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Blow Job Class in Session!

Thats right, Blow Job Class, I went to see Midori give her secrets to the audience. I figured I probably knew more than most being in the porn industry, but…… I was surprised and excited because I learned some stuff, oh yes, I have learned some secrets that are so simple that I wouldn’t have even thought of them myself. But I can guarantee that on my future performances, both on and off the camera are going to be WOW, you will watch and say, “Wow, That girls knows her shit!”! Miss Midori was an awesome teacher.

I arrived around 6:50pm and the class started at 7:00pm. It was already packed with over 160 people, both sitting in chairs and standing room only. Only the people that were lucky enough to get there early had chairs, which had goody bags as well. But don’t think you missed out if you weren’t one of the lucky ones with a goody bag, it contained a cucumber, with various sizes for practicing!

I was kind of disappointed since I had to stand, but oh well, I wanted to see how the class was taught, the flow of the class, what would I actually learn, and so forth. I cant tell you exactly what went on, but I highly recommend any classes given at Fascinations Fun Store. Educational and fun, plus we received a $10 gift card just for attending. If you go to enough classes, you can collect them and use all of them together. You can’t loose with these class’s!


Meet me @Adult Ent. Expo Hard Rock Vegas!


Here’s your chance if you missed last year! New venue, new set up, new rules. It’s going to be a blast!

I have some very sexy outfits picked out for the parties, convention and Awards Show! Are you going?

I’m very excited to be signing at the new venue at the Hard Rock Casino, it seems like the past years had

started getting stale, boring, and not fun at all. This one should ROCK!!

Let me know if your cumming, I would love to see you! Mention that you saw my post on twitter or Facebook and you will get a special treat!! xoxo

Veronica Vaughn