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Mom Turns Son Into A Tasty Roast Chicken!


****Special Effects Transformation Custom Request****

How dare you peep on me son! Secretly taking pictures of me and my ass while I am looking at myself in the mirror. You thought you were safe, by keeping them hidden on your computer, I would never find them. Well, I did you sick twisted pervert! Oh your ashamed are you? Well You should be!!You will do anything just for me to forgive you? O.k. then be careful what you wish for son!! I have a special secret that I have hid from you your whole life. You didn’t know that I was a witch did you? You are grounded for a month….I am going to transform you into a chicken so that I can be sure you will not leave the house and break my rules like you have before. This time it will be different MUAHH HAA HAAA!!

Wow all this feeding is making you so plump and fat. Every day that goes by you get more plump son. I can not help but think of roasted chicken so delicious, so juicy, so tender melting in my mouth. You are my son but the thought of plucking you and gutting you is turning me on in a weird wicked way. I am not sure that I can fight these urges. You are so fat and delicious and would look wonderful in my roasting pan. After all you are a
disgusting little pervert and justice will be mine.

You sneaky little pervert! Sit still while I pluck all of these feathers out of you. I will pluck you,gut you, then put my roast boy into a roasting pan for my dinner. Taking pictures of my ass, well you liked my ass so much now you get to pass right through these beautiful sweet cheeks!

I am going to give you one last look at my beautiful ass you admire so much. Here is a sexy strip tease just for you, you probably dream of every night. I put on the black suspender outfit you liked so much. Think of it as a last hoorah before going into the oven.You like that ass in your face don’t you chicken boy?

You look so tasty, so delicious, my mouth is watering while I get you into the roast pan, in only a few hours you will be ready to eat! I will need to get the fancy dinner plates ready for this special feast.Into the oven you go roast boy! Is it wrong for me to want to eat my son for dinner? I think not, ha ha ha, after all he is a chicken now and I am very hungry! Stay tuned for a sexy conclusion in part two.. Time to eat!

Mom Turns Son Into A Tasty Roast Chicken! (MP4 1080p HD)

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Stroke It For Step Mom While I Watch!

Jerk it for Mom it's OK

I overheard your father telling you not to masturbate. He can be so mean  & prudish sometimes. Masturbating is a natural and perfectly healthy thing to do. Yes, I am your step mom but I feel like your my own. I believe everyone should masturbate. Do not listen to your father. Just don’t let him catch you though then we will both get in trouble. There is no need to blush son, or to be embarrassed. It’s ok and I want you to talk with me openly about any questions you might have.


Oh my, (smile) all this talking about it is making your penis erect isn’t it? Ok, I will give you some privacy so that you can take care of um.. business before your father returns home. Excuse me? You want me to stay in here with you? Well,  ok I guess, if it will help you feel better and less ashamed about masturbating, I will stay and watch you. Oh my! Look at how hard you are sweetie. My my my very nice. Hurry up now, masturbate in front of mommy before your father gets back. There you go Good boy!!


Step Mom Encourages You To Masturbate, In Front Of Her, Its Ok! HD 1080p MP4



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Having Nightmares Son? A Handy Will Help You!

A handy will end those nitemares son!

A handy will end those nitemares son!

Having those nitemares again son? The monster’s chasing you? Look, there’s nothing in the closet or hiding under the bed silly. I will try and calm you, ssshh, close your mouth, stop screaming. Watch me, look at me, FOCUS! Mommy will do a little striptease for you. Mommy’s boobies always make you happy! Calm down!

That’s not working…. Ok, son, look at my ass, look at me! Focus son…. That’s not working either, BE QUIET already!

I know what will help you, if I reach under the covers and take care of your erection. Be quiet, lie there, be still, watch mommy while I release all your tension. That’s better now! Your such a good boy! Now go to sleep and get some rest for mommy. We have a busy day tomorrow.

Don’t have Nightmares – Get this handy!

Small Penis Pics Posted On Campus, Mommy Can Help


Lets find out how to use your small penis!

Lets find out how to use your small penis!

Students posted pictures of your small penis around campus today at school? This is a horrible thing to do! How mean they are. Please, don’t cry son, I’m sure it’s not small. One way to find out, show mommy so I can see.

Oh, it’s so cute! Yes, it is smaller than most, but I’m sure you can please a girl when the time comes. Let me show you how to use it, then it won’t matter how big or small it is.

Go into my room, we will have sex and if you can make me cum, then, you will know you can please any girl! No more sad faces, see you were able to give me a huge orgasm. You know how to use your little penis very well, you made mommy happy and after all I’m the most important one.

Your little winky is Cute! Use it on Mommy!