YOU have fallen into my trap little dummies! Now that I have you I shall devour you all ALIVE! I am going to place you in between two pieces of bread and slowly eat each bite. Mmmmmm how plump and juicy you all are inside of my mouth. I love the way you all smoosh […]

So Plump So JUICY! I WILL Have YOU For Dinner!

INSIDE THE PHYSICAL THERAPISTS OFFICE! Welcome how can I help you today? O.K. Your legs are bothering you. Don’t you worry I will make you feel great. Lets take these pants off of you though so I can work on you better. Mmmm your legs are so plump and Juicy!! Whats that? What am I […]

I found a Rare Exotic Tiny Treasure with Tits & a Cock!

I am so excited to have found you, a rare treasure, a rare jewel. I didn’t know you existed, until yesterday, when I found you hiding in the back of that store on a shelf, trying to blend in with those other dolls. Honey, there is no way you can blend in, with that massive […]

Bath Time In My Mouth Tiny Guy’s! Play between My Red Toes!

Giantess MILF Veronica Vaughn has an insatiable sweet tooth and her tiny guys are in need of a bath. So she decides to kill two birds with one stone. Giantess Veronica gets sugar and her Tiny micro pets get cleaned up. One of them has the silly idea of bringing a knife to fight a […]

Slowly Stalked Then Devoured By A Hungry Sexy Female Cat!

  You begin to Quiver as you notice an enormous hungry looking Cat making it’s way towards you. You little plump and round RAT, so powerless, so helpless, and Looking so TASTY! I promise I just want a little taste of you and nothing more. Silly Rat, trying to make a deal with Me. Ok, […]

Unaware Giantess EATS Her SON For Breakfast!

MILF Veronica prepares herself breakfast while pondering of how powerful she felt over such control over such a tiny speck of a son. Completely unaware that her dominated shrunken son sits on her plate of eggs she is eating for breakfast (represented by a tiny black speck on her egg). Each bite she gets closer […]