Wartsila Carnival Agreement

Thanks to our longer-than-usual agreement, the joint team “Wurtsil-Carnival Team” can better understand how to improve the reliability, efficiency and safety of ships. This increased participation in the operation of the ships has enabled a new level of cooperation. We have introduced a series of modern features and best practices, such as product innovation, improved maintenance practices, supply chain logistics, remote support and the constant interaction between the ship, the technical department of Carnival and Wurtsil. Is it a one-time maintenance contract for Wurtsil or does it have similar agreements with other shipping companies? Soon to be created lifecycle services for its customers and will improve their business – whenever and wherever it is. We offer the widest range of services in the sector, both for shipping and for electricity generation. Our solutions range from spare parts and basic supports to maximum lifespan, increased efficiency and guaranteed performance of equipment or customer installation – in a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly manner. www.wartsila.com/services Under the revised agreement, the city would assume responsibility for its products, which are offered at a fixed levy on a fixed budget. Dickinson explains the benefits to both parties: “The 12-year maintenance contract provides a stable workload, allows for more internal planning with colleagues [at the carnival] and supports long-term planning to ensure the safety of the company. From Carnival`s point of view, the agreement gives them confidence in their new fleet, so that they can focus on their core business, making people happy.¬†First, can you get us through the experience and impact after the first year of the 12-year contract with Carnival? Fraser Scott Head of 4 Stroke Sales, AMER Wurtsil Services fraser.scott@wartsila.com Tel: `44 07595 068474` The objective is to optimize the efficiency of each engine in the Carnival fleet in reducing the SFOC (Specific Fuel Oil Consumption), measured at regular intervals throughout the duration of the contract. The goal is to ensure that each engine reaches its SFOC level as low as possible, which reduces the total fuel consumption of the entire engine fleet, ultimately reducing Carnival`s costs. Atte Palom-ki Executive Vice President, Communications – Branding Wurtsil Corporation Tel. `358 10 709 5599 atte.palomaki@wartsila.com Such PBL agreements may become the standard in the sector in the future, as we plan to offer them to other customers.