Tenancy Agreement Garden Maintenance

A neglected garden can take time and money to repair, so it is important that owners do not skip due diligence when carrying out inventory checks. It is helpful to provide gardening tools to encourage your tenants to preserve the garden. Consider providing a lawnmower and some basic gardening tools, such as a handcuff and fork, pickaxe, raking, etc. Make sure tenants can keep this equipment, i.e. a shed. Remember that many tenants will not already have this equipment, it is an investment that most tenants only make in safe long-term rents. Similarly, the availability of these tools will ensure that they are not stored inside the land, thus damaging walls and flooring. Do a cost-benefit analysis if you`re not sure a gardener`s payment is worth the cost. Many potential tenants will actively filter real estate that does not have a garden. Families with children and/or pets want an outdoor space and even common houses take advantage of backyards and communal gardens where tenants can hang their laundry and meet roommates. If you want insurance coverage for any damage to your garden, make sure you have the right level of coverage. Accidental damage caused by a tenant may be covered by insurance, but is generally a supplement and is not part of basic insurance.

If you want to protect yourself from malicious damage caused by your customers, you need to add this as a separate level of coverage. If you take the time to clarify the responsibilities for maintaining the garden at the beginning of a lease, it can save time and reduce the likelihood of a dispute further. What can and can the tenant do, for example, with the garden? What is the minimum (if any) that the owner expects to do? What should the tenant do? How can landlords protect themselves from tenant damage/negligence? From a tenant`s perspective, a garden can be an attractive feature of a rental property, especially given the recent blocking situation. But who has the responsibility to preserve the outdoor space? You or your landlord? Tenants must keep the property reasonably clean and clean. These include mowing lawns and weeds in gardens. Tenants are not obligated to do so if the landlord has accepted this in the tenancy agreement. 4. If you have concerns about the garden, increase them with the owner instead of trying to fix them yourself If you are an owner who rents properties with a garden, it is important to consider the maintenance and maintenance of the garden as part of a rental agreement. When it comes to defining their specific rights and responsibilities, identifying the persons responsible for maintaining the gardens of a rental property can be confusing for both landlords and tenants. Subsequently, the maintenance of the garden is a frequent point of disagreement between the tenant and the owner. Here you`ll find a specialized overview of how tenant protection specialists are addressing the requirements for garden maintenance, and here in their Insight dispute on “How to Ask for Garden Maintenance.” If the tenant wants to change the garden in one way or another (including improvements), he is legally obligated to obtain the owner`s consent – including planting a garden.