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Gorgeous MILF Mother Convinces Son Into A Masturbation Agreement

Hot Mom Talks son into masturbation agreement



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Hello honey how was school today? Come sit down next to Mommy I want to talk with you about the other day when we were together alone. (smile) I have to confess and tell you how much of a turn on it was to watch you with your shiny stiff erect penis covered in oil get so hard for mommy. The way you were stroking it so hard, well it was fantastic! I must admit that I have always had a secret obsession with watching men masturbate, it makes my nipples get so hard and my pussy starts getting so wet, dripping down my thighs. Watching you stroke your very hard erect penis was so thrilling for me, it’s all I can think about now!

When I sit here on the couch, I have visions of you standing in front of me, stroking your erect penis so furiously, making the tip of the head get so swollen (sigh). Being able to encourage my son and help him climax with ejaculation makes it even more exciting for me. I must say, I have never seen anyone unleash such a powerful load of ejaculate! You came so much, and it shot so far, I am impressed and amazed at the same time.

So, honey I would like to make a pact with you if you would like to. From here on out whenever you and I have some free time here at home, when it is just the two of us, I want you to feel free to take out your penis and masturbate in front of me. Yes, that’s right son, I do! I would love to watch you masturbate to my beautiful sexy body whenever possible. That would make Mommy so happy and excited, see my nipples are getting hard just talking with you about it. Does this sound like a good deal to you?

That’s fantastic! We have some free time right now darling so lets try it out and do it again. Just give me a few minutes to slip into something sexy to help turn that little guy into a stiff rock hard swollen penis, mmmmm I love saying that too! I can’t wait for my favorite part when I get to watch semen squirt out of the swollen tip of your penis as you ejaculate. You can shoot so far, and what a big load you have as well. Can you tell I’m getting really excited? I’m breathing so fast, my heart is pumping with so much adrenaline, I’ll go grab the oil and a towel, I have some sexy see thru stockings, oh and a peek a boo bra. Oh yes, that will make your penis so hard, I’m so excited I get to watch you again! Okay, meet me right here honey in 5 minutes I’ll be right back (giggles) I’m going to go change real quick!…..


Gorgeous MILF Mother Talks Son Into a Masturbation Agreement (1080p HD MP4)

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