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Cock Hungry Milf Veronica

Granny Lanae Teases You With TIGHT RESTRICTING Support Hose

Big Tit Granny

Big Tit Granny

You peep on Granny Lanae and find her adjusting her SMOOTH and SILKY THI HI SUPPORT STOCKINGS. She notices you looking and gets turned on! How she loves to tease you with her tight CONSTRICTING COMPRESSION TED HOSE. She shows you close up REINFORCED heel and toes, she can FEEL your hot breath on them!


Granny puts them in and out of some sandals, making the stockings go in between her big toe and the one next to it. Granny tells you all about them, how TIGHT, SUPPORTIVE, CONSTRICTING, CONTROL.

Silicone bands that Granny likes to pull out and let POP on her legs, she knows it turns you on, she can’t wait till later, inviting you over to granny’s house, she might even put on two pair for you!


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Cuckold Son, Teased Before Mother’s Date

Mom Teases son before going out!

Mom Teases cucky son before going out!

If You Enjoy: Mommy Showing Off Her Sexy Outfit, Dirty Talk, Boot Licking, Mother / S0n Tease and Denial. Then You Should Buy This Clip

Cuckold Son, Teased Before Mother’s Date HD MP4

Mummy is going to the cougar club dressed all sexy to pick up young studs to fuck but first she wants to have some fun cock teasing her son before she goes out.

Look at Mommy! Do I look Sexy? es I’m going to the club tonight to get some hot young cock! You know I’m a cougar Mom! I’m going to have such fun flashing my panties and stocking tops and being a total whore! Do you like mommies tight little miniskirt?

Look at Mommies sexy boots son. This is how slutty mommies dress when they go out to the clubs to have sex with young guys or when they want to cock tease and seduce their sons! ha ha! Mommy wants you to lick these boots before I go out son. They still have some cum on them from last time I had sex in them so I want you to lick them clean. It makes a Mom so wet to have her son lick her boots! Of course I will leave my legs open so you can see right up Mommys skirt! Ha Ha!

Do you like Mommies sexy cougar make up? I have got my cocksucking lipstick on tonight son. I always end up sucking cock when I wear this lipstick.


Veronica on couch with her legs spread wide

“That Veronica Vaughn Is One Hot Piece of Aisse.” About Me

Veronica on couch with her legs spread wide

Me Described In a Few Words

Secure, classy, intelligent, funny, demanding, princess. complicated, passionate, humble, and highly motivated.

How the Journey to Porn Stardom BeganVeronica Vaughn showing off her nice tits

It all started with a trip to Vegas to attend the Adult Entertainment Expo. I was all excited, finally I didn’t miss it! I met a lot of Porn Stars there, both guys and girls. They all seemed to be having tons of fun, I met Kurt Lockwood, he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and said “You should be up here with me” WOW! I was hooked at that moment. I started thinking about it, I could get lots of cock, good looking cock at that! I went back home and pondered the idea. Meanwhile, I made a myspace page, and posted pictures from the AEE, Roxy Reynolds commented on the pic of her and I. I wrote back to her, and it went on from there. Four months later I did my first ever shoot with Naughty America. I was nervous, but hey you only live once, and I would either love it or hate it. As you can tell, I loved it! Here I am a few years later!

About Me Sexually

I ooze sex, I love  everything about it, and I simply can’t get enough of it. I have many  different sides to me. You could say that I have many slices in my pie, not just 3 or 4.  I am always on the hunt for men and women. I use my natural primal talents to seduce my prey, then I take them back to my bedroom, car, elevator, secluded corner, where ever I tend to be and have wild kinky sex with them. Then I toss them out for my next sexual feast. Sorry guys don’t get your feelings hurt when I don’t call, unless your so good at sex that I want seconds. I can’t help it I crave variety and you have to be able to last!

I get off going to sex shop glory hole’s, fun select sexy swinger clubs, and getting crazy with friends at strip clubs. Can you say Bachelor party! Make it rain baby! When I jack off some cocks and get their cum all over my huge tits, I know my day is going to be Fantastic! I love to suck cock, eat cum, and ultimately suck them dry. Pussy is another delicacy that I have an affection for. There is nothing tastier then a nice clean sweet pussy, looking up at me, ready for my talented lips and tongue to give irresistible pleasure,  I’ll finger it, fuck it, lick and suck it till their juice drips down my chin.

My Fav’s

  • Anything where I have to be on my knee’s
  • My legs spread for a fan to use my pussy for their pleasure
  • Letting my boy toy finger my G-spot till my bed and the floor is soaking wet
  • Being watched!
  • Fucking Strangers
  • Being an insatiable sex doll that I am. I live for pleasure and fun.

My Dont’s

  • Sorry Boys I don’t do Anal (except for the very rare drunken moment)
  • Forced violent sex (rough sex is ok though)
  • Being humiliated.
  • Being spanked really hard

5 Facts You Might Be Surprised to Know

  1. I was a professional clown for 5 years
  2. I can squirt, quite a bit! I’m sure I could fill a 32oz cup
  3. I speak, read and write fluent Spanish
  4. I’m a professional Licensed Massage Therapist in two states.
  5. I street race Import Cars



This is Veronica Vaughn.

Porn Star Veronica Vaughn



Blonde Cougar Vikki Vaughn MY MOM


OMG MOM!! What are you doing?  Wow does she like to suck a good cock??!!  Well yes She does, she looks so hungry in this picture! No wonder I love doing that too, I guess you could say that I get my talents naturally from my mom! It makes me so proud when I give a guy a blow job and all he can say is “Oh My God!” “Oh My God” lol Especially from the porn guys, come on now, they
get their dicks sucked at least twice a day.


Hey, what can we say right” Like mom like daughter. If you want to speak to my mom Vikki you can call her on her phone! I’ll put the link here in the post. She loves talking to her fans, and still can’t believe that anyone wants to see her suck a big dick but I told her she looks HOT! Which she does, she’s got moves!



We should give a blow job class to those ladies and gentlemen that want to know more about sucking cock. There is alot to it, not just the sucky sucky, or blowing air on it lol. I was talking to my sister Valerie yesterday, she said “Veronica did you know that I thought that to give a blow job was actually blowing air on it?”” I did that to my first boyfriend and he looked at me like I was crazy and said, Are you actually blowing on it? hahahah!”

“He told me to suck on it, so I learned from there on.”  Anyways, back to mom, She’s such a cougar. I’m going to get her to do some more films soon, when ever I can make her come out to Vegas again. Surprise! Hunks waiting in the other room to rock her world, oh wait a minute, she was the one rocking that guy’s world when her and I did that movie together.

Kisses baby!

Veronica Vaughn


Oh boy, I couldn’t control myself, I was in the shower with my sis Valerie Vaughn, (you can hear her talking)  washing off a dirty boy. We had soapy suds going everywhere, there were bubbles all over our huge tits, sliding all over each other, my pussy was sliding down his leg, my boobs rubbing all over his chest while Valerie was standing behind him rubbing her huge Double EE’s tits all over his back.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Veronica Vaughn Gets Huge Load of CUM in her MOUTH By Black COCK!

Yes I have showered with dirty boys before, but this time was different,  I don’t know what happened to me, but all of the sudden I went wild, I wanted to have this  guys dick & cum in my mouth, that’s all I could think about.

I told him I wanted his dick in my mouth, of course he was a willing participant, but there was one condition. Only if I could record it. He agreed that it was fine, he would let me film it. I jumped out of the shower with a quickness, ran over and grabbed my camera.

I was going to get some big black cock – In My Mouth! WOW. I handed him the camera, hit the record button, and we were off. He is new at this so he didn’t know about turning it sideways. I was stroking that cock with my hands, my lips, sucking all over it, wow I loved it, I couldn’t get enough of that nice black cock in my mouth. Shadows in the movie? Yes there are a couple, but I have to say, he did a great job for spontaneous work, trying to hold the camera still and try not to cum! Next time he will be a pro. I love the taste of his sweet cum in my mouth, can you tell, what a big load of cum? Look at my mouth full of cum!  Please feel free to post comments!

Licks and Cum,

Veronica Vaughn

Your gonna love it, watching me take a huge load of cum in my mouth!

Diego Carbon fucks Veronica’s face!

Diego Carbon fucks Veronica Vaughn’s face!



Out in Vegas for Thanksgiving I ran into a friend of mine Diego Carbon, that I hadn’t seen since last year. He’s got a cock I crave! Diego knows exactly how to hit my G-spot every which way.


We started out in my hotel room at the Planet Hollywood, the bathroom was huge with a huge round deep tub, which I took an extended mineral bath in. I felt so nice and relaxed but extremely horny. The plan was to fuck all over the place, but we never made it out of the bathroom, at least the first round. I had just stepped out of the bathtub, Diego came in with nothing on, cock swinging. WOW I wanted that cock! It had been a few days and I was so HORNY!

I dropped to my knees and started sucking, licking and flicking his beautiful cock. It’s about 8 inches, YUMMY! Thick too and boy does he know how to use it. All of it! He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth deep onto his cock. I can almost take all of it. My mascara was starting to run by now down my face lol, that’s OK, no one could see, except when he pulled out my camera phone and snapped this picture! I got him almost to the edge and decided to stop and have a drink, take a break and make him wait, he can cum on demand, so it was no biggie for him to be punished. 😀


I was laying on the bed face up with my head hanging over the edge so his cock could fit perfectly deep in my throat, while he was fucking my pussy with two of my big toys, tickling my asshole with his finger and sucking on my clit with his mouth, WOW this guy is multi talented. I was on the verge of cumming and he would stop and say “nope” and make me wait, that drives me crazy!!

Diego was ramming his big cock deep down my throat almost making me suffocate, but I could pull him back by grabbing his balls and pulling up on them a little so he would back out some. MMMM when my pussy is getting drilled I just latch on a cock and suck away, my tongue working every inch of it, sucking gently around the head, flicking the tip, then taking it deep. I could tell he was getting ready to blow as well. I told him to fuck me hard and lets blow together, I could feel the squirt juice building up, with a fast pace he fucked my face hard, and my pussy, we both came so hard and I drenched his face and the covers with my juice everywhere, he shot his load all over my face and mouth, I swallowed that sweet sauce up!

Until next we meet again Diego,


xo Veronica