Dr. Veronica Vaughn with new patient Doug

Dr. Veronica Vaughn sits in her chair, listening to her patient Doug. He was explaining, or trying to at least, his problems with his new girlfriend Miranda. The relationship was very new only 6 months. Veronica slowly becomes lost, her mind starts to wander in a sea of sexual visions, while she looks at him, with a slight smile on her face, as he spoke softly to her.Sexy Black Dress with Veronica Vaughn inside it.

Doug is a very good looking man, a corporate lawyer by profession. He’s average in height, 6’1, slender but muscular, he works out. You can tell by the way his suit is kind of tight around the shoulder and biceps. What a nice firm ass, his pants grip around them like my hands would if I was holding him close for  me to kiss. His shoes are perfectly shined and clean making them look brand new.

Dr. Vaughn, quite a good looking woman herself, she wore her long silky shiny hair pulled up in a tight bun, she only uses the best product to make sure its kept healthy and beautiful as if she was 22 again. However, she was not 22 any longer, she was on her way to 45 but that didn’t matter she had as tone a body as any at 25 year old could have or want. Proud of it and her sexuality, this was her sea of dreams.

Without warning Doug stands up and I look at him curiously. What is this man doing? Why is he standing? Is our time up already? Well, okay, I know he’s very attractive, and he’s staring at me. He’s so perfect and as handsome as they come, she told herself in the dream. Why is he looking at me like that? Did I do something while I was daydreaming? Is there something wrong?  Is there something on me? As I casually look down, I notice that my breasts are somewhat exposed, the opening on my shirt has slid over to one side exposing an ample amount of side boob. OK, maybe that’s it, this blouse. Maybe I should have buttoned one more button. That’s it, I guess I’m showing a little too much cleavage, I’m making him nervous? Or even this skirt, she thought…the skirt is too short, I’m showing too much leg. I know…I know, she told herself, I shouldn’t have worn this one. I pressed my hands against it and pulled it “further” down her legs. Yes, okay…it’s way too short. I know…yes, I know…I’m showing way too much upper thigh,, that’s it.

Doug continued to talk as Dr. Vaughn daydreamed about him and her, intertwining sexually. He walks around the desk, smiling seductively, tilting his head and looking deep into her eyes. “Oh, don’t do that Doug, as she calls him. Please sit down” she says in her dreams. But what Dr. Vaughn is really thinking is this- No, don’t sit down, come over here…come closer…take my hand firmly but yet gently…take me to my house…and make wild hot feverish passionate love to me.

That’s what Dr. Vaughn was thinking as Doug went on and on. She like many women around her found him very good looking, in the best of shape, and one hell of a conversationalist and with that she wanted to undo his zipper pull out that nice thick, long cock he has been hiding in his pants. I could see it when he sat down in that chair. I wasn’t staring but I had to glance, I’m always curious about what size a guy is. It’s like a Birthday present, you don’t know what your going to get until you unwrap it. Undress me as well and let’s get it going, I’m getting impatient. I could feel myself getting excited and hot already. My pussy nestled inside my lips were starting to swell, tightening, throbbing a little, I started squeezing my keigel muscles so that the clit would rub up and down on my pantyhose. It was feeling so good, the tingling was making me smile. Ready for an orgasm at Doug’s command.

“But Doc” he went on to say as I daydreamed about having wild and kinky sex with him “what do you think?”

My concentration about him and me was broken. I lost that train of thought and was instantly brought back to reality. “Uh, pardon me?” I said. “I’m sorry…repeat that?”
He did and I listened and answered him as I studied his face. “Ohhhhhhh wow, he should have a million girlfriends” she told herself. She was falling for him even though he wasn’t coming on to the good looking sex therapist. Damn, I wish he would lean forward and slip his hand up between my…thighs. Oh, yes I do. Do it Doug…make me…hornier then I’m already becoming. I want to feel your hard naked body against mine, she told herself. Take off that dress shirt. Let me see those nice tan chest muscles, mmmm your six pack abs. Oh god, stop this Veronica. You know better. You know you…should be…more professional …and responsible…then this. Get a grip girl! STOP!

Doug shrugged his shoulders. “So what’s your opinion? Miss Vaughn, What do you think?  Doc?”

“Huh, pardon me?” she said again. “Oh…” I had to think fast, he was on to me. I threw out some technical bullshit that I knew he’d understand. “…so I’ll see you again when?” she said to him. “Oh and I’m trying something new with all my clients” she lied. “I give all my clients a hug before they leave, to let them all know much I care about them” and with that bullshit stated, she took hold of his body, and pressed her huge breasts hard against his hard chest for a good two minutes. “See…now doesn’t that feel better? As we get older, we become touched less often, we need to have touch in our daily lives”. She could feel his cock become instantly bigger and hard. She asked as she looked hard into his beautiful light blue eyes.

Doug smiled a bigger then life smile telling her he could go for a few more of those per day. Then he left as she watched him, and his nice firm ass, walk out of her office. With a huge smile on her face “Ohhhhhhhhhhh god…damn…I’d sure like to fuck the shit out of him” she said aloud after he was gone.

Before she knew it and since she didn’t have another client for an hour and a half, she sat on the couch in her office that Doug had just sat on, her skirt slid up her legs, exposing that swollen wet pussy that was tingling to be rubbed by Doug’s eager tongue or masculine long fingers. Veronica’s eyes closed as she began to feel the warmth of her thighs on her fingertips, rubbing them, lightly, it didn’t take long at all for her hand to find its way up, sliding down inside her pantyhose and pretty pink silk panties. Veronica began tickling her fingers on top of her clit moving slowly and teasingly with one finger then two, playfully teasing just inside the swollen lips of her pretty clean shaven pussy.

“Mmmm…..Ohh…Yyyyeeeesssss” she whispered, as she slowly slipped down off the couch a little. She fingered herself harder, with her legs spread wide open in the air, her skirt up around her belly button, exposing that beautiful clean mound with her wet glistening pink clit showing, begging to be fingered. She fingered it faster, thinking about that beautiful body, beautiful eyes, and gorgeous smile.

She wanted Doug so much, she worked at getting him back, kind of, his body was naked, except for his black boxer briefs. His cock exposed through the opening in the briefs, was long, thick, it looks so nice, it was beautiful. The most beautiful cock I had ever seen. He swung it in front of her face, brushing it gently along her cheek, passing by her soft moist lips, as a teaser and finally I took hold of it, opening my mouth wide with dripping saliva, my mouth was eager to have it filled to capacity with that nice thick cock. I slipped it inside my mouth, plunging it deep as I could take, while grabbing that nice hard ass with both my hands pulling him deep inside my mouth. I continued sucking on it, licking it up to the tip and down to his nice clean shaven balls, sucking and nibbling all over them. I loved the smoothness of those balls, I wanted to rub is big cock and balls all over my face, I wanted to feel all of him. Before I knew it, her dream had Doug cumming all over her face, in her eagerly awaiting mouth and huge tits. I slurped all of the sweet tasting cum and swallowed it all, not leaving even a drop. I rubbed the rest all over my tits and stomach.

“Ding dong” the door bell rang. Veronica shook her head confused. “Who is that?” she asked herself. “Nobody is due for at least 45 minutes.” She, as quickly as she could, pulled herself together, not realizing that she didn’t really do that well of a job. Her shirt was still buttoned as before. Her hair was pretty much the same. But her pantyhose, they were a mess, wet with cum. I didn’t even realize it as I stood and answered the door. It was Doug!

He noticed, almost immediately, and wondered why her pantyhose were so “messed up” all of a sudden. Doug glanced down, made a curious face, looked back up at me and simply stated that he had left something in her office. Dr. Vaughn, trying to look professional and together, invited him back in to retrieve what he had left, of course, she watched his nice firm ass walk away from her. Ohhh that ass… If only he’d let me hold it in my bed…I’d hold it, pull him into –

“Ms. Vaughn, is something bothering you this morning?” he asked.

“Oh uh no, I’m perfectly fine, just a little distracted” she said.

“May I ask you a personal question then?” he asked politely.

“Sure…yes…of course anything, I suppose” she replied.

“Well, Umm why are…your pantyhose all twisted and messed up?” he asked.

“My uhhmm…pantyhose?” and I looked down at my legs. Ohhh god…shit…nice job Veronica. “Oh, that happens with certain kinds of pantyhose I buy. I don’t know why I buy them either” she said, I could feel the heat running up to my face! I’m sure I turned so red and embarrassed as hell.

“Well, okay…” he smiled and went on to say “You’re a lucky woman Dr. Vaughn…you have a fine pair of legs…you really, honestly do, they are so nice and toned” and he winked at her with a big smile. “Oh and I will say this…I do love those hugs you give your patients.”

“Really? You do?” she replied with great emphasis and a big smile.

“Yes…in fact, I’d like to have one…from you Dr.…any time of the day…or night. See you later, okay?”

He left and I went back to my seat. I pulled my pantyhose back down and slid my fingers back into my now really wet pussy, it was all creamy I could feel the buildup, I knew that I was going to squirt a good one, so I continued with Doug in my vision, Oh yes, fuck me Doug, Fuck me harder, while he grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs forward over my ears, and rammed that big huge cock into my awaiting pussy, and wham! Squirting orgasm, went everywhere all over the couch. The place was a mess, but I didn’t care. He continued to pound his hard cock in and out of my craving pussy, stopping to bend down and lick up the wet cum pouring out. He sure knew what to do with that tongue. I had orgasm after orgasm till he finally came so hard he pulled out and shot his hot sweet cum into my face and mouth. I swallowed it all. Leaving nothing.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh wow…wow was…” breathing a little hard “was that good” I said with a smile as I licked my fingers clean. “When is he coming again? Then maybe I can get him to cum too.” I smiled, stood up, and properly fixed my pantyhose, now to wait for the next one. I will definitely be ready for him next time, No panties, short skirt, he will love to see my surprise I have waiting for him.


Veronica Vaughn

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