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XXX Karaoke Veronica Vaughn Hosts

Dirty Wet Nurse Veronica Vaughn Hosts:

Porn Star Karaoke XxX

Dirty Wet Nurse Veronica with Jonathan

332 W. Sahara, Las Vegas, NV
MAY 16th 10pm-2am

If you were there you know! If not, you missed out on a night of wild and crazy fun! Your sexy hostess Dirty Wet Nurse Veronica Vaughn took control of all the patients and administered wet medicine to everyone in the club! I had some magazines to give away, we did a little comedy, and sang together on some song. 

Red Label Bar

Eveyone was having a blast!  Lots of my friends showed up, new ones and some of my porn star friends! Sindi Star what a hottie! I truly enjoyed humping her out on the floor while she was singing 😀 Hey what can I say, she was teasing me!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who showed up to support me being the hostess with the mostess! Oh wait, thats Elvira’s line! I’m One Hot Piece of Ace!So hot want to touch the hiney! Arooooo… One of my best friends described the experience as “Eroticly funny” I think I like that description of me!

Thanks to John, Mike, Steve, Jay, Jonathan, Whitney, Coral, Jimmy, Roland, Katie, Sindi, Monica, Sherry, and many more I had a fantastic night that didnt end till almost 3am!