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The Pink Experience

I dyed my hair hot hot pink, glow under black light psycho pink September 26, 2011 just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). I enjoyed a very different kind of attention with bright pink hair. Your wondering if I had an encounter? I did! But one of my regular guys, he didn’t recognize me at first, but come on how many hot girls with big tits and bright pink hair come up from behind and grope you. Yea I thought so! Anyway it was fun, I acted like a dirty slut, mean girl, grabbing him and forcing him to do things that he didn’t want to do, but that’s how I’m suppose to be in this new character right? lol He loved every minute of it, every time 😀

Some of my so called guy friends actually stopped talking to me with pink hair, really? Yes, can you believe it? How stupid! I thought to myself, this is only temporarily, you will want to talk to me again when its back to blond, but sorry Charlie, not happening.

Normally people tend to look but not talk to me with my platinum blond hair. I rode the city bus, what an event that was! With the pink hair, everyone was coming up to me, I couldn’t eat in a restaurant without women coming over to my table commenting on how my hair made my eyes stand out like “Two beautiful sapphires”. I was not used to this new kind of attention from all kinds of women, however, I did get hit on all the time by good looking girls! YES!

Oh yes, and the guys too, but the guys were more nervous with pink than with my blond hair! Why? I don’t know lol. Now, my hair is finally back to its almost normal state with a light tint of pinkish color in a few spots, and when I get the urge to do it pink again, I’m going to get a wig! It was fun, but you know that feeling when you do something and then right after say “Oh Shit” that’s what I said after I did it. Here are a few pictures of my Pink Experience. 😀 Please post some comments!

Veronica Vaughn