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Cock Hungry Milf Veronica

Veronica Vaughn’s * The Porn View Web Series

Veronica Vaughn has done it again! You might have watched The View quickly changing the channel to avoid going into a sleep coma.  I am pleased to bring you a new Free Web Series of Videos that you can really enjoy. They are entertaining, comedic, sexy, provocative, naughty and also educational! Yes, sex education. You will laugh your ass off and learn something! Special guests are always welcome to stop by and visit!

Always a disclaimer, do not try these pranks at home. This is for entertainment purposes only. Of course to more explicit naughty details of the topic of the episode, a link to the video will be provided at the end of the show.

Episode 1 with Special Guests Dr. Spinkta “Anal Specialist” and Dr. Vikki (posted Soon)

The Porn View Logo


Supreme Vikki has caught you undeserving little maggot yet again, watching and spying on her from around the corners, under tables, in the window, On your knees, Always trying to get a look at her splendid PERFECTION.

On your Knees For Supreme Vikki, NOW!

On your Knees For Supreme Vikki, NOW!

Blonde demanding supreme female. humiliates and Rules you with her big round ass in her zebra striped skirt, tight legs encased in black sheer pantyhose, that could crush your neck in an instant. Huge bouncing tits in her red sheer button up blouse. Will she let you get rewarded?


You don’t deserve her attention, do you? Of course not, you have taken too much of her time already. Want to be noticed?

Start with a tribute, send her an email to find out how you can serve this beautiful supreme female of perfection. Do you like what you see and crave more of Empress Vikki in her demanding roles? Send us an email:


Mature Vikki Black Pantyhose Temptation

Mature Vikki Black Pantyhose Temptation



You love full pantyhose, the silky feel, smooth, tight, and see through. You can

see my panties underneath my off black pantyhose. It makes your cock so hard when

you watch me tempt you with my nice round ass and long legs. You long to feel my

feet rub on your face.


You crave to be between my legs licking through my pantyhose and I might just let you.  Pantyhose worn in video available for sale, send email.






CONTACT US NOW at with Ideas and Requests. Available for select Commissions. You might see your ideas come to life.

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Your Small Penis Is So Cute! Let Aunt Vikki See!

Vikki Loves Small Penis's

Small Penis’ are SOOOO Cute! Do you have a small penis? Let me see! I LOVE a SMALL PENIS! Vikki shows you just how much she likes to suck, lick and stroke little penis’s. Vikki wants you to follow along and stroke your cock like she does. She will explaining everything she likes about a small penis and you are so lucky to have one! It is So Cute!

Vikki LOVES Your Small Penis! Its Just So Cute!

You’ll Love This Clip If You Like:Blondes, Big Tits, JOI, Small Penis Encouragement, Jerk Off Instruction, Older Women, Mature, MILF, SPE, Gilf

CONTACT US NOW with Ideas and Requests. Available for select Commissions. You might see your ideas come to life.

Tributes Are Appreciated. Do It NOW I’m Waiting…

Blonde Cougar Vikki Vaughn MY MOM


OMG MOM!! What are you doing?  Wow does she like to suck a good cock??!!  Well yes She does, she looks so hungry in this picture! No wonder I love doing that too, I guess you could say that I get my talents naturally from my mom! It makes me so proud when I give a guy a blow job and all he can say is “Oh My God!” “Oh My God” lol Especially from the porn guys, come on now, they
get their dicks sucked at least twice a day.


Hey, what can we say right” Like mom like daughter. If you want to speak to my mom Vikki you can call her on her phone! I’ll put the link here in the post. She loves talking to her fans, and still can’t believe that anyone wants to see her suck a big dick but I told her she looks HOT! Which she does, she’s got moves!



We should give a blow job class to those ladies and gentlemen that want to know more about sucking cock. There is alot to it, not just the sucky sucky, or blowing air on it lol. I was talking to my sister Valerie yesterday, she said “Veronica did you know that I thought that to give a blow job was actually blowing air on it?”” I did that to my first boyfriend and he looked at me like I was crazy and said, Are you actually blowing on it? hahahah!”

“He told me to suck on it, so I learned from there on.”  Anyways, back to mom, She’s such a cougar. I’m going to get her to do some more films soon, when ever I can make her come out to Vegas again. Surprise! Hunks waiting in the other room to rock her world, oh wait a minute, she was the one rocking that guy’s world when her and I did that movie together.

Kisses baby!

Veronica Vaughn

3 Generations of Porn Mom Daughter Stepdaughter

Three generations of porn!

To introduce all 3 of us, Vikki Vaughn is the mother, Veronica Vaughn is the daughter, Cherry Vaughn is the step-daughter of Veronica. 3 generations of porn stars. I think we might have set a record! Should I call the Guinness Book of World Records?

Mother – Vikki  / Daughter – Veronica / Granddaughter – Cherry

We have made only one film together “Wanna Fuck my Daughter, Gotta Fuck me First” produced by DevilsFilm.  Summer of 08. It was g/g/b with Cherry masturbating on the bed next to us, Vikki & Veronica doing the same guy (Seth Dickens) at the same time. Of course my mother and I did not go down on each other, but we did suck the guy at the same time.

This was the only film Cherry has done. We have appeared at Adultcon together, and just recently all 3 of us were featured in Fox XXXtreme Magazine Dec. 08 & #147 May 09. Veronica has been in Over 40 #85 Magazine May 09.  My mother Vikki has done several others.


Vikki is 60, 32D-22-32 5’2, 115lbs
Cherry is 19, 32B-29-32, 5’4, 115lbs
Veronica is 43, 34DD/DDD-29-34, 5’7, 135lbs     





Veronica Vaughn

Channel 5 News Access Vegas 25yr “Show Us Your Ass-ets” Crazy Girls



“Show Us Your Ass-ets” Crazy Girls:

Watch us on Las Vegas Channel 5 News October 2, 2012

Appearing at the Riviera, Longest Butt Lineup, Today,

my mom Vikki Vaughn and I with Starlett Summer Sanders

showed up at the Riviera to make Crazy Girls History!


Watch the video, appearing on Channel 5  Access News!

Read the press on Las Vegas Review-Journal below





Posted: Oct. 2, 2012 | 5:29 p.m.
Updated: Oct. 2, 2012 | 6:03 p.m.

A dozen showgirls, an exotic dancer and a threesome of porn stars walk into a place of business wearing no pants.

What happens next?

This is Vegas, baby. There is no next.

“I like to show off what I have, so this is a nice opportunity to show off a little booty,” says Amber Starke, 22, who’s wearing 4-inch heels, a sparkly black thong and a tank top. She says she goes by the stage name Misty when she’s dancing.

Today she’s not dancing. She is, as she may have mentioned, showing off her butt. She’s one of several dozen women showing off their butts. It’s for a good cause.

“I want to support women in the fight against breast cancer,” she says.

About 60 other women joined Starke, though some of them did, in fact, wear pants. They were gathered Tuesday at the behest of the Riviera casino’s marketing department and KOMP-FM 92.3 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Crazy Girls, the topless show that’s become iconic because of a certain butt shot that’s been plastered across billboards since the 1980s.

“I saw them as a teenager in Pennsylvania,” says local stay-at-home mom Pamela Beauchamp, 41. Those billboards are everywhere.

Beauchamp says she’s a thyroid cancer survivor. She knows she isn’t svelte like the stripper or the Crazy Girls themselves, but she doesn’t care.

She’s a former schoolteacher who moved here 12 years ago. Today she’s wearing booty shorts and the Crazy Girls tank top all the participants got for free. She says she’s doing this for fun. Why not go for it?

“You’re just never too old to have fun,” she says.

The nominal goal of Tuesday’s event was to create the “world’s longest butt lineup,” though everyone admitted there’s really no such thing. Guinness doesn’t have a record like that, and marketing Vice President Tony Bender says there are way too many hoops to jump through anyway.

So, no hoops today. Just butts.

Speaking of which, right over there are three porn stars. They say they came to town just for this event, though they got lucky and snagged a paying gig the night before, hosting Porn Star Karaoke.

Today, they have somehow removed their shirts and replaced them with the incredibly tight Crazy Girls tank tops, right here in the middle of the casino, without showing anything naughty. They’ll remove their pants in a moment to reveal thongs and skin.

“We’ve had about two hours of sleep,” says the one in the middle, Summer Sanders. She’s with mom-and-daughter team (ew) Vikki and Veronica Vaughn.

They couldn’t resist the event, they said. Crazy Girls is huge. Plus, what porn star could possibly turn down the opportunity to walk around in public without pants?

“We like showing our bums,” says the younger Vaughn. “Obviously.”


The Crazy Girls themselves show up in a few minutes. They’re all dressed identically, the tight black tank tops, shocking pink boots and skirts, glittery necklaces and deeply tanned skin.

They pose for the cameras. The skirts are so short they reveal themselves as little more than frilly belts, as butts jockey for position.

This is when DJ Lady Go Go shows up.

“Pink, baby,” she says, though she doesn’t need to. She’s wearing a tiny thong and an afro that must be two feet tall. It’s such a bright pink you could spot it from the space station with a pair of binoculars.

She says she entertains down on Fremont Street. She’s 21 years old. Her real name is Alexandria Halbaur. She’s all about the party. So, why this? Is it just another opportunity to show off her butt, like everyone else? Because she’s doing plenty of that.

Not entirely, she says. Crazy Girls is a big part of Las Vegas history. It’s one of the few naughty shows left. It deserves the attention. It’s one of the things that made Las Vegas what it is today.

If it takes showing off her butt in public to honor that history, she says, so be it.

Contact reporter Richard Lake at or 702-383-0307.

Vikki & Veronica Vaughn Hosting XXX Karaoke

Vikki & Veronica Vaughn Hosting XXX Porn Star Karaoke Monday @10pm

Join us for a Wild Night of Fun and Naughty Mischief!

I expect full support from all my fans! Come meet us and have some fun! Singing, Dancing and getting wild! Bring your group!  Underware optional.

Veronica Vaughn   AVN Nominated Best Squirt Video

Vikki Vaughn         Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck me First

Starlett Summer Sanders  – Contract Girl for Liquid Blonde


Starting at 10pm  @Red Label Bar

332 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102

October 1, 10pm