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Teasing you with my Toes & Soles

You can barely stand to look! They make your mouth water don’t they! You dick gets swollen hard wanting to rub all over my perfect feet and toes. To suck on them, to worship them, to lick and smell them. What joy!

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How about watching a video of them spreading for you!

Sweaty Workout Foot Tease HD MP4
Be Mesmerized by My Swaying Feet While I Ignore you! WMV HD
Crushed Under Your Unaware Mothers High Heel Boot! SD WMV
Son Worship My Feet Now Your Trapped in My Slippers! MP4
Foot Worship will Make you My Zombie (mp4)

Sweaty Workout Foot Tease

If You Enjoy:Sneakers, Sweaty Smelly Feet, Sweaty Socks, Foot Smelling, Wrinkled Soles, Toe Wiggling, Bare Soles Cum Countdowns. You Should Buy This Clip

Sweaty Workout Foot Tease SMELLS SOOOO GOOD Buy It Now HD MP4

I just finished my morning workout! Insanity always makes my feet super hot and sweaty. I have had these gym sneakers for a long time. Guess what they make my feet extra stinky. So as a treat to all you smelly foot worshipers here is your treat. I am going to prop up my feet so that you can focus on my feet and face while I slowly peel off layer after layer.

Sweaty Gym sneakers and feet!

Sweaty Gym sneakers and feet!

Let start with the sneakers! Go ahead and admire my feet in socks. I will wiggle them around for you! Whew they stink wish you could smell them. Then next I will slowly slip off each sock one by one very slowly. Now admire my bare soles as I wiggle my toes and scrunch my feet. For being such a good admirer I will count you down and I expect you to imagine cumming all over my pretty bare feet. Go ahead! Starting from ten then on one blast off!