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Older Men 30 & up. How NOT to TURN OFF A WOMAN

Older Men – you 35 and UP. How NOT to TURN OFF A WOMAN.

I have some friendly honest DIRECT advice for you guys over 30. I’m not talking about every guy, so don’t get butt hurt immediately. Here’s the deal. In my years of dating, double dates, blind dates, j.f.f. (just for fun) dates I have run across so many guys who say the same thing. It doesn’t get you laid, it ends up making me aggravated, disgusted, less and less likely to date anyone over the age of 28. Yes my preference is a guy who is 19 – 28. I’ll share my reasons for that in a few. First lets address this issue.

I placed an ad on a very popular site. I wont say where, but there are lots of them out there. I had 35 responses in 15 minutes.  Jackpot!  Not exactly. I was looking for a casual hookup. I’m horny, my pussy needs attention. I read each and every one of them. No picture?  It immediately gets deleted. I don’t even want to read it. Some of the pictures looked good, others looked fake and several looked GREAT. I actually met two of them. Nothing happened. Why? Because they Blew It!


Guy # 1

Included two pictures: 1 looked awesome, very fit, abs, black and white pic with his shirt off, the face scribbled out. OK I can value privacy. The second picture was him no abs, a little skinnier the face scribbled out. The pics looked similar and I though hhmm what the hell, I’ll give it a shot. Well Douche #1 shows up, no he doesn’t know who I am. We talked a little and the clothes came off. Uh hello, he was about 20 years older than the picture, skinny kinda,  flabby yes. Looked 45, These pictures were definitely not him. I let it slip that I was a porn star, oh he freaked out, he didn’t want to do anything with me, cause I do porn, I might have something (std). He said he was married, OK so, what do I care?  I was laying down on the massage table, I had told him that I wanted a sensual erotic massage to start. He started rubbing oil on my tits, stomach, and moved down to my pussy. But the look on his face while he was doing that was like a deer in the headlights. He was moving his hand but there was no one there. So I asked him what was wrong. He said “Well I’m new to this but I don’t think I want to do it”. I said “OK, well then you don’t have to”, and I stood up. He then proceeded to lay down on the massage table with his junk in hand and said “Come over here and let me suck on your nipples while I jerk my dick. Hello Ass wipe! What the fuck are you talking about, OK I’m standing here, watching you look like a total moron and you want to finish, what do I get? The pleasure of watching you look like a total ass? “HOW SELFISH!” I couldn’t believe what was happening, is he for real? I said “FUCK NO, get your clothes on and GET OUT”! He was shocked, “What? get my clothes on?” I said “You’re not going to pleasure yourself & I get nothing. Are you fucking serious? Get the Fuck Out, Hurry Up”. While he was dressing I asked him “So you would rather meet random strange women, have sex with them and just because they “SAY” they are clean makes it OK. But when you find out that I’m a porn star then I’m not clean and you lose wood. Your pretty Stupid”. He put his clothes on and moped out. His final words “Guess I messed this one up”. I replied “Ya Think”? Anyway. Don’t use someone elses pictures. Use your own, be honest. They will either like you or not. If they don’t like them, there will be someone who will. Here’s the douche’s pictures. Hope he sees it, cause its not really him anyway.


People in PORN have STD Testing MONTHLY every 30 days.

Right now it’s mandatory that performers get tested every 30 days for everything, including HIV. I would prefer that it was every two weeks. I will not work with a performer without a valid test. I have to see the test with the expiration date AND call the agency to verify this person I’m about to have unprotected no condom sex with. If I have sex with someone out of the industry I always use condoms. No exceptions. Unless he has a test just like the ones we have in the industry. Then and only then will I have no condom sex.

Guy # 2

Included a picture, I wont show his face cause he might really exist, however I will show his dick cause ITS HUGE, which I don’t think its really his anyway, looks photo shopped. He got scared when I told him who I was and never emailed back, but wanted to get into porn, with a dick like that, he should. But its not him. Remember. Here’s his dick. You tell me what you think.

When I go out on dates I hate to be with guys that send me a picture of them from the day 15 or 20 years ago. Do you think I won’t notice?  I went on a double date with my mom. We told them we were sisters, which was fun! She liked my guy, I liked her guy so we switched lol. So, my guy was a Calvin Kline model back in the day, 20 years ago, and was still hooked on that fact. Someone has Issues! He carried around the freaking picture to pull out and show everyone! I don’t give a fuck if you were a model 10 or 15 years ago. How do you look now? What are you doing with your life now? Be confident of who you are now. Because you dont look like that now, you dont have the same body as then, move on. Unless you had surgery to stay exactly the same as the picture. Be proud of what you are now.


Example of what they say: I see this on TV shows too, no wonder your single and can’t get laid! These guys say: “I’m _(fill in the age)__ but I look Younger”. WTF!  DUDES If I think you look younger then we will say so! Without you telling us how old you look. Cause most of the time you look older than your age.  If your telling women that your 40 but you look younger, the only one your trying to convince is YOURSELF. Hint, you will never GET LAID telling a girl that. You cant bullshit women when it comes to age and DON’T ASK A WOMAN HOW OLD SHE IS.  Why does it matter? Obviously we aren’t 20 or 23 because we can carry a freaking conversation!


Guy #3

Showed up but could only stay 10 minutes, teased the shit out of me and left. He didn’t want to leave either, he kept coming back from the door. But he had to go. I’m assuming he was married or in a relationship and had to go pick up the gf. It’s too bad cause he could really eat pussy! YUM! I was wearing some cute white shorts and a pink low cut shirt, he slid over my shorts and went to town, while he was doing that, he slid in two fingers. I sat down on a chair so he could get a better angle. He had me so wet, my pussy was dripping, while he was lapping up the juices. He also had a very nice looking dick, good size about 6 inches, smooth shaven, YUMMY I would have put my mouth all over that, but he had to go, I didn’t want to I wanted him to come back. So I took this picture so he could see what I looked like looking up at him! I could have fucked him over and over for days!  Why do the one’s that can really eat pussy so good always tease and go? Well actually he’s the only one who left, the rest stayed!

I don’t care if your married, single, in a relationship or what ever. I just want my pussy licked and sucked and maybe if you have a nice cock, I’ll fuck your brains out. I don’t want a relationship with you, I won’t call or text you unless you say to, and even then, I don’t do it all the time.  I’m not needy. Guys get offended with me because after we have some fantastic, can barely breathe, pussy drunk, can hardly walk straight sex, I don’t call or text them all the time. Hey, I want your cock and tongue, OK and fingers too, but I don’t need the drama that comes along with it! I’m a busy porn star, when I have some extra time, you will be the first one I think of!

Just be yourself, if you need help let me know, I’m available to help with those issues you have with women. I also do SKYPE consultations. So email me and we can set up a time, date, deposit, and get started to help you. $2.99 minute.

Kisses, Veronica Vaughn