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Son, I think your Gay! Now Put on Mommy’s Panties and Suck This! Part 1



****Part 2 Found Here:****Time to Let Mommy fuck your man pussy to see if your Gay. Part 2 (1080p HD MP4)

Honey, I have been watching you for some time, how you dress, how you talk, certain things you do and don’t do. For instance, when we go bowling, you don’t seem to pay attention to the cute girls next to us, but you notice and stare at the hunks over in the other lanes. How do I know? Well, I like the same type of guys you keep checking out!

Now son don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine if your gay or bisexual. I am here to help and support your decision. Don’t be upset, I think its time to discover the truth, your in denial, I want an answer.

I have a few tasks that I want to try with you, to see how you like it. I have seen you playing with my panties, putting them up to you and parading around in front of the mirror, it’s so cute! So here, put on these panties, let’s tuck your winky back way under so it looks like well, your man pussy. There we go it looks so nice! Beautiful! Here, put on my bra, you can pretend you have tits. While wearing a pretty sexy bra.

Next, you need some makeup. I will show you how to apply some mascara & lipstick. There really is a trick to putting them on in a nice way so you don’t look like a whore lol. Watch me how I put it on, slowly is the key, that way there are no smudges. Now, you do it just like I showed you. Wow your eyes look amazing, that black mascara really makes those light grey eyes of yours stand out, like a rocker guy! Steady your hand and draw the lipstick on, very lightly at first, as to not go outside your natural lip line. Your lips look gorgeous, so pouty, make kissy lips for mommy.

I think you like this! Next, we will try something else. Here is one of my toys to try out some exercises. I will show you how to lick and suck a cock to make a guy cum. Then, you will try them while I watch. You will need to know how to suck cock if your gay honey. Now, tilt your head back and slide the cock inside your mouth, make sure your mouth is really wet so it slips down your throat. Watch while I Run my fingers along the sides of the cock, and play with the balls with my other hand. Ok, well you can try it now, show mommy how you do it! Great! Your doing a fabulous job! See honey, I think your gay, but we have to find out for sure.


Son I think Your Gay, I will Fuck Your Man Pussy Part 2

Honey I think your gay pt2


****Part 1 Found Here:      Son, I think your Gay! Now Put on Mommys Panties and Suck This!****

Honey, now that we have gone over the first lessons of applying mascara and lipstick. How to suck cock correctly and how to use your fingers to slide around it. I think your ready for the last test, Mommy’s going to fuck your man pussy with her strap on cock.

I will be gentle at first, don’t worry. I have plenty of lube so your ass will loosen up and easily take mommy’s cock inside your man pussy.

Before I give it to you, put one of your fingers in your ass to get it ready. Your having trouble? Let mommy help you. You just need to relax a little, it will be a little uncomfortable, but it will get easier. Plus if a man fucks you, he won’t be so gentle. Ok, now you try it, stick your finger in your ass, now put two, start moving them in and out till its easy to slide it. Good I think your ready now.

Climb up on mommy’s cock now, I’ll lay down so you can straddle me, slowly lower your ass down on top of my cock, I know its thicker than your two fingers, but your man pussy will expand to let it inside. Keep trying honey, put more lube, let’s get it slippery drippy wet. Yes, yes, it’s going in now, there you go! Now, raise up and down on my cock. Going deeper each time, see it’s not so bad now is it? Oh, I think you like it, your starting to move faster, and taking all of me inside your tight man pussy!

Time for a new position! I think your ready for this one! Move off so I can get up. Now, lay down looking at me, here, I will hold your legs up pushing them over your head, lol it’s going to be fun, now I can show you how to really fuck a man pussy. I am going to take your man pussy virginity! Let me pound your ass with a cock fucking like a real man would. This will be the ultimate test to see if your gay!

What did you think honey? How do you feel? You liked it? See, I told you that you were gay! I knew you were liking it when your cock got so hard while my cock was slamming deep inside you. You came so much and so far when I was drilling it, holding your legs up! See Honey Your GAY!


Son I think Your Gay, I will Fuck Your Man Pussy Part 2



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