Lake Of Egypt Shoreline Agreement

Lake of Egypt was founded by the Southern Illinois Power Cooperative (SIPC) to provide fresh water to its newly built coal-fired power plant. The lake was created in 1962 by the congestion of the southern fork of the Saline River. [3] The name was chosen as “Little Egypt” in southern Illinois. [4] [5] Lake of Egypt is a reservoir located in the Little Egypt area of Illinois. Located 10 km south of Marion, Illinois, it covers 9 km2 with a coastline of 140 km. The lake has an average depth of 5.5 m with a maximum depth of 16 m. The lake is owned by the Southern Illinois Power Cooperative (SIPC), which built the backfill by insulating the southern fork of the Saline River in 1962 to power a coal-fired power plant. [2] Southern Illinois Power Cooperative is located on the shores of Lake Egypt, a 2,300-hectare lake with a COASTLINE of SIPC for water cooling. The lake has an average depth of 5.5 m with a maximum depth of 15.8 m.

The terms of use of SIPC can be found in the “Official Lake of Egypt and the Regulations” on this site. The lake is open to the public. SIPC does not allow motorboats, boats with noisy, open or unrestrained exhaust systems, boats with toilets, kitchen or accommodation or boats with sidewalls. Pontoon boats must not exceed 28 feet and hulls must not exceed 20 feet. Boats using full ballast tanks or other equipment, appliances or designs for wake surfing are prohibited. Water skis, hoses and jetskis are permitted in designated areas. Fishing includes bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Catfish Channel, Striped Bass and crappie. As a private lake, the lake of Egypt is subject to regulation by its owners and the state. SIPC has the lake of Egypt and the coast up to 505 heights and, in some cases, up to 510 heights. Waterfront property owners must execute an annually reference agreement with SIPC, which allows the owner to use the portion of the SIPC land adjacent to the owner`s property and extending from the boundary of the owner`s land to the waterfront.