONTHLY every 30 days.

Right now it’s mandatory that performers get tested every 30 days for everything, including HIV. I would prefer that it was every two weeks. I will not work with a performer without a valid test. I have to see the test with the expiration date AND call the agency to verify this person I’m about to have unprotected no condom sex with. If I have sex with someone out of the industry I always use condoms. No exceptions. Unless he has a test just like the ones we have in the industry. Then and only then will I have no condom sex.

Guy # 2

Included a picture, I wont show his face cause he might really exist, however I will show his dick cause ITS HUGE, which I don’t think its really his anyway, looks photo shopped. He got scared when I told him who I was and never emailed back, but wanted to get into porn, with a dick like that, he should. But its not him. Remember. Here’s his dick. You tell me what you think.

When I go out on dates I hate to be with guys that send me a picture of them from the day 15 or 20 years ago. Do you think I won’t notice?  I went on a double date with my mom. We told them we were sisters, which was fun! She liked my guy, I liked her guy so we switched lol. So, my guy was a Calvin Kline model back in the day, 20 years ago, and was still hooked on that fact. Someone has Issues! He carried around the freaking picture to pull out and show everyone! I don’t give a fuck if you were a model 10 or 15 years ago. How do you look now? What are you doing with your life now? Be confident of who you are now. Because you dont look like that now, you dont have the same body as then, move on. Unless you had surgery to stay exactly the same as the picture. Be proud of what you are now.


Example of what they say: I see this on TV shows too, no wonder your single and can’t get laid! These guys say: “I’m _(fill in the age)__ but I look Younger”. WTF!  DUDES If I think you look younger then we will say so! Without you telling us how old you look. Cause most of the time you look older than your age.  If your telling women that your 40 but you look younger, the only one your trying to convince is YOURSELF. Hint, you will never GET LAID telling a girl that. You cant bullshit women when it comes to age and DON’T ASK A WOMAN HOW OLD SHE IS.  Why does it matter? Obviously we aren’t 20 or 23 because we can carry a freaking conversation!


Guy #3

Showed up but could only stay 10 minutes, teased the shit out of me and left. He didn’t want to leave either, he kept coming back from the door. But he had to go. I’m assuming he was married or in a relationship and had to go pick up the gf. It’s too bad cause he could really eat pussy! YUM! I was wearing some cute white shorts and a pink low cut shirt, he slid over my shorts and went to town, while he was doing that, he slid in two fingers. I sat down on a chair so he could get a better angle. He had me so wet, my pussy was dripping, while he was lapping up the juices. He also had a very nice looking dick, good size about 6 inches, smooth shaven, YUMMY I would have put my mouth all over that, but he had to go, I didn’t want to I wanted him to come back. So I took this picture so he could see what I looked like looking up at him! I could have fucked him over and over for days!  Why do the one’s that can really eat pussy so good always tease and go? Well actually he’s the only one who left, the rest stayed!

I don’t care if your married, single, in a relationship or what ever. I just want my pussy licked and sucked and maybe if you have a nice cock, I’ll fuck your brains out. I don’t want a relationship with you, I won’t call or text you unless you say to, and even then, I don’t do it all the time.  I’m not needy. Guys get offended with me because after we have some fantastic, can barely breathe, pussy drunk, can hardly walk straight sex, I don’t call or text them all the time. Hey, I want your cock and tongue, OK and fingers too, but I don’t need the drama that comes along with it! I’m a busy porn star, when I have some extra time, you will be the first one I think of!

Just be yourself, if you need help let me know, I’m available to help with those issues you have with women. I also do SKYPE consultations. So email me and we can set up a time, date, deposit, and get started to help you. $2.99 minute.

Kisses, Veronica Vaughn

Dressing Room Rendezvous An Amazing Tongue

Dressing Room Rendezvous with An Amazing Tongue!

I was out shopping for some new lingerie today at a very popular store. Nothing unusual, I’m armed with my Starbucks Passion Tea, with extra PUMPS, of course! On my way to get some new silky underwear and bras.

After selecting the items that I wanted to try on, I proceeded to the dressing room. This beautiful girl was staring at me and had this huge grin on her face. I smiled back at her, making eye contact. She walked over to me and took me to the last dressing room in the back of the row. She said I would be comfortable over here where I could take my time trying on the items, if I needed anything, please let her know. “My name is Tiffany”, and she winked with a cute devious smile. She flirts with all the ladies I thought to myself, but that was very nice of her to let me know that I could take my time trying on stuff.

After a few minutes of trying on some bras, swimsuit’s and teddys, Tiffany the sales attendant knocked on my dressing room door and asked if I needed any help with anything. “Sure”, I replied I asked her if she could help me put on this one piece bikini that I was having trouble getting on. There were a lot of thin straps which were confusing and twisted, how the heck do you get into it?  Tiffany opened the door and came into the dressing room, she had light brown hair with blond highlights, light green eyes, and beautiful white teeth and sexy full lips. She was smiling so sweet and looking at me, up and down, which made me a little embarrassed. She was looking at my boobs like they were a glazed do-nut and she wanted to eat it!

Tiffany worked with the bikini straps, finally got them separated and told me to step in between her hands, she was standing up bending forward towards me with her eyes almost at pussy level. I stepped in, one foot, holding on to her shoulders for balance, then lifted my other leg up to put my foot in.  When I had my foot in the air about knee level, she bent over further towards me and stuck her nose in my pussy,  just real quick. I got off balance and almost fell over, I grabbed her shoulders tight with my hands to try to keep my balance, she pushed her face into my pussy and grabbed my ass with both hands. She buried her face into my pussy, going wild, moving her face all over the outside of my smooth shaven lips, her tongue was moving around my clit, licking it like a lollipop, gently, slowly, swirling it around in circles, and darting in between my pussy lips, she released my ass and spread open my lips with her hands, gently pulling them open she leaned back to get a good look and smiled with contentment.

She dove in, face first and started sucking all over gently, exploring every inch of me. Her warm mouth felt so good sliding around all over my pussy. I didn’t want her to stop, I raised my leg up and put my foot on the bench so she could get into my pussy all she wanted, she was pulling me into her face, I started to move my hips back and forth with her guidance. She was sucking on my clit, teasing me, she would stop for a few seconds and start again, I wanted to cum all over her. She had her tongue so far up my pussy, her head was almost underneath me, so she could look up at me, while I smiled down on her. She slid her finger into me, then two, then three, and started finger fucking me. I grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her into me, guiding her mouth over my clit, I was so close to cumming I was going to spray everywhere when I came. We could both hear the wet noises that my pussy was making, my juices were flowing down my legs, down her fingers and hand. “Oh God, I whispered, I’m going to cum”! She immediately started sucking harder and fingering my pussy harder, I came so hard, my pussy clinched down on her fingers, I held her face on my clit, she buried her nose, mouth and whole face into me. It seemed like I came for 5 minutes, Wave after wave of exploding orgasm. I was trying to be quiet so the others wouldn’t know what we were doing. It felt so nice having a female tongue ravaging me, taking what she wanted. She raised up and her whole face was drenched with my pussy juices. WOW that looked so fucking hot, I kissed her face all over. I looked down at the floor, the entire carpet was wet, one huge wet 3 x 3 circle.

Tiffany stood up and said, “I’m going to go freshen up, I’ll be back in a few minutes”. She had a beautiful big smile on her face, her light green eyes were twinkling. She fixed her hair and clothes and started to walk out the dressing room door. I reached for her,  “When do I get to please you”? I asked. “Don’t worry beautiful, I’ll give you my number so we can continue this later before you leave”. I sat down on the bench, my dripping wet pussy, still pulsating, (I could see it in the mirror) naked except for the straps of the bikini that lay on the floor at my feet. Wow what an experience.

I will be shopping at that store again very soon! Plus her and I will have some more encounters. She likes sex in public places, and so do I.



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Voluptuous Adult film Star Veteran Veronica Vaughn appears on SHOWTIME’s hit series ‘Gigolos’ on November 10, 2011.

Veronica and Sindi had their fantasies come true when Veronica hires Nick and Jimmy for a steamy double treat. “I wanted to surprise Sindi.”  The hunks dressed up as fantasy characters for by my request. “I have always wanted to have some wild sex with  Jack Sparrow, what hot blooded woman wouldn’t! Put that together with a steamy hot fireman waiting in the room to put our her fire!” Watch me on SHOWTIME GIGOLOS SEASON 2 EPISODE 4.


“It was wild being with Nick, he could really move those hips, it was amazing, WOW I am speechless, I loved every minute of it. I will definitely hire him again for some more extra curricular activities.
All I can say is WOW.” “Next time I will have to hire both of them together for me, a little DP sounds tempting, and maybe throw in a dominatrix twist. I would love to try Jimmy’s special tool. I could feel the heat from his hot body. I have definitely learned a few new moves from Nick!”


Veronica has worked for some of the finest companies in the adult industry. Shooting for the mega company Wicked, Hustler, Lethal Hardcore, Devils Films & Naughty America to name a few. Appearing in over 100 xxx movies, and several Men’s magazines Over 40, Fox Exxxtreme and a few others as Covergirl and Centerfold.

For more information and to reach Veronica direct, email


Random Encounter with US Army soldier

Yes, It happened again, my cougar tendensies got the best of me a couple of nights ago. I was on the prowl! This time I caught a US Army soldier! I think he said he was 24, which is Perfect! 😀

His name, Andy. Thats all I need to know, hell I dont even need to know the name, I can identify the cock in a lineup! What a fantastic time we had, he was shocked to find out the the personal ad that he answered was little ol me, just a porn star looking for some man meat!

I had my massage table set up, I was thinking of letting him give me a massage to explore and tease me, but by the time he got here, I was more than ready to get down to business! We introduced ourselves. I just wanted to rip that shirt off and his pants, but I was a lady lol.

I peeled them off, pants first, yes there was a nice suprise for me under those cute boxer briefs, a big cock that is! NICE! Jackpot!
We fucked for about an hour, I had worked out pretty hard that morning, and was lacking water so I had to take a break in between to get some water and turn on the fan, see you remember that dont you Andy lol. He worked my pussy great, drilling deep inside me, I ended up crumpled in the couch crease at one time, I think thats where I said, ok I’m ready for you to shoot that big load of warm juice all over my huge tits. I have the pic to prove it! Dont worry there will be more! Thats just the begining 😀

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Veronica Vaughn

Custom Clips Big Boob, Legs & Heels

Hi everyone! I have some cool ass private clips & pics that I made for you.

If your a Leg man, Butt man, Boob man or like the whole enchilada, I have created original videos just for your specific interest. If there is something you want to see, email me or post a comment!

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Miss Veronica Vaughn


Oh boy, I couldn’t control myself, I was in the shower with my sis Valerie Vaughn, (you can hear her talking)  washing off a dirty boy. We had soapy suds going everywhere, there were bubbles all over our huge tits, sliding all over each other, my pussy was sliding down his leg, my boobs rubbing all over his chest while Valerie was standing behind him rubbing her huge Double EE’s tits all over his back.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Veronica Vaughn Gets Huge Load of CUM in her MOUTH By Black COCK!

Yes I have showered with dirty boys before, but this time was different,  I don’t know what happened to me, but all of the sudden I went wild, I wanted to have this  guys dick & cum in my mouth, that’s all I could think about.

I told him I wanted his dick in my mouth, of course he was a willing participant, but there was one condition. Only if I could record it. He agreed that it was fine, he would let me film it. I jumped out of the shower with a quickness, ran over and grabbed my camera.

I was going to get some big black cock – In My Mouth! WOW. I handed him the camera, hit the record button, and we were off. He is new at this so he didn’t know about turning it sideways. I was stroking that cock with my hands, my lips, sucking all over it, wow I loved it, I couldn’t get enough of that nice black cock in my mouth. Shadows in the movie? Yes there are a couple, but I have to say, he did a great job for spontaneous work, trying to hold the camera still and try not to cum! Next time he will be a pro. I love the taste of his sweet cum in my mouth, can you tell, what a big load of cum? Look at my mouth full of cum!  Please feel free to post comments!

Licks and Cum,

Veronica Vaughn

Your gonna love it, watching me take a huge load of cum in my mouth!

Veronica & Vikki Vaughn Hosts XXX Karaoke @Rio

Veronica Vaughn & Vikki Vaughn Hosts KaraokeXXX Mondays
Monday, June 25 at 10pm
The King’s Room At The Rio Hotel & Casino In Las Vegas, NV

From Rebecca Love:f

Veronica Vaughn & her Mom Vikki Vaughn ( – That Veronica Vaughn Is One Hot Piece of Aisse – will host Karaoke XXX this week in Las Vegas. It’s happening on Monday, June 25 at 10pm, at the Kings Room in the Rio Hotel 7amp; Casino.

Welcome to KARAOKE XXX where All Adult Film Stars are welcome. It is a place for the people in the porn industry from talent to adult related companies, just to have fun and network. Now our industry has a place to go every MONDAY to meet more individuals in our line of work. Yes, there will be some outrageous moments and FANS are WELCOME. We want to invite EVERYBODY to our unique version of KARAOKE.

Get on the advance guest list for $5 admission!

Bottle Service
Polaroid’s with XXX Star for souvenirs
8 x 10’s & Movies of XXX Star
Adult Games / Contest
Giveaways throughout the night.

Also, if you are an adult film star and would like to more information or announce you will be attending, just send me us an email

Source: A KaraokeXXX Press Release

Orgasm Control – A Few Tips

I get asked on my Sexual Health Phone line about orgasm control. I will update more articles pertaining to this subject.

One mistake that a lot of guys make is that they think that they have no control over their orgasms. In fact the opposite is true, with a little practice all men can gain complete control over their orgasms, all it takes is a little bit of… practice!



Orgasm Control for Men

So what should a guy practice in order to have complete orgasm control? The simple thing is that you should practice whatever you need to get better at doing. Generally speaking most guys need help with one of two different problems:

Problem 1: Orgasming too Quickly

If you want to last longer or have more satisfying sex, then you will want to practice rhythm control. Rhythm control consists of noticing when and how your excitement increases. There will be distinct stages leading up to your orgasm. Once you recognize these stages you will notice that there is a period of excitement right before you orgasm, followed by a short stage where it is impossible not to orgasm. This moment when you ejaculate regardless of whether you want to or not is called the P.N.R. (P.N.R. stands for the Point of No Return and is an important concept in male orgasm control). Either by yourself or with a partner you should experiment getting as close to your P.N.R. as possible then relaxing many times in a sex session to practice orgasm control. I usually try and get as close to the point where I orgasm and then relax 9 or 10 times a session.

Problem 2: Taking too Long

If on the other hand you take too long to orgasm, then you will have to do things differently. Here the goal is to find what ‘triggers’ you have. A ‘trigger’ is any image that makes you want to orgasm. Usually these will be images of your most erotic fantasies. Don’t be afraid to explore what turns you on as it can assist you in having a better sex life and help you realize that your fetish is (Probably) not unusual. If you use pornography however it is best not to get too obsessed with adult videos as they have a tendency to be addictive. All you should be looking for are the 5 or so key images that make it easier to orgasm.
In addition, be careful not to masturbate too much as well, as that can cause insensitivity and lead to delaying of your orgasm. Instead take a long time during sex to really build up the sexual tension and foreplay. Also time spent learning foreplay and fore-foreplay will pay off.
Once you master your orgasm control, a world of options awaits you including better sex and male multiple orgasms.

This Article is Sponsored by prostate cradle. For prostate health and longer lasting and more intense orgasms!

This is just the first step in the best sex you can imagine.

This article was provided with permission by Harlan M. who is a sex expert. For advice about sex, orgasms and the male multiple orgasm, visit visit 1.

Hope this was informative for you.

If you have questions or sexual health issues you would like to talk about, please call me

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Veronica Vaughn

Cougar Sex Club * Totally Tabitha & Karen Fisher Join in

I did my first b/b/g/g/g orgy shoot two weeks ago and it was so much fun!

WOW I had a great time, I’m still rubbing my clit, fingering my pussy and Looking forward to more!

Totally Tabitha, Karen Fisher, Tim, & Ram, were the participants, lol. Lots of hardcore fucking! Tim came in my mouth, Ram came in Tabithas mouth and we both dropped it in Karens mouth and she swallowed it! Hardcore action, dirty talking, cum swapping and swallowing.

3 Cougars waiting for the movers to show up with our furniture before we go out on the town looking for some man meat. Well, once they showed up, we decieded to play first, making them pay for being late with our delivery. I think we will have to order some more furniture from these guys. They can fuck up a storm! No gratuity needed.

Kisses and Licks,


SUBMIT! BDSM Party CUM PLAY with me!

Let’s Play! SUBMIT BdSm party at Sanctuary LAX
Yours truly will be there ready to play with you!

SUBMIT! @ Sanctuary LAX
Wednesday March 14, 2012
7 PM – 10 PM

Mistress Cyan, the co-founder of Slave Pit (L.A.’s longest running ProDomme Play Party), proudly presents SUBMIT! on Wednesday March 14th from 7-10pm. Whether you are a Dominant, a Switch or a submissive, you will be playing at SUBMIT!

Sanctuary’s staff of Pro Dommes, Pro Switches and Pro Subs will be there and ready to play in whatever capacity you are as soon as you enter the dungeon, and won’t be ready to stop until the night ends!

Sanctuary LAX, formerly Passive Arts, is L.A.’s largest dungeon with more than 7000 sq ft of space with nine (9) private play rooms and play stations throughout our beautifully renovated dungeon. We have shower facilities available for those wishing to shower before or after play.

Come play with me Adult Film Star Veronica Vaughn – I will be playing with everyone at SUBMIT Party! Come play! Mention that Veronica Vaughn sent you, get a free autographed magazine by me!

The door donation for SUBMIT! is $150 for the full three (3) hours, and there is no requirement to tip, unless you choose to do so. Snacks and refreshments are included in the door donation.

Sanctuary Studios LAX is conveniently located near LAX at…

10914 So. La Cienega Bl.
Lennox (Inglewood), CA 90304

For more info, please feel free to call us at 310-910-0525 or see the web site at

Can’t make the party? Do you like fetish? Courious about it? Coming to LA or live in LA?
Want to explore it in a safe environment? Call me – Let’s have some fun together! I’m located close to LAX. Watch the vido for my number. Only for booking appointments. Usually available 11am to 7pm

Fetishes I like to INDULGE IN:
Foot Fetish/ Smelly feet/ Tennis shoes/ Heels/
Financial Domination
Leg fetish/ Pantyhose
Forced Feminization/Sissy/Cross Dressing
and more. If not listed – ask.

For Purchase

I have several items for sale just for you!
My custom store, selling anything I want.

I love to sketch with chalk, colored pencils, paints etc. I have several original drawings that I did a few years ago. I would love for you to own something very personal of mine.

  • Original Artwork
  • Custom 8 x 10’s
  • Original Videos
  • Autographed Magazines

If your interested in purchasing one of my original artwork pieces send me an email to with Artwork in the subject line.

Thank you!

Diego Carbon fucks Veronica’s face!

Diego Carbon fucks Veronica Vaughn’s face!



Out in Vegas for Thanksgiving I ran into a friend of mine Diego Carbon, that I hadn’t seen since last year. He’s got a cock I crave! Diego knows exactly how to hit my G-spot every which way.


We started out in my hotel room at the Planet Hollywood, the bathroom was huge with a huge round deep tub, which I took an extended mineral bath in. I felt so nice and relaxed but extremely horny. The plan was to fuck all over the place, but we never made it out of the bathroom, at least the first round. I had just stepped out of the bathtub, Diego came in with nothing on, cock swinging. WOW I wanted that cock! It had been a few days and I was so HORNY!

I dropped to my knees and started sucking, licking and flicking his beautiful cock. It’s about 8 inches, YUMMY! Thick too and boy does he know how to use it. All of it! He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth deep onto his cock. I can almost take all of it. My mascara was starting to run by now down my face lol, that’s OK, no one could see, except when he pulled out my camera phone and snapped this picture! I got him almost to the edge and decided to stop and have a drink, take a break and make him wait, he can cum on demand, so it was no biggie for him to be punished. 😀


I was laying on the bed face up with my head hanging over the edge so his cock could fit perfectly deep in my throat, while he was fucking my pussy with two of my big toys, tickling my asshole with his finger and sucking on my clit with his mouth, WOW this guy is multi talented. I was on the verge of cumming and he would stop and say “nope” and make me wait, that drives me crazy!!

Diego was ramming his big cock deep down my throat almost making me suffocate, but I could pull him back by grabbing his balls and pulling up on them a little so he would back out some. MMMM when my pussy is getting drilled I just latch on a cock and suck away, my tongue working every inch of it, sucking gently around the head, flicking the tip, then taking it deep. I could tell he was getting ready to blow as well. I told him to fuck me hard and lets blow together, I could feel the squirt juice building up, with a fast pace he fucked my face hard, and my pussy, we both came so hard and I drenched his face and the covers with my juice everywhere, he shot his load all over my face and mouth, I swallowed that sweet sauce up!

Until next we meet again Diego,


xo Veronica