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Cuckold Son, Teased Before Mother’s Date

Mom Teases son before going out!

Mom Teases cucky son before going out!

If You Enjoy: Mommy Showing Off Her Sexy Outfit, Dirty Talk, Boot Licking, Mother / S0n Tease and Denial. Then You Should Buy This Clip

Cuckold Son, Teased Before Mother’s Date HD MP4

Mummy is going to the cougar club dressed all sexy to pick up young studs to fuck but first she wants to have some fun cock teasing her son before she goes out.

Look at Mommy! Do I look Sexy? es I’m going to the club tonight to get some hot young cock! You know I’m a cougar Mom! I’m going to have such fun flashing my panties and stocking tops and being a total whore! Do you like mommies tight little miniskirt?

Look at Mommies sexy boots son. This is how slutty mommies dress when they go out to the clubs to have sex with young guys or when they want to cock tease and seduce their sons! ha ha! Mommy wants you to lick these boots before I go out son. They still have some cum on them from last time I had sex in them so I want you to lick them clean. It makes a Mom so wet to have her son lick her boots! Of course I will leave my legs open so you can see right up Mommys skirt! Ha Ha!

Do you like Mommies sexy cougar make up? I have got my cocksucking lipstick on tonight son. I always end up sucking cock when I wear this lipstick.


Aunt Veronica Barges In and Steals Your Virgin Seed! 1080p HD

Aunt Veronica Steels your Seed!







I barge into your room while your pesky uncle is out of the house on an errand. We don’t have much time now. I have talked with your mother and no nephew of mine is going to be a virgin at your age. So, I am going to take matters into my own hands! Now let me take off those pants will you! There, stop resisting! Now when you cum I want your virgin seed to cover Aunty Veronica’s big beautiful tits okay !?! Good! That’s a good boy look how hard you are for your aunt.   Mmmmm   Now GIVE ME THAT SEED!

Aunt Veronica Barges In and Steals Your Virgin Seed! 1080p HD

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Aunt Vikki & Veronica Help Nephew with Cute Small Penis

Aunt Vikki & Veronica help Nephew with Small Penis

Veronica brings her nephew to see their Aunt Vikki, a certified Cockologist. Not to worry, Aunt Vikki is here to help! She assures her nephew, a small penis is common, and can be very USEFUL.

Aunt Vikky demonstrates how she likes to use a small penis and wants him to follow along. Things get out of control and Aunt Veronica can’t resist the sexy little penis, and gives her nephew a virtual blow job!

Aunt Vikki & Aunt Veronica Help Nephew with His Small Penis Syndrome

You’ll Love This Clip If You Like:Blondes, Aunt / Nephew, Small Penis Encouragement, Virtual Blowjob, Taboo

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Mother / Daughter Domination 13 NEW Videos!

Mother Daughter Domination

You read it right! Mother – Vikki Vaughn & Daughter – Veronica Vaughn have a video store together for you to enjoy all of our shenanigans!

This mother / daughter duo are intelligent and classy supreme dominating women from your wildest fantasies…
Bringing you into various scenarios of mischief.

Vikki Vaughn and daughter Veronica Vaughn present Supreme Beautiful Female Blonde Domination. Live to Serve and Obey. Busty Alpha Females will rule your world. From Boss to Nurse to humiliatrix you will fall victim to their mesmerizing charms.

You can check out 13 of our NEW VIDEOS shot Jan 2014 HOT off the Camera!


Office Interview Virtual BlowJob w/ Two Mature Sluts

Supreme Vikki Dominates You

Humiliated By Mother Daughter and Their Doll!

Vikki & Veronica Mother Daughter JOI with Cum Countdown

Mature Empress Vikki Vaughn Verbally Bashes You

Dominating Vikki’s Leg & Ass Pantyhose Show with JOI

Vikki LOVES Your Small Penis! Its Just So Cute!

Mature Pantyhose Virtual FootJob

On Your Knees, Empress Vikki Might Let You Cum, Pathetic Worm

Aunt Vikki & Aunt Veronica Help Nephew with His Small Penis Syndrome

Nurse’s Vikki & Veronica Extract Your Seed

Prostate Exam Surprise By Nurse Vikki & Veronica

Empress Vikki & Goddess Veronica Black Magic Adoration & Spoil Spell

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Two Blonde Voluptuous Vixens Vikki and Veronica are at it again. Hungry to have any cock between their hands, They can’t resist taking advantage of a very shy participant. He was told to come in for a job interview. Vikki and Veronica had already decided to take advantage of this guy, his cock isn’t safe now! He’s getting a double handjob whether he likes it or now. After all 4 hands are better than 2 right?

He really is enjoying the mother daughter duo. Vikki and Veronica arguing over his cock, Vikki is so controlling and selfish! Stroking the entire length from top to bottom, not leaving any room for her daughter Veronica to play. Veronica starts to get upset and begins to stick his cock between her massive jugs sliding it up and down, she will make him shoot his load all over her creamy tits with Mom’s approval and then rub it all over!

Raw and unedited, with a short interview at the end of his experience with Mother & Daughter Vikki & Veronica Vaughn. This video was in the vault from last years summer hi-jinks, there were only two made. If you would like to see the other one:

2014 will be full of more Mother Daughter Handies. If you would like to participate send your request with current photo. Filming will take place in Vegas, Phx or Los Angeles.

Mother Daughter Fight Over HandJob Threesome!

Vikki Teaches Veronica how to Handle a cock properly.

Vikki Teaches Veronica how to Handle a cock properly.









You’ll Love This Clip If You Like: Mother / Daughter, handjobs, tit jobs, busty, blondes, taboo, Olderwoman / Younger Man, Threesome.


sneaky mom shares cock with daughter

sneaky mom shares cock with daughter

REAL MOTHER & DAUGHTER Dynamic Duo Veronica and Vikki Vaughn take advantage of a guy inside their studio. Veronica is occupied in another room, Vikki decides to be sneaky and take matters into her own hands. Watching him undress she gets really turned on! Vikki starts getting him warmed up for her daughter by using her beautiful size “32E” breasts and soft hands. Vikki loves to oil up a cock and slide it all over her breasts. When Vikki steps out of the room, Veronica slides in and gazes on the unaware guy, his cock looks so tasty she can’t contain her drooling mouth. She starts going at it, sucking, licking, teasing his erect member. After teasing and sucking, Vikki strolls into the action, she cant keep her lips off! So turned on by his cock they decide to both please this lucky man and make him cum on Veronica’s huge tits!



You’ll Love This Clip If You Like:Taboo, MILF, GILF, Mother / Daughter, Handjob, BlowJob, Blondes, Oil HJ, Tit Fuck

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Gorgeous MILF Mother Convinces Son Into A Masturbation Agreement

Hot Mom Talks son into masturbation agreement



***Be sure to buy the original son

encouragement clip here: Dealing With My Sons Erections ***

Hello honey how was school today? Come sit down next to Mommy I want to talk with you about the other day when we were together alone. (smile) I have to confess and tell you how much of a turn on it was to watch you with your shiny stiff erect penis covered in oil get so hard for mommy. The way you were stroking it so hard, well it was fantastic! I must admit that I have always had a secret obsession with watching men masturbate, it makes my nipples get so hard and my pussy starts getting so wet, dripping down my thighs. Watching you stroke your very hard erect penis was so thrilling for me, it’s all I can think about now!

When I sit here on the couch, I have visions of you standing in front of me, stroking your erect penis so furiously, making the tip of the head get so swollen (sigh). Being able to encourage my son and help him climax with ejaculation makes it even more exciting for me. I must say, I have never seen anyone unleash such a powerful load of ejaculate! You came so much, and it shot so far, I am impressed and amazed at the same time.

So, honey I would like to make a pact with you if you would like to. From here on out whenever you and I have some free time here at home, when it is just the two of us, I want you to feel free to take out your penis and masturbate in front of me. Yes, that’s right son, I do! I would love to watch you masturbate to my beautiful sexy body whenever possible. That would make Mommy so happy and excited, see my nipples are getting hard just talking with you about it. Does this sound like a good deal to you?

That’s fantastic! We have some free time right now darling so lets try it out and do it again. Just give me a few minutes to slip into something sexy to help turn that little guy into a stiff rock hard swollen penis, mmmmm I love saying that too! I can’t wait for my favorite part when I get to watch semen squirt out of the swollen tip of your penis as you ejaculate. You can shoot so far, and what a big load you have as well. Can you tell I’m getting really excited? I’m breathing so fast, my heart is pumping with so much adrenaline, I’ll go grab the oil and a towel, I have some sexy see thru stockings, oh and a peek a boo bra. Oh yes, that will make your penis so hard, I’m so excited I get to watch you again! Okay, meet me right here honey in 5 minutes I’ll be right back (giggles) I’m going to go change real quick!…..


Gorgeous MILF Mother Talks Son Into a Masturbation Agreement (1080p HD MP4)

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Son, I think your Gay! Now Put on Mommy’s Panties and Suck This! Part 1



****Part 2 Found Here:****Time to Let Mommy fuck your man pussy to see if your Gay. Part 2 (1080p HD MP4)

Honey, I have been watching you for some time, how you dress, how you talk, certain things you do and don’t do. For instance, when we go bowling, you don’t seem to pay attention to the cute girls next to us, but you notice and stare at the hunks over in the other lanes. How do I know? Well, I like the same type of guys you keep checking out!

Now son don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine if your gay or bisexual. I am here to help and support your decision. Don’t be upset, I think its time to discover the truth, your in denial, I want an answer.

I have a few tasks that I want to try with you, to see how you like it. I have seen you playing with my panties, putting them up to you and parading around in front of the mirror, it’s so cute! So here, put on these panties, let’s tuck your winky back way under so it looks like well, your man pussy. There we go it looks so nice! Beautiful! Here, put on my bra, you can pretend you have tits. While wearing a pretty sexy bra.

Next, you need some makeup. I will show you how to apply some mascara & lipstick. There really is a trick to putting them on in a nice way so you don’t look like a whore lol. Watch me how I put it on, slowly is the key, that way there are no smudges. Now, you do it just like I showed you. Wow your eyes look amazing, that black mascara really makes those light grey eyes of yours stand out, like a rocker guy! Steady your hand and draw the lipstick on, very lightly at first, as to not go outside your natural lip line. Your lips look gorgeous, so pouty, make kissy lips for mommy.

I think you like this! Next, we will try something else. Here is one of my toys to try out some exercises. I will show you how to lick and suck a cock to make a guy cum. Then, you will try them while I watch. You will need to know how to suck cock if your gay honey. Now, tilt your head back and slide the cock inside your mouth, make sure your mouth is really wet so it slips down your throat. Watch while I Run my fingers along the sides of the cock, and play with the balls with my other hand. Ok, well you can try it now, show mommy how you do it! Great! Your doing a fabulous job! See honey, I think your gay, but we have to find out for sure.



My Son the Flea

I have waited all these years finally the universe has shrunk you down
and delivered you to my feet! You have pushed me away for the last time.

So much time you spent working out, getting stronger, who knew it was just for me.
You can agree with it or be thrown out in the trash like your brother.

It’s my rules, my time, you will do as I say. Your whole purpose in life was to end up
between my legs. One big orgasm for mommy. That’s all that matters to me.


My Son The Flea! 1080 HD    Buy Now! $10.99    9 min!




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Stroke It For Step Mom While I Watch!

Jerk it for Mom it's OK

I overheard your father telling you not to masturbate. He can be so mean  & prudish sometimes. Masturbating is a natural and perfectly healthy thing to do. Yes, I am your step mom but I feel like your my own. I believe everyone should masturbate. Do not listen to your father. Just don’t let him catch you though then we will both get in trouble. There is no need to blush son, or to be embarrassed. It’s ok and I want you to talk with me openly about any questions you might have.


Oh my, (smile) all this talking about it is making your penis erect isn’t it? Ok, I will give you some privacy so that you can take care of um.. business before your father returns home. Excuse me? You want me to stay in here with you? Well,  ok I guess, if it will help you feel better and less ashamed about masturbating, I will stay and watch you. Oh my! Look at how hard you are sweetie. My my my very nice. Hurry up now, masturbate in front of mommy before your father gets back. There you go Good boy!!


Step Mom Encourages You To Masturbate, In Front Of Her, Its Ok! HD 1080p MP4



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Peeping Son Jerks & Leaves Sticky Gift For Mom!

Peeping Son Jerks it for MOMMy son carefully opens the door and peeps on me while watching me get up this morning. I can see his dick is ever so slightly peeking around the door. He is getting too close, but can’t help it. Little does he know that I do notice him, but pretend not to see.  Instead I will put on a little show for him. I change in to my sexy lacy red shirt while he furiously masturbates to my sexy firm motherly body.

Its ok  lol I know he can’t help himself to these stunning sexy curves. I stretch out for him on the bed raising my ass up in the air eager for an awaiting cock. My pussy drips wet knowing hes going to cum from watching his mothers naughty little private show just for him.

I can see his dick throbbing ready to blow his sticky little load for mommy. So in approval of his behavior I bend down by the door and place my waiting hand under his cock to let him know its ok and he can cum already. What a hot sticky load it is all on mommy’s patiently cupped hand ready for his sticky semen. What an Excellent MOM I am!

He, then quietly walks away with his cum dripping from my hand. Not a word is spoken between us and what happened.


Peeping Son Jerks & Leaves Sticky Gift For Mom



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Having Nightmares Son? A Handy Will Help You!

A handy will end those nitemares son!

A handy will end those nitemares son!

Having those nitemares again son? The monster’s chasing you? Look, there’s nothing in the closet or hiding under the bed silly. I will try and calm you, ssshh, close your mouth, stop screaming. Watch me, look at me, FOCUS! Mommy will do a little striptease for you. Mommy’s boobies always make you happy! Calm down!

That’s not working…. Ok, son, look at my ass, look at me! Focus son…. That’s not working either, BE QUIET already!

I know what will help you, if I reach under the covers and take care of your erection. Be quiet, lie there, be still, watch mommy while I release all your tension. That’s better now! Your such a good boy! Now go to sleep and get some rest for mommy. We have a busy day tomorrow.

Don’t have Nightmares – Get this handy!

Small Penis Pics Posted On Campus, Mommy Can Help


Lets find out how to use your small penis!

Lets find out how to use your small penis!

Students posted pictures of your small penis around campus today at school? This is a horrible thing to do! How mean they are. Please, don’t cry son, I’m sure it’s not small. One way to find out, show mommy so I can see.

Oh, it’s so cute! Yes, it is smaller than most, but I’m sure you can please a girl when the time comes. Let me show you how to use it, then it won’t matter how big or small it is.

Go into my room, we will have sex and if you can make me cum, then, you will know you can please any girl! No more sad faces, see you were able to give me a huge orgasm. You know how to use your little penis very well, you made mommy happy and after all I’m the most important one.

Your little winky is Cute! Use it on Mommy!

Prudish Bitch Mom Transforms into TABOO WHORE Impregnated by Son

Prudish Mom turns into Slut for Cock, Son impregnates.

Prudish Mom turns into Slut for Cock, Son impregnates.


SON! Get your hand off your penis! That is so disgusting! I can’t breathe, I think your giving me a panic attack! Your penis is for procreation and that is it. We talked about this many many times! Tonight we are going to church to confess and prey about this sick perversion immediately. Now, go fix me some iced tea so I can calm down.

Is it hot in here to you? I’m sweating, I’m not feeling well at all, I think I’ll go take a shower to cool off and lie down for a little bit, hopefully I will feel better. Yes, that’s what I need a cool shower.

I am not feeling better after my shower, this is so odd. I will force myself to take a nap, I’ll lay here with my eyes closed.

NO! I need! COCK, I NEED COCK NOW! Son, Get your ass in here, your going to give me that cock of yours NOW! Shut your mouth and get in my room!Your cock is growing I can feel it, your getting ready to cum aren’t you??? YES!!! YES!! CUM IN ME NOW!!

Reaching down to touch my pussy feeling the wet cum oozing out of my filled pussy triggers an instant awakening, the spell is broken. What the Hell are you doing over me??!! Your cock is inside me??? What! GET OFF OF ME!! You….CAME.. in ME???? Oh how DISGUSTING! YOU IMPREGNATED ME?

Your my son! ARE YOU Crazy? You pervert!! What has happened I can’t remember anything, it’s all blank. Why am I dressed in this whore outfit?! You put a spell on me, why would you do that? This is not over yet, I have to clean out this disgusting cum from inside me. GET OUT of My Room!

Prudish Bitch Mom Into TABOO WHORE Impregnated By Son